Fitness & Exercising Training Physique Zero by Alain Gonzalez: 2020 Program Review Research

Physique Zero by Alain Gonzalez: 2020 Program Review Research

Physique Zero at-home bodyweight fitness and exercise workout training program by Alain Gonzalez is designed for men of all ages and helps create a hypoxic environment using an 8-minute solution that helps boost testosterone levels while increasing strength.


Alain Gonzalez is a fitness coach and author who’s devoted himself to helping men achieve their desirable physiques while boosting their confidence levels. After having trained many clients over a span of 10 years, he has decided to extend his knowledge to millions of men around the world with his program called, “Physique Zero”.

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What is Physique Zero?

Physique Zero is an at-home fitness program designed for men that claims to support muscle gains by utilizing a strange exercise timing trick that switches on hidden muscle fibers. By following the listed 8-minute muscle methods for testosterone activation, fitness fanatics can anticipate increased muscle growth and fat loss, and efficient protein delivery by creating a hypoxic environment. The creator and trainer behind the claims users can get over 50% stronger in only 20 seconds, build over 20% more muscle tone in 40 seconds and maximize endurance in only 70 seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions About Physique Zero

Let's review the top questions concerning Alain Gonzalez's Physique Zero program.

Q. How does Physique Zero Bodyweight Training Work?

A. Physique Zero by Alain Gonzalez is a muscle-building, fat-blasting, and strength-boosting program. The at-home workout and exercise program found at Project Hypertrophy comes complete with the main manual, execution videos, fitness and nutrition guides, push up mastery, pull up mastery, supplement cheat sheet, sixpack abs manual and recovery techniques.

The Physique Zero bodyweight workout helps men of all ages overcome three key factors when it comes to exercising. For the long wing-it style workout problem, Alain has come up with an 8-minute solution that gets the same results as an hour long session. As far as the hazardous workouts that are prone to causing injuries, he created the lock-free reps solution to help protect your joints and reduce inflammation caused from most bodyweight fitness routines. Lastly, the rep-counting workout problem is combated with Physique Zero's timed sets training solution which involves the negative phase, static phase and positive phase that will trigger loads of new muscular strength throughout the body.

Q. Who is Physique Zero Fitness Program For?

A. Physique Zero is recommended for any busy man who wants a muscular, lean, and tone physique all while boosting testosterone levels. Alain's Physique Zero is designed for those who don't want to visit a crowded gym, do long draining exercises or get involved with sweaty workouts, not lift heavy weights or do painful exercises. There is no boring cardio or confusing gym equipment to use or expensive memberships to buy. Mr. Gonzalez even says you don't need shoes to start the Physique Zero health program and can avoid gym embarrassment that many men quietly suffer from when first starting out a physical training plan.

Q. Will Physique Zero At-Home Fitness Program Help if Injury-Prone?

A. Many users wonder if they have experienced training injuries in the past if Physique Zero will make them flare up again. In short, it shouldn’t. Physique Zero is safe for men between the ages of 35-75. The at-home fitness program is designed to provide safe exercises and proven workout motions that can direct protein into the muscle, bring out hidden muscle fibers and create an anabolic environment in your muscle tissues. Alain refers to this as releasing steroid juice directly into the muscle.

Q. How much does Physique Zero Program Cost?

A: Given that consumers are offered six guides and three bonuses, the current going price is $15, which has been reduced from roughly $90.

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What does Physique Zero include?

Muscle growth concerns are highly addressed throughout this step by step video-based bodyweight training program. Some of the topics highlighted include, but are not limited to:

  • Information on a natural ingredient that increases testosterone in men for bodily development
  • The best approach for achieving muscle pumps, which are caused from excessive flow of blood into the muscle
  • Why it is important to work out with a timer
  • The way in which one’s mouth is positioned and how that affects muscle building and fat burning potentials
  • How to increase power in both the lower and upper body
  • The role nutrition plays in muscle growth
  • Specific types of exercises that promote muscle activation and create six-packs

The aforementioned collection of knowledge has been split between six in depth guides called, Main Manual, Nutrition, Execution Videos, Workout Guide, Six-pack Workouts and Recovery Techniques.

Does the Physique Zero Program also come with any bonuses?

To make the Physique Zero a well-rounded program, three bonuses have also been included. The first is the Supplement Guide, which has a select number of supplements crucial for muscle strength and endurance.

Second, is the Pull-Up Progression Method. This commonly performed exercise is intended to increase upper body mass. As per the claims made, this respective guide will teach men how to complete 50 pull-ups in one set.

Finally, comes the Push-Up Progression Guide, which requires individuals to regularly record the number of push-ups they do. By the end of one month, 100 push-ups can be done, based on the techniques shared.

Physique Zero Final thoughts

Based on the analysis above, it is clear the Physique Zero looks at the overall picture of bodily development. Instead of simply focusing on exercises that effectively target muscle activation and increased blood flow, the guides also expounds on nutrition, supplements and the importance of recovery, all of which are crucial for optimal growth.

And to think that such knowledge is being offered for only $15 is quite noteworthy; not to forget the fact that the workouts can be done at the comfort of one’s home! To find out more on the Physique Zero approach, visit



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