Nutrition Diet Programs Kristina Wilds The Truth About Fats: Healthy Weight Loss System?

Kristina Wilds The Truth About Fats: Healthy Weight Loss System?


The Truth About Fats is a weight-loss plan, created and marketed by Kristina Wilds, that focuses on eating a diet high in “good fats” and minimizing carbohydrate intake.

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What Is Kristina Wilds The Truth About Fats?

The Truth About Fats is a $47 eBook in PDF form that contains educational materials on the author’s diet plan. Unlike many others, this plan does not focus reducing the amount of fat in your diet but instead increasing your intake of certain types of “good” fats that will, paradoxically, help you lose weight.

The Truth About Fats is not Kristina Wilds’ first health loss or diet book. Others include “The Shepherd’s Diet”, a Biblically-inspired weight loss plan that encouraged users to follow a meal plan that supposedly mimicked how the historical Jesus would have eaten. The contents of this book, interestingly enough, seem to be highly similar in places to the contents of The Truth About Fats in terms of what you can eat and what you can’t.

If $47 for a single PDF file seems a bit high, rest assured that The Truth About Fats comes with several pieces of “bonus” PDF content as well. These pieces of additional content, entitled The Happy Gut Grocery Field Guide, Cellular Rejuvenation Secrets Manual, The Anti-Anxiety & Stress Elimination Guide, The Celebrity Anti-Aging and Weight Loss Secret, and Healthy Brain Manual, are all included in the $47 purchase price.

All products are delivered digitally. Additionally, this product is being sold through ClickBank, a payment processor that provides a no-questions-asked 60-day refund on all initial purchases.

How The Truth About Fats Healthy Weight Loss System Works

The core conceit behind The Truth About Fats is deceptively simple: increase the amount of beneficial fats in your diet while simultaneously reducing the amount of carbohydrates. The lack of carbohydrates in your diet then causes your body to metabolize stored fat for energy, which leads to weight loss.

While The Truth About Fats may present itself as a new and breakthrough method, the truth is that such weight loss methods are already well known. In fact, The Truth About Fats is little more than a generic ketogenic diet that has been re-branded and re-packaged.

Keto diets were first designed as a medical treatment for children suffering from epilepsy. This was accomplished by increasing the number of ketones in the bloodstream caused by the liver breaking down fats for energy due to the lack of carbohydrates available to break down into glucose. This diet has, therefore, been around since the 1920s as a specific pediatric epileptic treatment, but faced renewed interest in the late 1990s as a weight loss diet as well. Since then, there have been many different variations on the keto diet (the Atkins Diet is one such well-known diet plan based on ketogenic weight loss).

The Truth About Fats Materials

As mentioned above, The Truth About Fats is a PDF eBook, which comes with 5 additional PDF bonus books that provide supplementary dieting and wellness materials. Additional content includes access to step-by-step videos created for the product, several pre-planned meal ideas, access for lifetime updates to the product, and a “private member’s area” where users can download free videos and guides.

Is The Truth About Fats Right For You

Does the ketogenic diet detailed in The Truth About Fats actually work? Yes, it does. Is buying The Truth About Fats the best way to gain info on keto diets? Not necessarily.

The bare truth is that if you’re interested in a keto diet, there is a plethora of information that’s freely available for you right on the internet. Additionally, this same information can often be accessed freely from a doctor or a dietitian, which means that you could easily get what you need for the price of a consultation. If your health insurance is good enough, this might be close to free.

The idea that the author might have taken existing information from otherwise-free sources and put it together in one place isn’t that out of hand. In reviews of her first diet book, The Shepherd’s Diet, many reviewers essentially accused Wilds of doing just that, making it not so out of character if she decided to do so once again. This is, of course, a bit on the disingenuous side, but in essence anyone who decided to purchase The Truth About Fats is paying for Wilds’ time and energy invested in researching, collecting, and presenting this information in a compact format.

Is this worth $47? That’s up to you to decide. Even with the five “bonus” PDFs included, it’s still a lot of money for what is essentially just a PDF filled with information you could technically get from Wikipedia if you had enough time and patience. Still, if you have any hesitation about buying it, keep in mind that you have 60 days to return it for a full refund if you have any buyer’s remorse.

The Truth About Fats Benefits And Side Effects

The benefits of a ketogenic diet such as the one described in The Truth About Fats is that it is moderately good for weight loss in the short to medium term.Yes, this diet more or less works, but it may not be a sustainable one for more than six months to a year.

Truth be told, there are several different side effects that you may develop if you adopt a keto diet similar to the one described in The Truth About Fats. These side effects, however, are often a result of your body acclimating to burning ketones instead of glucose for energy. These pass after a few days or weeks, and they include:

  • Hypoglycemia or low blood sugar
  • The “Keto Flu” – symptoms that mimic a flu or bad cold
  • Sugar cravings
  • Sleep problems
  • Excess urination
  • Heart palpitations
  • Constipation and/or diarrhea
  • Bad breath – so-called “keto breath”

It’s important to note that this diet does have an effect on blood pressure and blood sugar levels. If you’re being treated for hypertension (high blood pressure) or diabetes, be sure to consult your doctor before committing to a keto diet.

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