Guides How To Be Healthy Natural Health Response: Review Underground Medicine Secrets

Natural Health Response: Review Underground Medicine Secrets

Natural Health Response features The Secrets of Underground Medicine book and the Beat The System How to Survive a Hospital Stay guide by Benjamin Cross of Health Sense Media.


Natural Health Response is a health and wellness newsletter published online by Baltimore-based Health Sense Media.

As part of a 2020 marketing campaign, Health Sense Media is bundling two bonus eBooks with new Natural Health Response subscriptions, including The Secrets of Underground Medicine and Beat the System: How to Survive a Hospital Stay.

Is a subscription to Natural Health Response worth it? What will you learn in the two bonus eBooks? Can you really discover “a true solution for fighting cancer”? Find out everything you need to know about Natural Health Response today in our review.

What is Natural Health Response?

Natural Health Response is an email newsletter priced at $37 per year. Subscribers receive one issue of the newsletter each month.

Each issue of Natural Health Response discusses new advances in health and wellness research. Most information is catered to older adults and seniors. The newsletter discusses treatments for diabetes, aging, weight loss, and other issues.

As part of a 2020 marketing campaign, new subscribers to Natural Health Response receive two bonus eBooks with their subscription. The eBooks claim to reveal secrets of modern medicine, including cancer research that has purportedly been suppressed for decades.

There are plenty of online health and wellness companies that make similar claims online. These companies warn you to distrust modern medicine, then recommend unproven, alternative treatments as cures for deadly diseases – like natural supplements instead of prescription drugs. Is Natural Health Response yet another low-quality health advice service? Or does the company provide genuine medical advice from trusted sources? Let’s take a closer look.

What Will You Learn in Natural Health Response?

Natural Health Response provides health and wellness information catered to older adults. The website particularly focuses on older adults who prefer alternative medical treatments instead of mainstream medical advice.

You can get an idea of Natural Health Response’s ideology by visiting The website features blog posts from the Natural Health Response team, including topics featured in recent issues of the Natural Health Response newsletter.

Some of the topics recently covered by the Natural Health Response blog include:

How one man beat cancer without chemotherapy, completely removing a tumor from his body despite being diagnosed with terminal, late-stage bone cancer at 13 years old.

How to protect your cardiovascular health by drinking a specific beverage every night.

How to reduce stress in minutes using natural therapies.

How to use a “timing trick” that “beats any disease”, allowing you to live a longer, healthier life.

Drug-free cures for migraines, common colds, memory issues, and other problems.

How natural supplements can support certain aspects of health and wellness, including how Gold Leaf Nutritionals, Turapur, and Solaire Nutraceuticals supplements can help (all three brands are owned by the same parent company as Natural Health Response).

Overall, Natural Health Response discusses alternative treatments for medical issues. The website is filled with stories of people beating various diseases using natural therapies – including everything from low testosterone to terminal cancer.

Like other health and wellness blogs, Natural Health Response frequently mentions how “big pharma” is suppressing natural cures for disease because they make so much money by treating these diseases. The blog is filled with stories of people curing Alzheimer’s, cancer, and other deadly diseases using natural therapies.

Natural Health Response is careful to explain that its advice is not designed as personalized, individualized medical advice, nor is it designed to replace the advice of your doctor.

Although Natural Health Response is not designed to replace your doctor, the newsletter is led by a man named Dr. Richard Gerhauser.

Who is Dr. Richard Gerhauser?

Dr. Richard Gerhauser, MD, is a medical doctor who runs a private practice in Tucson, Arizona.

The Natural Health Response website describes Dr. Gerhauser as “one of the most innovative minds in medicine today” and “the trusted doctor for celebrities, world-class athletes, and countless seniors looking to reclaim their health.”

Now, with Natural Health Response, Dr. Gerhauser is sharing his wisdom with the world:

“Natural Health Response readers get full access to Dr. Gerhauser’s protocols for chronic pain… heart disease… diabetes… Alzheimer’s… and even cancer. These are the very same treatments Dr. Gerhauser recommends to his own patients at his practice in Tucson, Arizona.”

Dr. Gerhauser is a board-certified medical doctor. He graduated from the University of Nevada School of Medicine in 1981. Today, he runs his private practice in Tucson and is also affiliated with the Tucson Medical Center.

He has also published a handful of books, including one book called 7 Steps to Natural Health. You can view Dr. Gerhauser’s WebMD doctor profile here.

Bonus eBooks for New Natural Health Response Subscribers

As part of a 2020 promotion, new subscribers to National Health Response receive two bonus eBooks. Both eBooks emphasize alternative medical treatments and a distrust of mainstream medicine.

The eBooks include:

The Secrets of Underground Medicine

Beat the System: How to Survive a Hospital Stay

The first book describes an alternative medical therapy you can use today to make “cancer cells die.” The second book scares readers about the dangers of visiting a hospital for medical treatment. We’ll take a closer look at both books below.

What is The Secrets of Underground Medicine?

The Secrets of Underground Medicine is an eBook that discusses alternative cancer therapies. The eBook discusses tests performed by a man named Dr. Otto Warburg in the 1930s and 1940s. Dr. Warburg experimented with cancer cells and cellular respiration. By turning off fuel to cancer cells, you can cause cancer cells to die. However, you also cause normal cells to die. Dr. Warburg identified a way to shut off the fuel to cancer cells without harming healthy cells.

The Natural Health Response team seems to suggest the treatment is a cure for cancer that has been deliberately supressed for decades by big pharmaceutical companies:

“The cancer cells die… almost immediately… and regular cells continue to stay healthy. It’s remarkably simple… safe… and incredibly inexpensive. There’s no doubt, it’s a brand new way to attack cancer… the ONLY true potential cancer solution I’ve ever found. You could have it RIGHT NOW…”

You can find plenty of alternative medical blogs online that claim to have found the cure for cancer. There’s no known cure for cancer – despite what the team at Natural Health Response seems to suggest.

Despite the lack of evidence, the team insists that the lessons in The Secrets of Underground Medicine can ease “any fear” your family has of cancer:

“…let me explain just a bit more about why Dr. Warburg’s discovery can now help ease any fear of cancer for you or your family.”

The 323-page eBook covers topics like:

“Proven underground disease therapies” for cancer, type II diabetes, and other deadly diseases

How to regrow healthy, young, pain-free joints using all-natural treatments

A nutrient that could save you from a deadly heart attack, strengthen your bones, and defend against prostate cancer – and why your doctor doesn’t know about it

How you can use the “Methuselah Diet” to extend your lifespan

How the most important cancer cure in history was lost after the fall of Nazi Germany in 1945, including how Dr. Otto Warburg’s therapy caused cancerous tumors to “dry up and die like they never existed in the first place”

How to use the “Warburg Method” for your cancer today, including how one woman’s brain tumor “vanished” after using the Warburg Method

Overall, the eBook highlights alternative treatments to cancer and other diseases. By following the lessons in the eBook, you can purportedly kill cancer cells quickly, encouraging cancer cells to self-destruct.

The eBook has not been peer-reviewed, nor has the information been published in any mainstream medical journal. It’s unclear how effective the Warburg Method is for curing cancer – if at all.

There’s some evidence showing that the Warburg Method can kill cancer cells in rats, although there’s no significant largescale evidence that it works in humans. Again, there’s no known cure for cancer.

Despite the lack of evidence, the Natural Health Response team describes the Warburg Method as “the life-saving cancer treatment you need to know about.” You can learn more about the treatment and how it works in The Secrets of Underground Medicine eBook.

What is Beat the System: How to Survive a Hospital Stay?

The second bonus eBook is called Beat the System: How to Survive a Hospital Stay. Like other Natural Health Response information, the book is catered to people interested in alternative medical treatment who distrust mainstream medicine.

The Natural Health Response team claims that the eBook is “packed to the gills with secrets the mainstream is praying you don’t hear.”

It’s no secret that hospitals are filled with disease. People visit hospitals because they’re sick. There are more sick people in hospitals than most other places, and some people get sick because they visited a hospital. It’s an inevitable part of medical treatment.

However, Beat the System takes this information to the extreme, scaring readers into never visiting a hospital again:

“The ugly truth is, hospitals in this country are crawling with disease… with hospital-acquired infections resulting in the deaths of more than 155,000 Americans every year! Not to mention… if you need an operation, there’s a scary chance they could perform the WRONG surgery on you. It happens more than 2,000 times every single year!”

Over the 323-page report, the eBook explains how hospitals deliberately prescribe drugs that cause confusion and memory loss. The book also describes how doctors and nurses accidentally administer incorrect dosages or fail to analyze the side effects.

Obviously, medical malpractice is a real thing, and many people get sick in hospitals. However, the issue may not be quite as bad as the eBook makes it seem.

Natural Health Response Pricing

To get the two bonus eBooks above, you need to subscribe to Natural Health Response today. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

1 Year Subscription (12 Issues): $37

You can also pay $74 for a one-year subscription, although anyone can select the senior discount without verifying their age or facing any penalty – so subscriptions are effectively priced at $37 per year for everyone.

After paying your annual subscription fee online, you receive the two eBooks above in your email inbox.

All Natural Health Response subscriptions are automatically renewed annually at $37. You can cancel your subscription at any time. However, if you don’t cancel within one year of your purchase, then your credit card is automatically charged another $37 per year until you cancel.

Natural Health Response Refund Policy

Natural Health Response has a 14 day refund policy.

You can request a complete refund within 14 days. You do not need to return any digital products (like eBooks) to qualify for a refund.

Who’s Behind Natural Health Response?

Natural Health Response is published online by a Baltimore-based company named Health Sense Media, LLC.

Health Sense Media publishes three health and wellness newsletters online, including Natural Health Response, Alliance for Advanced Health, and Living Well Daily.

The company also operates three health supplement brands, including Gold Leaf Nutraceuticals, Turapur, and Solaire Nutraceuticals.

You can contact Health Sense Media via the following:


Phone: 1-844-802-5375

Mailing Address: 16 W Madison St., Baltimore, MD, 21201 USA

Final Word

Natural Health Response is a health and wellness letter published every month. The newsletter explains alternative therapies for cancer, diabetes, weight loss, stress, and other conditions, then mentions specific therapies and supplements anyone can use.

As part of a 2020 marketing campaign, new Natural Health Response subscribers receive two free eBooks with all new subscriptions. One eBook discusses an alternative cancer treatment called the Warburg Method, while the other eBook aims to convince you of the dangers of hospitals.

To learn more about Natural Health Response or subscribe today, visit online at



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