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My Doctor Suggests: Alkaline Structured Silver Products [2024 Review]


My Doctor Suggests is a health-focused website that offers books and other products that allow consumers to improve their body. The company offers a comprehensive money-back policy that allows users to purchase the products with full confidence.


What is My Doctor Suggests?

Maintaining the health of the body requires a commitment, but the effort required can take a lot of research as well. There are several one-stop-shops online, and each one offers something different. At My Doctor Suggests, consumers get access to tons of content, products, and even books to find their answers easily.

My Doctor Suggests primarily sources information from Dr. Gordon Pedersen, who has a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine, a Ph.D. from Utah State University Toxicology program, and a master’s degree in Cardiac Rehabilitation and Wellness. He’s even been involved with an internship with the researcher responsible for creating the polio vaccine.

Dr. Pedersen has already created 150 product formulas and has researched the use of silver for “countless hours,” as the website states. Alkaline Structured Silver from My Doctor suggests it is the newest silver health product with a type of technology never used before. With a structured water based and 30 ppm purified silver, this concoction is totally natural and offers a 7.4 pH level. All of the products that the company offers only fight the bad bacteria, offering impressive balance in the body otherwise.

Why Silver?

Silver has the ability to destroy unhealthy bacteria without causing any damage to healthy probiotic bacteria as well. The ultimate goal of My Doctor Suggests is to be a source that can show the way that silver can defend the body from the damaging bacteria that exists in the world, while answering some of the common questions that consumers may have about it.

The company answers several questions, starting with “Does Silver Really Work Against Bacteria?” The company refers to a structured silver study that examined the ability of silver to kill pathogens involving a common yeast and several types of bacterial. As a result, the 2011 study showed that the technology could stand up against both candida yeast and pathogenic bacteria. More specifically, the study concluded,

“Structured silver destroys all categories of bacterial and yeast pathogens within 5 minutes and does so at a level of 99.99% while the acidic silver aquasol only destroyed 92% in 5 minutes. This means there were 1,400,000 living MRSA bacteria left alive in the acidic silver aquasol after five minutes and none in the structured silver.”

Another study compared multiple silvers with different concentrations, examining its strength against MRSA. With five different silver solutions, the study found that two strengths were able to kill all of the bacteria within just two minutes.

Clearly, toxic bacteria doesn’t stand a chance against structured silver, and My Doctor Suggests has set out to make sure that consumers understand the effects that it can have in different formulas.

Products by My Doctor Suggests

Simply put, My Doctor Suggests includes a substantial number of products, which are mostly broken down into a few categories:

  • Silver Gels
  • Silver Liquids
  • Silver Lozenges
  • Silver Soaps
  • Probiotics

Each of these variations takes on a different way of eliminating bacteria, but without damaging even one cell of the healthy and necessary bacteria. To get the best value, consumers may want to snag one of the bundles available from My Doctor Suggests.

Family Bundle

The Family Bundle provides users with five of the Silver Liquids and three gels, along with a book – The Silver Miracle, written by Dr. Pedersen. This book shows both the history of silver and the science that backs it up, aiming to be a way for customers to decide if this treatment is the best one for their options.

This package is available for $248.65.

Pet Bundle

The Pet Bundle is a little different. Consumers are provided with just one of the Silver Liquids, as well as two gels and three applicators. Just like the Family Bundle, the customer will get a copy of The Silver Miracle. However, they will also get a second book – Silver and Animals.

Silver and Animals explains how structured silver can help animals in the same way that it helps humans, treating everything from poor gut health to skin problems. The book can be directly downloaded from the website, as well as other books.

This package is available for $99.90.

Probiotic Bundles

There are multiple Probiotic Bundles available to consumers, depending on the types of products that consumers want. Choose from:

  • Advanced Bundle ($254.60)
    • Six silver liquids and four probiotic supplements
  • Intermediate Bundle ($169.90)
    • Three silver liquids and two probiotic supplements
  • Starter Bundle ($69.90)
    • One silver liquid and one probiotic supplements

All of the Probiotic bundles include a copy of The Silver Miracle.

Skin Bundles

Just like the Probiotic bundles, the Skin bundles have a few levels. The biggest bundle is (again) the Advanced option, which is priced at $234.65 and offers five liquids, four gels, and four soaps. Consumers can also choose the intermediate bundle with two liquids, two gels, and two soaps for $147.70.

Like the other bundles, each of the Skin Bundles are available with a copy of The Silver Miracle.

Contacting My Doctor Suggests

With all of the products and content available on the My Doctor Suggests website, consumers may find themselves with additional questions. The customer service team can be reached by phone call or email:

  • Phone number: 1-866-660-9868, available on weekdays from 9:00am to 5:00pm PST.
  • Email address:

My Doctor Suggests Summary

My Doctor Suggests aims to spread the word about what structured silver can do for the bodies of adults and animals. The products are easy to integrate, though the varied options are helpful to consumers that aren’t sure how they want to introduce the products into the body. With the guidance of the available books and the comprehensive bundles, finding the right product is easy.

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