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Qurb Shot: Appetite Suppressing Drink Burns Fat Faster?


Qurb Shot is a supplement that helps men and women to promote healthier and faster weight loss, as long as it is combined with exercise. Consumers will receive a few free bottles of the treatment to start, testing to see if the remedy works for their needs.

What Is Qurb Shot?

Losing weight is a difficult struggle that too many people have to face, considering that there are millions of people all over the world with weight issues. Most people change their diet and add a workout to their day to start the weight loss battle. However, there are some people that find that they are not reaching their goals in the amount of time they want. With the use of Qurb Shot, consumers may be able to make a change in how quickly they drop weight.

Qurb Shot is available in a small drink, which makes it easier to take along wherever the user goes. It can be packed easily in a gym bag or placed in the user’s pocket as they head out the door. Read on below to learn how this product is able to change the weight loss results of users.

How Qurb Shot Appetite Suppressing Drink Works

The reason that the Qurb Shot is so helpful to consumers is due to the inclusion of certain ingredients. Those ingredients only include the use of green coffee bean extract and fiber. Coffee bean is a popular ingredient among weight loss supplements, since it contains a natural chemical called chlorogenic acid.

Chlorogenic acid helps the body balance the amount of glucose in the blood, since it triggers a faster metabolism. Theoretically, with a faster metabolism, the body starts to work from the stored fat, rather than just the calories that the user consumes. With more stored fat burned for energy, the user begins to lose weight without any kind of exercise. However, to maintain a healthy physique, exercise is encouraged.

Some people find that caffeine makes them feel jittery, but the amount left in the Qurb Shot is only enough to motivate thermogenesis. There will be no overly energetic sensation.

Using Qurb Shot

To get the advertised results of Qurb Shot, the consumers only need to take one to three shots daily. The treatment will instantly activate the way that the metabolism works, though everyone has a different response. Some consumers use it to lose weight, while others can use it to help suppress the appetite. The company recommends using it:

The user should keep up the use of the Qurb Shot for about two months to see a definitive difference in their body. In addition to taking the treatment on a consistent schedule, consumers should also involve a workout in their daily routine, which should last about 30 minutes on 3 separate days a week.

Purchasing Qurb Shot

Since this treatment is so new to the industry, consumers have the chance to engage in a trial offer before they start purchasing the products. During the “trial,” consumers will use the website to sign up for the first three bottles, which are free. The user has about 14 days from that initial trial to decide if they want to keep using the remedy. If they do not cancel the trial, they will be charged for the value of the three bottles upon completion of the trial, which is $9.

When the trial ends, the user will also be enrolled in a subscription service, which sends the user a 60-day supply every two months. The total cost of this subscription is $149, and it will continue to be renewed until the user decides to cancel the treatment. The product can be cancelled by reaching out to the customer service team.

Contacting The Creators Of Qurb Shot

With the information provided online, some consumers want to learn a few more details before they are ready to make a change in their routine. The customer service department can be reached by phone call or email.

  • Phone number: 916-445-1254 or 800-952-5210
  • Email address: care@qurbshot.com

Qurb Shot Conclusion

Qurb Shot can be used by any adult in their weight loss routine. However, if the user presently has a medication that affects the heart, then they may be better off with speaking to their doctor to ensure that this remedy can be combined.


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