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Pivot to Launch Machine Learning-Focused At-Home Weight Training Platform in Fall 2019


Deemed, a next-generation, technologically-advanced machine learning and fitness-focused firm, Pivot will be officially launching its smart at-home fitness solution to consumers in Fall 2019 reports Business Wire.

As per the claims made, their endeavor raised $17 million in a Series A funding, which was made possible with the involvement of DCM, Bling Capital, Founders Fun, Khosla Ventures, Signal Fire and Y-Combinator.

In addition, DCM’s Partner, Kyle Lui will serve as a member of Pivot’s Board of Directors and the raised funds will serve as the foundation to development of recruitment processes for engineering and operations’ team.

What is Pivot?

With the wellness and fitness industry expanding over time, consumers have to stop and wonder what truly works and what doesn’t. For some, following an online workout works, while for others it may not. In this case, guidance is necessary, as improper form can lead to months of rehabilitation.

According to the CEO and Founder of Pivot, Moawia Eldeeb,

“having someone who could teach me, inspire me and hold me accountable made all the difference. A workout video, even if it’s broadcast live, just doesn’t compare.”

Pivot will be using 3D sensors to track one’s motion in real time. This allows trainers to provide feedback, which in turn maximizes one’s workout routine and ensures trainees are step closer to their goals.

As a launch date is currently in the works, with hints of it taking place in Fall this year, each purchase is said to include the necessary equipment ($2000), i.e. a mobile app, analytics, heart rate monitor, and a monthly subscription ($39) which offers updated, live content.

Eldeeb further noted that,

“Pivot is building technology to bridge the gap between the trainer and you [trainee], build that core relationship and deliver the same hands-on guidance you’d expect from an in-person class.”

What types of training does Pivot support?

Pivot supposedly houses live and recorded classes that consumers can benefit from. These typically include strength training, high intensity interval training (HIIT) and cardio among others.

Some of the key facets that make this system of high value include its ability to track down every movement to every rep performed along with consumers’ ability to compete with friends, family and community members in the comfort of their homes.

Lui has since expressed excitement in being part of a team that carries a unique and innovative product.

In particular, he shared:

“Pivot’s product differentiation was clear to me the first time I tried it […] Moawia and Josh are authentic to this space.”

He seems to have been primarily attracted to the extent technology plays a role in this system.

This was witnessed in the following passage:

“Pivot’s technology combines world-class machine learning, software and hardware to create an at-home strength training & fitness experience comparable to what Peloton [competitor] has achieved for the at-home spin experience.”

To learn more about Pivot’s upcoming milestone, click here.

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