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MDRN Athlete PREWRKT & INTRA: Pure & Potent Energy Boosters?


MDRN ATHLETE is a company that develops supplements for consumers that maintain an athletic lifestyle. Their newest products will be released in February 2018.


Anyone that works out or that plays sports needs to make sure that the food that they put into their body can sufficiently be used as fuel. While there are plenty of ways to incorporate the right foods into a diet, some people find it easier to add a concentrated supplement that can give them the support quickly and with a potent blend. While there are plenty of brands and supplements out there, consumers may be interested to see what MDRN ATHLETE offers.

The advertisements for the MDRN ATHLETE website indicate that athletes are the creators of each of the regimens, helping to support the needs of the body. However, they focus on the importance of fitness and faith in their brand as well. They aim to offer elite supplements to consumers, whether they participate in activities for person benefit or to receive awards for their skills.

The entire brand was created by two pharmacists, who are also professional athletes. The website states that there are over two decades of experience between the two, which may bring some confidence to consumers looking to make a purchase through them.

The selection at the MDRN ATHLETE website is slim, since they do not actually have products on the market yet. However, read on below to learn about the upcoming projects that they are working on.

About The Potent Energy Booster Supplements

MDRN ATHLETE presently has two products in the works – PreWRKT and INTRA. According to the claims on the website, every supplement that is made by this company is created with the clinical doses of each ingredient in mind, and they will not leave the consumer wondering how much of each ingredient is inside with proprietary blends. They fully research the latest data available to form the product.

The major issue is that there is nothing to actually indicate what will be on these two upcoming formulas. While it is easy to assume that PreWRKT will be a formula for consumers to take before they begin their regimen, there is no indication of what INTRA may be. Consumers are informed that there will be new remedies in February 2018, but the ingredients and even the usage of these products is absent from the website. There is no option to make a purchase at this time either.

Contacting the Customer Service Team with MDRN ATHLETE

The major issue with the MDRN ATHLETE website is that there is just no information about the supplements that they have coming up. There are many missing details that consumers will need to learn about to get a good idea of the remedies. The team does not offer a phone number, but anyone can fill out the online form, or send an email to info@mdrnathlete.com.

MDRN Athlete PREWRKT & INTRA Summary

MDRN ATHLETE is incredibly new in the fitness industry, which is probably why almost nothing is listed on the website about the actual products or about the brand. The only thing that consumers will really find out is that there are two supplements coming soon, but interested parties will need to wait another month to see what the company brings.

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