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Oxford Biolabs DRM4: Aging Skin Nourishing Food Supplement?


DRM4 is a supplement that contains healthy nutrients for the complexion that reduces the appearance of aging. The treatment is available with a subscription that sends the user three months of the treatment at a time.

What Is DRM4?

The skin’s needs are constantly evolving, because it is always exposed to different threats and toxins. While younger skin struggles to manage oil production, mature skin is deprived of the natural hydration it needs, because it begins to run low on collagen and other chemicals. The body changes throughout adulthood, and the cause of wrinkle formation is primarily due to a lack of nutrition in the body. To remedy this problem, consumers can use DRM4.

DRM4 prioritizes the health of the skin, rather than just the aged state of it. This formula:

  • Soothes damage caused by free radicals, and prevents more damage
  • Reduces the impact made by UV rays
  • Supports the skin’s nutritional needs

Most people that want to correct wrinkles in their complexion will take on drastic changes, like Botox injections or surgery. However, these invasive methods will not change the composition within the skin, which is why it is so difficult to get the natural look that consumers want. By using the DRM4 supplement with a regular skincare routine, getting a youthful appearance should be easy. However, users of this remedy should keep in mind that the remedy takes time to change the appearance of the skin, and the results are not instant.


The reason that DRM4 is so potent and effective in the complexion is due to the different ingredients included. Those ingredients are:

  • Chia seed oil, which reduces inflammation, eliminates toxins, and improves hydration
  • ALA, which helps the body to manage blood sugar
  • Vitamin C, to support the reparative processes in the body
  • Algae oil, to reduce blood clots and inflammation
  • Borage seed oil, to deliver essential fatty acids to the complexion
  • Bilberry extract, which promotes better circulation, manages blood sugar, and improves vision
  • Anthocyanidins, which are known for their antioxidant power
  • Vitamin E, which is essential to the repair of the complexion
  • Niacin, to balance the health of the skin
  • Vitamin B2, to protect the skin and hair from damage
  • Lycopene, to protect and heal the entire body from the damage in many diseases
  • Iodine, to balance the thyroid
  • Biotin, which is critical to the formation of strong and healthy skin
  • Selenium, to promote healthy blood flow and defend the body from oxidative stress

With this concentration of digestible nutrients, consumers nourish their bodies from within to get the youthful skin they want.

Using DRM4 Aging Skin Nourishing Food Supplement

To get the advertised benefits, consumers need to take three of the DRM4 capsules a day. However, it is entirely up to the user how they take the capsules, whether they are swallowed within the same dose, or if they are spread out through the day. The only recommendation appears to be drinking water. No information is available about whether the user should have a meal with the dosage.

Anyone that takes this remedy should still maintain their daily skincare routine.

Purchasing DRM4

The DRM4 formula is available in a subscription. Every 90 days, the user will receive 3 bottles of the supplement, which will cost €136.50. Any EU order will receive free shipping for the purchase. However, this company offers two other remedies to consumers as well, which are:

  • 3 bottles of TRX2® every 90 days: €149.95
  • 3 bottles of Melaniq® every 90 days: €129.95

TRX2 helps with hair loss, while Melaniq maintains the skin’s ability to produce melanin, which affects the color of the hair as well.

Regardless of the product that consumers decide to buy, they have access to a 60-day money-back guarantee that ensures them a refund for any dissatisfaction in that period.

Contacting The Creators Of DRM4

With multiple products available to consumers, there may be other questions that users want to bring up with the customer service team. The team is available by phone or by email, though there is also a form on the website.

  • Phone number: +44 800 808 5251
  • Email address: support@oxfordbiolabs.com

Oxford Biolabs DRM4 Conclusion

DRM4 is meant for anyone that is starting to see wrinkles in their complexion, or expects to see them soon. The treatment delivers a blend of nutrients that is necessary to the health of the skin, but the user should still maintain a consistent skincare regimen during the day to support it externally.

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