Fitness & Exercising Power Bend Total Knee Compression Sleeve for Joint Boosting Support

Power Bend Total Knee Compression Sleeve for Joint Boosting Support

Utilizing a unique carbon steel design and comfortable fabrics, Power Bend's total compression sleeves help users reduce stress on their knees while boosting healthy movement for an active lifestyle.


Power Bend's website says it best when they warn consumers to love their feet because “you only have two.” Especially to those who work out frequently, knee irritation can be a major deterring factor, not to mention a significant cause of pain. To help users get the most out of their legs and feet while minimizing stress on the knees, Power Bend offers two unique knee support products.

The key to Power Bend's products is the unique carbon spring design, which can provide the user with over 66 pounds of additional relief as they move around. Sixty-six pounds of relief can be significant, especially for people who suffer from chronic knee pain made worse by strenuous physical activity. Power Bend finishes their products' technical efficiencies with a durable, comfortable fabric and design, making it a powerful tool for anyone trying to reduce stress on their knees.

What is Power Bend?

Especially for individuals with weak cartilage in the knees, any kind of physical activity can place undue stress on the knees. Whether a consumer is undertaking extreme physical activity or simply climbing a steep hill, having the right support can mean the difference between finishing the activity and quitting early. Power Bend is one of the many brands on the market that currently offer total knee compression sleeve and brace products to help. But Power Bend offers a number of unique benefits to consumers that help to put them ahead of other competitors.

Power Bend's website is still a bit underdeveloped when it comes to technical information, but it still provides a good place for consumers to start looking for information about what the company offers. To get a better idea of the knee support that Power Bend's line can provide, it is necessary to closely examine both of the products offered on the official Power Bend homepage

The main difference in the two similar products is the area of the leg they cover. While the Total Knee Compression Sleeve covers from the top of the thigh to the ankle, the Ultimate Knee Support only covers the distance from just above the knee to just below it.

Both items are made with comfortable material while providing all of the support that consumers need through the integration of high-tensile carbon steel springs, polycarbonate plates, and high-strength Velcro. Additionally, the carbon steel spring design provides users with an extra boost when squatting or lifting.

Frequently Asked Questions About Power Bend

There’s plenty of information available online about Power Bend, but this section includes a few answers to the most frequently asked questions about this line of products.

Q: How much support do Power Bend Knee Sleeves offer?

A: Both knee support devices can provide an additional 66 pounds of support to the knees. The patented steel spring system provides a form of natural support that protects the knees from undue stress.

Q: What are the Power Bend Knee Brace Sleeves made of?

A: The sleeves use high-tensile carbon steel springs, polycarbonate plates, and high-strength Velcro to provide a maximum level of support to the knees during physical activity.

Q: What sizes are available of Power Bend Total Compression Booster?

A: No. However, the high-strength Velcro fabric allows users to adjust the sleeves and provide the optimal fit.

For all other questions, the Power Bend customer support team can be contacted here.

Price of Power Bend Knee Sleeves

As of now, two products are offered on the Power Bend website, the total Knee Compression Sleeve and the Power Bend Ultimate Knee Support. The main difference between the two products is the part of the leg covered by the sleeve.

Both products are presently on sale for $38. The site offers free shipping to all customers. However, consumers should know that Power Bend does not offer a refund or return system. In the case of a severely defective product, notification of Power Bend within 48 hours can guarantee an exchange for an item of equal value. More information about the refund policy can be found here.


The Power Bend total compression knee sleeve braces provide consumers with a different kind of support for their joints. Rather than taking a supplement or just supporting the user’s stance, consumers take pressure off of their joints directly with the carbon steel springs, allowing the users to move freely during sports or other physical activity.



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