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MyDiabetes Diet: Reviewing the My Diabetes Diet Guide

MyDiabetes (MyDiabetes.Diet) features a personal quiz app guiding users on an easy to follow diabetes management diet plan for type 2 diabetes or prediabetes via tracking foods list and workouts.


MyDiabetes is a mobile app that helps manage symptoms of diabetes.

You complete the quiz at, then download the mobile app for iPhone or Android. As of October 2020, MyDiabetes has 100,000 users across iPhone and Android.

How does the MyDiabetes app work? Should you use MyDiabetes to manage your diabetes symptoms? Find out everything you need to know about MyDiabetes today in our review.

What is MyDiabetes?

MyDiabetes is a subscription-based service that provides personalized diabetes management and weight loss tips. The app is marketed specifically to people struggling with diabetes and related issues, including high blood sugar, unwanted weight gain, high cholesterol, and other problems.

By following the advice in the MyDiabetes app, you can minimize diabetes symptoms, get diet advice, and track your recommended daily intake of carbs, sugar, and cholesterol.

MyDiabetes was created by a team of qualified nutritionists. These nutritionists have developed a series of diabetes management plans to help with health, lose weight, manage diabetes.

MyDiabetes doesn’t just claim to manage symptoms: it could “reverse the condition completely”, according to the MyDiabetes app description. Although MyDiabetes cannot market itself as a cure for diabetes, it does suggest it can completely reverse the condition, which seems no different from a cure.

In any case, let’s take a closer look at how the MyDiabetes app works.

How Does Work?

You can download the MyDiabetes app directly from the Google Play Store for Android or the iOS app store for iPhone.

Alternatively, you can work through the quiz at, the official website for the app.

That quiz asks for your type of diabetes (like type 2, type 1, or prediabetes), your gender, your allergies, your food preferences, your current weight, and your desired weight.

Based on your quiz answers, MyDiabetes recommends a specific plan, including your amount of water intake, your suggested calorie intake, and your current health metrics.

To track all of this data and receive customized diabetes management advice, MyDiabetes recommends downloading the MyDiabetes assistant app.

By downloading the app, you get access to customized weight loss advice, your health and fitness dashboard, nutrition tracking, diabetes symptom management, and all other MyDiabetes features.

How Does the MyDiabetes Assistant App Work?

After completing the quiz at, you download the MyDiabetes assistant app for iOS or Android.

The app comes with the following features:

Customized meal plan created based on your body’s needs, caloric intake, recommended sugar, recommended carbs, recommended cholesterol, and other metrics.

Customized weight loss advice based on your current weight and target weight, including the number of calories to consume each day to reach your desired weight in a specific length of time.

Recommended meal plan ingredients and a weekly shopping list based on your unique dietary preferences, allergies, and avoidances

Simple yet effective physical activity challenges

Personal workout plans based fully on your personal preferences, including the number of times you wish to exercise each week

Track glucose levels, diabetes medications you’ve taken, and carb intake, among other metrics, in one place

Stay up-to-date with recent app activities, daily meals, workout progress, and water intake

Overall, the goal of the MyDiabetes assistant app is to make it easy to track your daily health and diet metrics, helping you manage diabetes symptoms and lose weight.

Many diabetics struggle to track carbs and calories, water intake, medication, and other metrics throughout the day. With MyDiabetes, you can track all of this information in one convenient place.

MyDiabetes Subscription Plans

MyDiabetes is priced at $1.29 to $2.99 per week, depending on your subscription option. You must sign up for a minimum of 3 months. You cannot subscribe week-to-week.

Here’s how pricing breaks down:

3 Month Subscription: $39 ($2.99 per week)

6 Month Subscription: $156 ($1.99 per week)

12 Month Subscription: $312 ($1.29 per week)

You can pay online via credit card, Google Pay, or PayPal. The website claims all of these prices are a 50% to 80% discount off the norm al price, although we haven’t seen the company charge higher rates than listed above.

What’s Included with MyDiabetes?

Your MyDiabetes subscription includes all of the following:

Mobile App: You need a subscription to access full features of the MyDiabetes assistant mobile app.

Personalized Meal Plan: Your subscription includes a downloadable and printable meal plan that you can access on any device, including hundreds of recipes and grocery lists customized to your specific dietary preferences, target weight, and daily caloric intake.

Professional Analysis and Support from Nutritionists: Subscribers receive customized weight loss and diabetes analysis from professional nutritionists. You can contact the MyDiabetes nutritionists 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Carb, Sugar, and Cholesterol Tracking: You can use MyDiabetes to track your daily intake of carbs, sugar, and cholesterol, among other metrics, making it easy to manage diabetes symptoms.

Bonus eBooks: Your subscription comes with a bonus eBook called the Beginner’s Guide to Diabetes, which provides more information about managing diabetes symptoms, along with another bonus eBook called the Virus Protection Guide.

28-Day Personalized Nutrition Plan: MyDiabetes recommends a specific nutrition plan over a 4-week (28-day) period. By following the plan, you can purportedly manage diabetes symptoms, enjoy health benefits, and lose weight.

Real Health Results: By subscribing to MyDiabetes, you can purportedly enjoy all types of health results, including weight loss, reduced symptoms of diabetes, reduced complication risks of diabetes, reduced insulin resistance, lower blood sugar levels, better cholesterol readings, reduced levels of glycated hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c), and reduced risks of cardiovascular disease, among other benefits.

MyDiabetes Reviews: What Do Customers Have to Say?

MyDiabetes claims to have processed over 541,000 orders to date, which is surprising given there are few reviews for MyDiabetes online. In fact, we can only find a significant number of MyDiabetes reviews on a single website, Trustpilot, and we’re wary of the legitimacy of these reviews.

MyDiabetes has an average rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot. Most customers (85% of reviewers) have given the app a 5-star (Excellent) or 4-star (Great) rating. 13% of reviewers gave the app a 1-star rating.

Some of the pros and cons from Trustpilot include:


  • Provides basic diet, weight loss, and diabetes advice
  • Some users feel the MyDiabetes team generally cared about their health and helped them achieve real health benefits with customized advice
  • Recipes and weight loss results
  • Effective mobile app for tracking carbs, medications, and other metrics


  • The company appears to have lied about having 541,000 users and 100,000 positive reviews online
  • Many subscribers report billing issues, cancellation problems, and similar complaints
  • Many reviewers (including type 1 diabetics) needed real, customized medical advice based on their unique physiological issues and were unable to find this advice via the app
  • Multiple upsells when attempting to contact customer service
  • Bad meal plans and customized shopping lists

We’re suspicious of the validity of the positive reviews on Trustpilot. The positive reviews are all written in a similar way with similarly vague names and anonymous accounts. The negative reviews, meanwhile, are written in many different ways and use different diction, grammar, and spelling. In other words, we suspect the MyDiabetes TrustPilot page has hundreds of fake 5-star reviews to artificially increase its score, making MyDiabetes look better than it really is.

Aside from Trustpilot, there are few reviews for MyDiabetes available online. In fact, MyDiabetes appears on multiple scam websites, where reviewers complain about excessive charges and lost money. MyDiabetes is listed on ScamPulse, for example, where two users claim to have lost $66 through the app. Users were disappointed with the “customized” diet and requested a refund, but were unable to receive a refund.

Overall, most of the legitimate MyDiabetes reviews we can find online seem to suggest the program is a rip-off. The company takes your payment information, charges you an expensive subscription, then provides basic advice similar to free information you can find online.

MyDiabetes Refund Policy

MyDiabetes has a strict refund policy. The company only allows you to refund an order if the product “is proven to be not as described or faulty.”

You only have 14 days to request a refund.

To request a refund, contact the MyDiabetes team at

If you purchased supplements or other physical products through the MyDiabetes app, then you have a similarly strict refund policy. You can only receive a refund on Kilo Health products on products that are unopened and the company deducts a $22 “shipping fee” from all refunds. You can request a refund on physical products within 30 days.

Overall, good companies stand behind their products with effective refund policies. MyDiabetes has an unusually strict refund policy for a company that makes such big claims about its program.

About MyDiabetes

MyDiabetes is made by a Vilnius, Lithuania-based company that does business under several different names, including Diabetes Solutions, UAB; Max Nutrition, UAB; Kilo Health; or Kilo Grupe.

There’s limited information about the company’s medical team, nutritional certifications, or other qualifications.

It’s also unclear just how many users have subscribed to MyDiabetes. MyDiabetes claims to have processed over 541,000 orders as of October 2020, which suggests the company has generated a minimum of over $21.1 million through the app (using the minimum subscription prices listed above) – which is pretty good considering the app launched in 2020. Elsewhere, the company vaguely claims to have 100,000 positive reviews or 10,000 users.

You can contact MyDiabetes via the following:


Registered Address: Žalgirio St. 90-100, Vilnius, Lithuania

Office Address: Antakalnio St. 17, Vilnius, Lithuania

The company is registered under the corporate registration codes 305571148 (for Diabetes Solutions) or 305420438 (for Max Nutrition UAB).

Final Word

MyDiabetes, found online at, is a subscription-based health and wellness service that claims to help you manage diabetes symptoms and lose weight.

You subscribe to the app for $1 to $3 per week, then get customized meal plans, weight loss advice, shopping lists, and nutrition tracking, among other features.

That all sounds good, although MyDiabetes has poor reviews online. Customers complain about poor customization options, high pricing, and an overall lack of personalized health recommendations.

It’s also unclear if the company employs medical doctors, diabetes specialists, or certified nutritionists – or if the company just gets free medical information online. And, making things look worse for MyDiabetes, it has an unusually strict refund policy.

Overall, you can find plenty of diabetes and weight loss management apps available online for free. You should only take medical recommendations from a medical doctor and nutrition recommendations from a certified expert.



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