Supplements CBD & Hemp Phivida – Organic CBD Hemp Oil Extract Infused Drinks & Tinctures?

Phivida – Organic CBD Hemp Oil Extract Infused Drinks & Tinctures?


Finding the right health and wellness products for one’s needs can be extremely difficult, especially for those who are looking for natural and safe options. Those who do find the right health brands will notice that hemp-based products are becoming an increasingly popular option. Such products, when chosen correctly, can change one’s quality of life and health.

That being said, this review would like to introduce a new brand called Phivida. The hemp-based formulas provide continuous support for optimal wellness and health. Further, the brand’s approach to product generation is one that individuals can count on.

What is Phivida?

Phivida is a new health and wellness brand whose products are hemp-based options. The brand’s formulas are made with “phi” and “vida.” As the brand explains, the former stands for the “gold ratio,” which is a sacred mathematical formula from which all creation grows. On the other hand, the latter stands for “living life to the fullness.”

As users can tell, Phivida is utilizes a creative and unique solution to its product generation process, which potentially means wholesome and effective formulas that users can count on to provide them with the right outcomes.

Four Key Phivida Options

While Phivida may offer a range of formulas, its most popular product options are on the main page. Each formula is infused potent and powerful hemp oil. Here is a bit about each product so that users know what they can look forward to when choosing Phivida:

Phivida Hemp Oil Infused Vitamin Juices

Those who love juice and who are looking to enjoy from a boost of hemp oil as well may want to consider the brand’s Hemp Oil Infused Vitamin Juices. These juices contain 25 milligrams of hemp oil, 25 vitamins and minerals, they are nano-encapsulated, and they are all-organic as well. Those who use these juices can expect sustained energy throughout the day.

Further, the juices come in the following flavor options:

  • Orange
  • Berry
  • Pomegranate

Phivita Hemp Oil Infused Vitamin Shots

Phivita Hemp Oil Infused Vitamin Shots contain a high concentration of hemp oil – 10 mg to be exact. The formula contains a special blend of ingredients that is inspired by eastern tradition.

Those who use these shots can expect to experience improved cognitive function, better memory, a stronger attention span, and better cognitive health in general. Very few products on the market provide the same cognitive support as this one. Further, this product comes in the same flavor options as the vitamin juices.

Vida Premium Oil Extract

A very unique option is the Vida Oil Extracts. These are professional-strength and clinical-grade formulas that contain all-organic hemp oil. Those who use this particular line of products can get a highly concentrated boost of hemp oil, without anything else.

The product is vegan, it does not contain soy or nuts or gluten, and it is contained in child-proof packaging so that parents do not need to be concerned. The shelf life of the product is high as well due to the UV packaging.

Phivita Sweet Ice Tea

Lastly, the brand also offers Phivita Sweet Iced Tea. This ice tea beverage is made out of organic and premium-grade ingredients that are infused with organic and 100% certified hemp. Those who drink this beverage can experience a boost from 25 grams of hemp oil, 25 vitamins and minerals, and of course – the refreshing taste of iced tea as well. The nano-encapsulated quality of the formula safeguards the product’s bioavailability as well.

Overall, there are many interesting options that individuals can find when visiting the Phivita website. The products improve one’s health in various areas, such as focus, cognition, digestion, energy levels, and the like. Users can find the right flavor options and product that ultimately suits their needs when browsing through the site.

Special Discounts

It is always great to purchase a product with a discount on hand. Luckily, those who visit the Phivita website will find that by registering their email and their name through the website, they’ll be able to receive a discount to their email to use when checking out on an order. To receive the discount, simply visit the brand’s website and go through the necessary steps.

Phivida Summary

Overall, those who are interested in wholesome, delicious, and high-end hemp-based formulas may want to try Phivita. The brand’s products are unique, they are made out of all-natural and safe ingredients, and they provide men and women with the daily support that they need to live well.

Additionally, individuals should be aware that the products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and further, they are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. To learn more about the brand and its products, just visit the brand’s website today to get started.

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