Gadgets Cleaning Devices LastTissue: Reviewing Last Tissue Reusable Washable Tissue Pack

LastTissue: Reviewing Last Tissue Reusable Washable Tissue Pack

LastTissue is the world's first reusable washable tissue pack that aims to put an end to single-use tissues with its ultra-soft organic cotton, on-the-go convenience, nose comforting handkerchief.


LastTissue is the world’s first washable tissue pack. Each LastTissue case contains six soft, washable tissues.

LastTissue is designed to be more environmentally friendly. Thousands of trees are cut every day for single-use tissue paper. LastTissue aims to be a smarter, greener alternative.

What is LastTissue? How does LastTissue work? Find out everything you need to know about LastTissue today in our review.


What is LastTissue?

LastTissue is a package of washable tissues. Instead of using single-use tissue paper, you can use washable, reusable tissues that come in a fun carrying case.

You can buy LastTissue online through and other retailers. Each case contains six reusable tissues. The tissues are ultra-soft and washable, giving you the convenience of a tissue pack with the eco-friendliness of reusable paper.

Over $1.5 million worth of LastTissues have been sold to date. As the official website explains, LastTissue is a convenient and smart way to go green:

“Just one pack can last over a decade saving millions of trees in the process.”

According to LastTissue, over 27,000 trees are cut every day for single-use tissues. LastTissue aims to encourage a smarter, greener feature by introducing reusable tissues. The company describes the product as a modern take on the handkerchief.

How Does LastTissue Work?

LastTissue works in a straightforward way. Your reusable tissues come in a carrying case. You pack the top of the carrying case with tissues, then slide each tissue from the bottom when you need to use it.

Once you’re done with a used tissue, store it inside the resealable pouch at the top of the case. The pouch has a hygienic barrier separating used tissues from clean ones.

When you need to wash your tissues, just place them in an ordinary clothes washer. Both the tissues and the silicone carry case can be washed and repacked, which means you always have clean tissues. And, because clean tissues do not touch dirty ones, there’s no risk of cross-contamination. Your hands, pockets, and clean tissues remain germ-free.

LastTissue claims to be “the softest tissues ever”, with each case coming with six high-quality organic cotton tissues. The tissues are soft on the nose – and they get softer the more times you use them.

Each tissue can be washed up to 460 times. Many customers wash them with towels. The silicone carrying case can be washed inside a dishwasher.

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LastTissue Pricing

LastTissue is avialable online for $25 per package, although you can get a steep discount by ordering multiple units at once. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

  • 1 Pack: $24.99 + $4.99 Shipping
  • 3 Packs: $49.98 + $4.99 Shipping
  • 5 Packs: $74.97 + Free Shipping
  • 8 Packs: $99.96 + Free Shipping

Each pack contains 6 organic cotton tissues.

You can choose six color options on checkout, including black, blue, turquoise, red, or green. You can also choose a variety pack with multiple colors. You cannot mix and match colors on your order.

Check Out the LastTissue Reusable Washable Tissue Pack Today

LastTissue Refund Policy

LastTissue comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. You can request a complete refund within 30 days with no questions asked.

As far as we can tell, this refund policy applies to all purchases, including opened products. As long as you return LastTissue within 30 days, you can receive a refund.

Who’s Behind LastTissue?

LastTissue is made by a company called LastObject, which describes their product as “the modern take on the handkerchief”.

LastTissue first appeared on Kickstarter in January 2020. The product has gathered media attention throughout the year. As of summer 2020, LastObject is filling its crowdfunding orders. The company plans to officially sell LastTissue through later this year. LastObject is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. appears to be a third party website operated by an ecommerce company called GiddyUp LLC. That company has partnered with LastObject, the official creators of LastTissue. Your LastTissue order comes direct from LastObject, although GiddyUp appears to receive a cut of the purchase.

You can contact GiddyUp via the following:

Final Word

LastTissue is the modern take on the handkerchief. 27,000 trees are cut every day for single-use tissues. With LastTissue, you get a package of six soft, reusable, cotton tissues. The tissues are softer than ordinary single-use tissues. You place used tissues in a special carrying case separate from clean tissues. Then, you can wash both the case and the tissues in any ordinary dishwasher or clothes washer.

To learn more about LastTissue and how it works, visit online today at

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