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Over EZ – Natural Vitamin & Mineral Blend Prevents Hangovers?


Over EZ is a supplement that supports the deficiencies in the body that normally occur when someone decides to drink. The treatment is available in multiple package sizes, depending on the frequency that the user consumes alcohol.

What is Over EZ?

Taking the time for a drink with friends is a social necessity for a lot of people. Sometimes, someone agrees to one drink, and it somehow turns into a whole night. Next thing they know, they wake up in the morning with their head pounding, unable to focus on anything the next day. Most people load up on sports drinks and Tylenol to get through the day, but there is a way to be proactive with Over EZ.

The producers of Over EZ have created a blend of different ingredients that help to balance out the nutrients that alcohol pushed out of the body. The remedy helps to stop the headaches that arise from dehydration, along with the upset stomach that comes with the increase of toxins in the body. Every ingredient in this blend plays a role, whether it is a vitamin, mineral, or something different.

How It Helps

The whole point of the formula is to help with hydration and the reduction of toxins. When consumers drink, the use of alcohol releases a toxin called acetaldehyde, which is the reason that consumers feel so sick after. When consumers take Over EZ, the toxins are neutralized and flushed out of the body.

Within these capsules, consumers will get B-complex vitamins, which is necessary to restore after a night of drinking, because they are the nutrients that keeps the body digesting and energized. When the body is flushed out with the diuretic properties of alcohol, these vitamins are quickly flushed out. Restoring them is the first step towards feeling better.

Along with delivering helpful B vitamins to the body, this treatment includes:

  • Chicory root extract, to support healthy liver function and balance out the gut
  • Milk thistle extract, which is a common remedy for conditions involving the liver
  • Amla extract, to promote healthier blood flow and reduce inflammation
  • Chinese date extract, which has often been used to treat anxiety and insomnia.
  • Grape extract, to promote healthier inflammation and reduce the amount of cholesterol in the body with antioxidants
  • Beet juice, with have nitrates that can help with blood flow and circulation

These substances have nutrients that the body loses while drinking, which is why it is crucial to resupply the body. Having electrolytes and water just is not enough to combat a hangover; consumers need nourishment from vitamins and minerals as well.

Using Over EZ

The best time to take the Over EZ capsules is during the process of alcohol consumption. While consumers only need one capsule, they will get more benefits by consuming it with their first or second drink, since it takes a little time for the capsule to work in the body.

The treatment can be taken with any drink, whether the consumer is enjoying an early drink with breakfast, or a late-night party.

Pricing for Over EZ

The total cost that consumers will need to pay for Over EZ will entirely depend on how stocked up consumers want to be when they decide to drink. Consumers have the choice of:

  • 1 package (contains 12 capsules): $59.99
  • 2 packages (contains 24 capsules): $109.99
  • 3 packages (contains 36 capsules): $149.99

There is no return policy listed on the website, but consumers can go to the customer service team with any concerns about how well the treatment works.

Contacting the Creators of Over EZ

Even though there is plenty of information online about why the Over EZ treatment is helpful, consumers may still want to get ahold of the customer service team to find out more details. The team has a phone number and email address.

  • Phone number: 1-855-9-OVER-EZ
  • Email address: info@ez-lifestyle.com

Over EZ Review Summary

Over EZ cannot guarantee that the consumer will not succumb to a hangover, because the only way to prevent one is not to drink at all. However, since it contains the nutrients that consumers lose as they drink, it has a better chance of counteracting the effects that those shots of tequila bring.

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