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Pink Shave Club: Women's Hair Removal & Skincare Products?


The Pink Shave Club is a subscription service that caters to women’s needs for a high-quality razor to shave their body hair. The subscription is affordable for nearly every budget and eliminates the need to overspend at the store for the same items.

What is the Pink Shave Club?

Even with the changing trends in the beauty industry, nearly every woman loves the sensation of freshly shaved legs. However, many brands add so many features to their razors that they end up being incredibly expensive. Some women end up choosing to shave with men’s razors for their precision and lower cost, but the Pink Shave Club ensures that women can get the smoothness they want for less.

The Pink Shave club focuses on saving women both time and money, using stainless steel blades to get the close shave that they want. A protective, moisturizing strip is at the top of each razor, nourishing the skin as it cuts through unwanted hair.

There is not much information about the shaving club, apart from the fact that the creators did not want women to have to turn to men’s razors for better results. This subscription was inspired by the Men’s Shave Club, which is often advertised on social media.

How It Works

While signing up for Pink Shave, the first thing that the user has to do is decide on the products that they want to receive. During this step, consumers will be able to choose from various shave plans, along with other beauty products.

Once the preferences have been noted, the user can expect a package each month with their supplies. It can be changed to meet the user’s needs, or just their finances that month. All of the products are delivered directly to the consumer’s door, rather than having to go to the store all of the time.

Pricing for the Pink Shave Club

To participate in the Pink Shave subscription, the total cost each month is dependent upon the package the customer selects. At first, the company automatically puts the user into the $3 trial kit, which gives the user a 3-blade Charlotte razor and a complimentary shaving cream. The replacement cartridges cost $7 per month after that.

There is also an $18/month package available afterwards, which is a refill for the kit. Though the initial package comes with free shipping, this subsequent package charges $2.95 for it.

The membership can be modified at any time after the first shipment, adhering to the consumer’s schedule. To cancel, the user can contact customer service.

Contacting the Creators

If there is an issue with an order, or if the user wants to change their subscription, they need to reach out to the customer service team. The team can be reached by phone call or email.

  • Phone number: 1-888-851-7038
  • Email address: help@pinkshave.com

Pink Shave Club Conclusion

The Pink Shave Club offers a quality of razor that every woman will appreciate. There is nothing to determine how the comparative quality is between this club and the men’s club, but the simple affordability of the razors is easily the appeal of this subscription.

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