Supplements Joint & Inflammation Joint Support: Reviewing PureHealth Research’s Joint Formula

Joint Support: Reviewing PureHealth Research’s Joint Formula

PureHealth Research Joint Support is a healthy cartilage support supplement with 7 potent ingredients from Dr. Eric Woods for easing discomfort, improving flexibility and range of motion.


Pure Health Research has launched a nutritional supplement called Joint Support formulated by Dr. Eric Woods with 7 potent ingredients.

The formula claims to use natural ingredients to help you maintain healthier, flexible joints. By taking Joint Support daily, you can purportedly support joints without side effects or harmful compounds.

How does Joint Support work? What’s inside Joint Support? Find out everything you need to know about Pure Health Research’s Joint Support today in our review.

What is Joint Support?

Joint Support is a nutritional supplement made by Pure Health Research, a supplement company created by naturopathic doctor Eric Wood, ND.

Pure Health Research makes a range of supplements targeting different health goals, including brain health, men’s health, skin health, and more.

By taking Joint Support daily, you can purportedly relieve joint pain and support mobility, among other benefits. The supplement contains antioxidant-rich ingredients like turmeric and resveratrol. It also contains popular joint and skin health formulas like hyaluronic acid and type II collagen.

In a 2020 video, Pure Health Research advertises Joint Support as a “joint cartilage regeneration discovery [that] is leaving doctors speechless.” In a dramatic video, customers share their experience with Joint Support, including how the supplement improved their joint health.

Joint Support is exclusively available through, where the supplement is priced at $33 to $50 per bottle.

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How Does Joint Support Work?

Pure Health Research claims to use seven powerful ingredients to “support healthy immune responses, joint flexibility, and ease your discomfort,” among other benefits. The ingredients in Joint Support nourish joints, promoting better flexibility, better cartilage, and improved mobility.

By taking Joint Support daily, you can promote healthy immunity, relieve stiffness and soreness, and avoid swelling, among other benefits.

Overall, these benefits are identical to the advertised benefits of other joint support supplements. Like other supplements, Joint Support claims you can use natural ingredients to relieve joint pain, reduce inflammation, improve mobility and flexibility, and relieve stiff joints.

Some of the specific advertised benefits of Joint Support include:

  • Encourage healthy joints and cartilage
  • Provide nourishment to help repair joints and cartilage
  • Promote healthy immune markers
  • Support healthy joint flexibility and mobility
  • Feel years younger

Because every supplement makes similar claims, we need to check the ingredient list to verify these benefits. Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients inside Joint Support to verify it works as advertised.

Joint Support Ingredients

Joint Support contains seven ingredients to relieve joint pain and improve mobility, among other benefits. Here’s a brief overview of each ingredient and how it works:

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Omega-3 fatty acids could reduce morning stiffness and relieve tender, swollen joints, according to Pure Health Research. The company also claims some people are able to reduce pain medication after taking omega-3 fatty acids.

Turmeric: Turmeric is a popular antioxidant and anti-inflammatory extract found in all types of nutritional supplements. The formula purportedly reduces joint discomfort, swelling, and stiffness. It may also regulate immunity, block immunity cytokines and enzymes from overactivity, and reduce joint problems. Some people experience genuine relief after taking a turmeric supplement, while others do not.

Resveratrol: Resveratrol is a natural antioxidant chemical found in red wine, grape seed extract, and other natural compounds. Resveratrol has strong immunity modulators and could help reduce swelling and stiffness while delivering joint-protective properties, according to Pure Health Research.

Boswellia Serrata: Boswellia serrata is another popular herbal extract that could reduce discomfort and improve knee joint mobility, according to Pure Health Research. The company claims Boswellia serrata could go to work in as little as seven days.

Hyaluronic Acid: Hyaluronic acid is found in many anti-aging skin creams and beauty products. You can also find it in supplements like Joint Support. Joint Support uses hyaluronic acid “as a shock absorber within the joint,” reducing joint swelling and discomfort while promoting new tissue and bone growth.

Bioperine: Like many other turmeric supplements, Joint Support uses Bioperine (black pepper extract) to boost absorption. Studies show that your body struggles to absorb turmeric and curcumin without black pepper extract, which is why most turmeric supplements contain at least some black pepper extract.

Pure Health Research discloses the individual dose of all ingredients within Joint Support. Overall, the doses seem much lower than other supplements. Typically, people take 750mg to 1,500mg of turmeric root extract per day, for example, although Joint Support contains just 200mg of turmeric in each two capsule serving. Joint Support also contains just 40mg of type II collagen, 5mg of hyaluronic acid, and 200mg of omega-3 fatty acids, all of which seem low compared to other supplements.

We’ll talk more about the science of Joint Support – including whether or not it works – below.

Scientific Evidence for Joint Support

Pure Health Research has not conducted any studies or clinical trials on Joint Support. The company does, however, cite third-party studies performed on individual ingredients within Joint Support.

In this 2017 study, researchers found that oral hyaluronic acid supplementation could relieve wrinkles. Researchers gave 60 Japanese male and female subjects age 22 to 59 120mg of hyaluronic acid per day. After 12 weeks, researchers evaluated the skin of participants and found a significant reduction in wrinkles in the hyaluronic acid group. It was a double-blind, placebo-controlled study.

Of course, the dose of hyaluronic acid used in that study is much higher than the dose in Joint Support. Researchers used a daily dose of 120mg of hyaluronic acid in this study, while Joint Support contains just 5mg of hyaluronic acid – so it’s unlikely to provide similar benefits.

Meanwhile, turmeric has proven antioxidant effects, although it’s typically taken at a much higher dose than what we see in Joint Support. Researchers typically study turmeric in doses of 500 to 2,000mg per day. Joint Support contains just 200mg of turmeric in each two capsule serving. Its possible turmeric has small antioxidant benefits at this dosage, although it’s not nearly as powerful as dedicated turmeric supplements with higher dosages.

It’s true that omega-3 fatty acid supplements have shown some evidence of supporting joint health, although most omega-3 fatty acid supplements have a much higher dosage. As explained by the National Institutes of Health, the typical fish oil supplement uses a dose of around 1,000mg of fish oil with 180mg of EPA and 120mg of DHA. Joint Support contains 200mg of omega-3 fatty acids with 56mg of EPA and 144mg of DHA.

Similarly, studies on resveratrol use a wide range of dosages, with most dosages significantly higher than Joint Support. Some studies use a high dose of 3,000mg or resveratrol per kg per day, for example, while other studies use a dose as small as 1mg per kg. With 100mg of resveratrol in each two capsules serving of Joint Support, the supplement contains a relatively low dose of resveratrol (you can find $20 resveratrol supplements on Amazon with 1,500mg of resveratrol per serving).

Overall, Joint Support seems to contain plenty of effective ingredients – although the dosages are shockingly small compared to the dosages used in competing supplements and scientific studies. When you’re paying $50 for a joint support supplement, you expect stronger dosages. Based on the lack of evidence at this dosage range, it seems unlikely that Joint Support would significantly impact joint health.

Joint Support Pricing

Joint Support is priced at $33 to $49 per bottle, depending on how many bottles you order. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

  • 1 Bottle: $49
  • 3 Bottles: $117
  • 6 Bottles: $198

All prices include shipping. All purchases also come with two bonus eBooks, including 3 Simple Secrets to Back Pain and Joint Support Secrets No One Will Tell You.

Joint Support Refund Policy

Joint Support comes with a 1-year refund policy. You can request a complete refund within 365 days of your purchase. Just contact the company, then ship the supplement (even if it’s empty) back to the returns address.

About Pure Health Research

Pure Health Research is a supplement company that offers a range of natural solutions to various ailments. The company was founded by Dr. Eric Wood, ND, a Washington DC-based Naturopathic Doctor. Dr. Wood emphasizes a holistic approach to healing the body, targeting problems like adrenal exhaustion, aging, infectious disease, skin problems, and digestion.

Other notable supplements sold by Pure Health Research include Ageless Brain, Blood Sugar Formula, Circula BP, Exuberant, Fungus Eliminator, and Metabolic Greens+, among others.

You can contact Pure Health Research via the following:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 1-863-301-4007
  • Mailing Address: 4601 North Fairfax Drive, Suite 1200, Arlington, VA 22203
  • Returns Address: 1140 S Highbrook St 4th Floor, Akron, OH 44301

Final Word

Joint Support is a nutritional supplement that claims to help your joints in numerous ways. Although the supplement appears to contain the right ingredients, the supplement uses much lower dosages than conventional supplements. The dosages are also much lower than the amounts used in various studies.

Overall, there’s limited evidence that Joint Support works as advertised to improve mobility, relieve joint pain, or enhance flexibility, among other benefits. Although the supplement uses turmeric, resveratrol, boswellia serrata, and other popular antioxidants, it seems unlikely that Joint Support has enough power to have a significant impact on joint health.

However, Pure Health Research offers a 365-day money-back guarantee on Joint Support and all supplements. You can request a complete refund on Joint Support within one full year of your purchase.

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