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Olympus Labs Re1gn – Pump Enhancing Pre-Workout Energy Boost?


About Olympus Labs Re1gn

Looking to bring those pumps to a whole new level? How about being able to increase your strength, power and endurance throughout those lifts? And don’t worry – the added boost of energy wasn’t left out here. Olympus Labs Re1gn has created a product that is clinically dosed with patented and innovative ingredients to help you achieve, just that.

So, they have your strength, power and endurance covered – but what if you also knew they covered your focus and concentration too? Being able to achieve enhanced focus can only lead to increased motivation. Both of which, are imperative to that full muscle workout. If skin tearing pumps and vascularity excite you, read on.

Olympus Labs Re1gn Pump Enhancing Pre-Workout Ingredients

We mentioned above that this supplement contains both clinically dosed, patented and innovative ingredients – but what does that mean? It means, that Olympus Labs Re1gn contains all new vasodilator and nitric oxide enhancing ingredient known as VASO-6. This ingredient only helps with heightened endurance but also contains enhanced recovery properties too. And, we know that recovery is almost equally as important as the workout itself. Because, to achieve the optimal return your muscles should be in great condition and be well rested.

In addition to this ingredient called VASO-6, Olympus Labs Re1gn also contains the following ingredients;

• Julgans Regla Extract
• Eria Jarensis
• Theacrine which is described as tasteless

And, one other unique stimulant that is stronger than all the ones mentioned above working together. The website does not name this ingredient – and for those who do require a complete ingredient listing, you should contact the company directly.

In addition to the stimulant ingredients mentioned above, Olympus Labs re1gn also includes;

• Citruline
• Agmatine
• Pomegranate Powder

… and other ergogenic ingredients not mentioned on the website.

What we can say for certain is that the ingredients are of a clinical dosage and are said to be key patented and innovative. You see, to stay cutting edge, supplements often need to contain ingredients that are not common in the marketplace. That is said however, without jeopardizing the effectiveness and safety of the product. Innovative ingredients can simply mean the consumer is not quite ready to hear it yet – but excited to know that its available.

Multitude Of Flavors Available

There are many flavors available for this supplement that you can choose from;

1. Area 51 – Sour gummy Bear
2. Dragons Mist – Blue Freezie/Pop
3. Lions Blood – Tropical Coolada
4. Isee Fury – Cherry Slushie
5. Krusherz – Orange Candy
6. Pandora’s Potion – Fuzzy Peach
7. Fairy’s Kiss – Pink Bubble gum

The array of flavors helps to make Olympus Labs Re1gn suitable for just about any taste buds. And, this is imperative given that many of these supplement powders simply taste disgusting.

Purchasing Olympus Labs Re1gn

To take advantage of the benefits (and flavors) available with Olympus Labs Re1gn, you can do so by ordering your container of 20 servings at a buy one, get one pricing option!

Interested in even more savings? You may want to explore the subscription offers too!

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