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NutriGold B12 Gold – Boost Optimal Brain & Nervous System Health?


Men and women can become deficient in vitamin B-12 due to poor diet or a medical condition. Since this vitamin is not made by the body people must get it from their diet or supplements.

NutriGold B12 Gold offers a high potency supplement that is easy for the body to digest and offers a vegan friendly ingredient profile. Consumers who are low in vitamin B-12 will want to consider giving this product by NutriGold a try, please read below to learn more.

What is NutriGold B12 Gold?

Those who have certain medical conditions or who a diet low in certain vitamins may actually be deficient in vitamin B-12. By adding a vitamin B-12 supplement consumers can help give their body the support needed for good cognitive health, red blood cell production, emotional wellness, and healthy metabolism.

How Does NutriGold B12 Gold Work?

NutriGold B12 Gold is a combination of methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin which support the body at a cellular level through the blood, tissues, and mitochondria. This vitamin works to support brain health and nervous system health while also supporting red blood formation.

Some medical conditions can allow people to become deficient in vitamin B-1 because the body is not able to make it and it only gets stored for a short amount of time. This is true for people with Crohn’s Disease, lupus, or Celiac disease.

The most susceptible people to vitamin B-12 deficiency are those who follow a vegan diet. This true because many of the sources of this vitamin come from animal products like eggs and red meat.


Those who are looking for a highly concentrated vitamin B-12 supplement will appreciate that each capsule of NutriGold B12 Gold contains 2,400 milligrams of vitamin B-12. This dosage blends 1,680 milligrams of methylcobalamin and 720 milligrams of adenosylcobalamin.

Additionally, NutriGold combines these ingredients with a 450 milligram blend of sprouted whole foods including chia seeds, broccoli seeds, garbanzo beans, buckwheat, and lentils amongst others.

This whole food blend helps support digestive enzymes making this supplement easier for the body to process. NutriGold B12 Gold is both vegan and vegetarian friendly and does not contain gluten or added preservatives or fillers.

Pricing Information Regarding NutriGold B12 Gold

Interested consumers have two online vendors to choose from when purchasing B-12 Gold. Smallflower.com is currently offering the lowest price. Each sixty capsule bottle is available for $18.99 plus $4.50 shipping. Smallflower also offers an extra ten percent off discount code for first time purchases. www.herbalprovider.com offers each bottle for a little bit more at $20.21. Orders totaling $29.00 or greater ship for free.

NutriGold B12 Gold Review Summary

When considering vitamin B-12 supplements, NutriGold is a company worth considering for their third party testing and high dosage. Interested consumers can learn more though the NutriGold website at www.nutrigold.com.


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