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Million Dollar Tan – Sunless Tanning Products Based On Skin Tone?


You may not think that someone from the beautiful State of California would be the lead on a self-tanning company that would help shape, change and tan thousands of lives. But, this is where Million Dollar Tan was born.

Lindsay Dickhout who is the CEO of Million Dollar Tan opened the company right out of college. Although she agrees that California is known for its well-tanned skin (among other things of course!) having it at the expense of the damaging effects of the sun isn’t worth it.

Some might define her as the self-tanner connoisseur. She bought all kinds of self-tan lotions over the years – sprays, creams, etc. And, she determined the same thing with all of them. They either left you an orange tint in color, they were messy or they simply didn’t last.

She wanted to change the way people saw self-tanners, so she created a tall list of that she needed the product to have. Above all else, it needed to look natural. And, other items included:

  • Water based
  • Non-Sticky
  • Wouldn’t clog pores
  • Dried quickly
  • Last at least one week

Once her needs were founded, she went onto create the tanning solution known today as Million Dollar Tan. Collaboratively, Lindsay worked with an equipment company to help manufacturer and design the way the solution would be distributed. Spray tanning was the decision. And, back in the early 2000’s this was still a very new concept. Not everyone was sold on the idea of standing half naked in front of someone they just met to have them spray tanning solution on them.

But, as her website indicates she saw these obstacles instead as challenges – and went to work. She was convinced she has the best product out there and intended to prove it. By early 2004 she had her products in more than one hundred (100) salons and was setting out to open her own. After receiving a cash offer in 2008 for her well-built salon and spa, Lindsay shifted her focus back to expanding the availability of her product.

And That She Did…

Million Dollar Tan has been featured by various beauty bloggers, has launched a number of different lotions and continues to offer the spray tan in several countries now too. Lindsay spends time on the education side of the business too – speaking at events, hosting webinars, running workshops etc.

Lastly, before we venture into products – there is an important movement Lindsay created with Million Dollar Tan. That is the Happiness Project. Since Million Dollar Tan was seeing some exceptional financial numbers, she wanted to give back. So, she founded a non-profit that supports children in California by providing funding for items of basic life and school essentials. To date, she has helped more than 4,000 children.

Big business maybe, but more along the lines of big heart.

Million Dollar Tan Product Line

There are nine (9) different categories in the Million Dollar Tan product line:

  • Lotions
  • Sprays
  • Protectors
  • Boosters
  • Gift sets
  • Accessories
  • Regimens
  • Mousses
  • Combo packs

There is a suggested menu on the website that helps customers shop by tan intensity. This can be started with that of a gradual tan or those looking to look ultra-bronzed.

Cabana Tan Extreme Body

This self-tanner is delivered by way of lotion and retails for $26.00. It has a five-star rating with several before and after images you can browse through.

Cabana Tan Extreme Face

This self-tanner is similar in intensity to the previous product, however, is designed specifically for your face. It retails for $36.00.

Cabana Tan Extreme – Face and Body Combo

This combo pack comes equipped with both the body and face lotions ideal for the extreme tan. It is on sale now for $66.00 and boasts a five (5) star rating from customers.

Mermaid Mousse Body

This product is on the side of gradual tan adventurers. It is delivered as a mousse and is described as easy to apply to your body. The difference between the lotions and the mousse falls back on customer preference. This product retails for $26.00.

The Mermaid Mousse product also comes specific to the face area and retails for $34.00.

Mermaid Mousse Face and Body Gradual Sunless Tanning Mousse

This combination back comes with both the Mermaid Mousse Body and Face products. It is on sale now for only $64.00. This line is ideal for those who are looking to start a gradual tan, and in some cases for those who are just entering the world of self-tanners.

A complete list of their products can be found on the Million Dollar Tan website.

Overall, you can achieve that beautiful glow of tanned skin – without damaging it along the way. Consider using Million Dollar Tan to attain that same look – risk free!

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