KoreHealth: Reviewing KorePulse, KoreSphere, KoreScale and KoreTense

KoreHealth fitness workout and exercise products offer a KorePulse Vibrating Massage Ball, KoreSphere Thermal Massage Ball Roller, KoreScale Smart Weight Scale and KoreTense Resistance Bands.

Full Disclosure

KoreHealth is a health and fitness company offering smart scales, vibrating massage balls, home gym workout resistance bands and exercise straps.

The goal of KoreHealth is to give people the tools to unlock their body’s full potential after going through home workouts or fitness exercises at the gym.

KoreHealth was founded by Jordan Roland, who suddenly experienced full body pain at age 35 after years of weightlifting. He unsuccessfully tried chiropractic treatment, massage therapy, and cryotherapy. Eventually, he experimented with new recovery tools and systems. His body began to heal. He launched KoreHealth to share these systems with the world.

Today, KoreHealth offers four products; including the KorePulse Vibrating Massage Ball, the KoreSphere Thermal Massage Ball Roller, the KoreScale Smart Weight Scale, and the KoreTense Resistance Bands.

Let's review KoreHealth to find out what the fitness products offer and how each of the exercise enhancing tools work to improve overall body wellness and energy.

What is the KorePulse Vibrating Massage Ball?

korehealth korepulse massage ball

The KorePulse Vibrating Massage Ball is a $60 massage ball that helps your body recover faster so you can perform better. It claims to soothe strained muscles using localized vibration therapy.

It’s a portable device you can use at home, at the gym, or at work. The massage ball relieves stress and tension. People use it just like a foam roller, rolling parts of the body over the device to relax the area. However, the KorePulse is much smaller and more portable than a foam roller (and it vibrates).

There are four levels of vibration massage. Pressure and focused vibration pulses activate trigger points in your deep tissues, releasing pent-up tension and restoring circulation.

KoreHealth claims that the device can improve your posture, boost muscle strength, expand your range of motion, and more.

When it comes to physical activity, the body can go through a lot as muscles work, stretch, and become stronger. Whether the most physical of jobs or an intense workout session, the body needs some way of getting relief so that it can be placed on the road to recovery. KorePulse may be a helpful option.

With KorePulse, consumers may be able to expect:

  • Improve the speed of recovery
  • Reduce stress
  • Promote better performance
  • Eliminate body fatigue
  • Increase range of motion and flexibility

KoreHealth recommends using the KorePulse Vibrating Massage Ball on your neck, back, feet, legs, or arms. Click the power button to turn it on, select the vibration mode you like, then rub the KorePulse over the affected area. Or, place it on a hard surface and roll your body against it. The KorePulse lasts 50 minutes on a single charge (it’s rechargeable).

The only way that consumers will be able to purchase a package with KorePulse is through the official website, which has several quantities available. All purchases are covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing them to get a refund in the first month of use if it doesn’t work to their advantage.

Price: $59.99

Get the KoreHealth KorePulse Here

What is the KoreSphere Thermal Massage Ball Roller?

korehealth koresphere massage ball

The KoreSphere Thermal Massage Ball Roller is a spherical device that soothes aching joints and muscles with dual temperature relief. The device provides a hot massage to alleviate stiffness and reduce lactic acid buildup, then delivers a cold massage to reduce swelling and numb pain.

Like the KorePulse, the KoreSphere is small and portable, designed for use at home, in the gym, at work, or anywhere. You get the benefits of hot and cold therapy combined into a convenient massage tool.

Place the KoreSphere into a bowl of hot water to create a heated massage that drives heat deep into your soft tissues. KoreHealth recommends using the device on stiff joints, pulled and strained muscles, muscle pain, muscle spasms, arthritis, joint pain, and fibromyalgia.

Then, you place the KoreSphere in the freezer for two hours, and it transforms into a cold massage roller delivering 6+ hours of cryotherapy. KoreHealth recommends cryotherapy for inflammation, tendonitis, post-workout soreness, sciatica, sprains and fractures, and plantar fasciitis (foot sole and heel pain).

Overall, the KoreSphere promises to provide head to toe muscle relief. It’s made from stainless steel, plastic, and thermal gel.

Price: $30.99

Get the KoreHealth KoreSphere Here

What is the KoreScale Smart Weight Scale?

korehealth korescale smart weight scale

The KoreScale Smart Weight Scale is a $130 smart scale that pairs with the Feelfit-Health app for iOS or Android.

The scale is based on the idea that you can’t measure health with a single number. Yes, weight is important – but it doesn’t tell the full story. The KoreScale uses bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA) technology to scan and break down multiple aspects of your fitness.

The KoreScale tracks 11 health metrics to show your progress, including weight, BMI, body fat, BMR, visceral fat, body water, skeletal muscle, muscle mass, bone mass, protein, and metabolic age.

To measure these things, KoreScale uses “high-precision biometric sensors”. The device will check your weight, but it will also analyze your bare feet to check the other factors.

Each time you step on the KoreScale smart scale, your weigh-in is stored and graphed in the smartphone app. You can use the Feelfit-Health app, although the smart scale also pairs with Fitbit, Google Fit, and Apple Health.

The KoreScale is made from tempered glass and plastic. It runs using 4 x AAA batteries.

Price: $129.99

Get the KoreHealth KoreSphere Here

What are the KoreTense Resistance Bands?

korehealth koretense

In April 2020, KoreHealth launched a new product called KoreTense. KoreTense is a set of resistance bands that claims to be a smarter way to build strength and lose weight with no gym required.

KoreHealth describes KoreTense as a “total body gym in a bag”. By following their recommendations, you can work out your entire body.

Why Use KoreTense Home Gym Workout Straps and Exercise Bands?

KoreTense is a set of resistance bands designed for use at home. KoreHealth claims the resistance bands do the work of 10 machines, offering more than 50 workouts in total.

The resistance bands come with foam handles and ankle straps, making it easy to target different parts of your body. Your purchase includes five levels of resistance and five colors, including a yellow band (10 pounds), red band (15 pounds), green band (20 pounds), blue band (25 pounds), and black band (30 pounds).

You can choose the band that works for your needs. Or, you can combine all five bands to give you 100 pounds of resistance.

Your purchase includes the five resistance bands, two foam handles, two ankle straps, one door anchor, and one travel carry bag.

How Does KoreTense Work?

koretense resistance bands

KoreTense works like any resistance band. You attach the resistance bands to a sturdy part of your home – like a door. Then, you follow a resistance band workout.

You can use KoreTense to complete 50+ workouts, doing the work of 10 machines. You can target your upper body or lower body. You can customize your workout however you want, choosing a heavy resistance or lighter resistance based on your strength training goals.

You can do all KoreTense workouts in a small space. As long as you can attach the resistance bands to a door (or use yourself as an anchor), you can work out with KoreTense in a small space.

KoreHealth does not mention any specific KoreTense workouts at its sales page. However, there are plenty of free online resources you can use to find good resistance band workouts – including YouTube.

KoreTense Features & Benefits

koretense workout exercise straps

KoreHealth advertises all of the following features and benefits with KoreTense:

Exercise Anywhere: KoreTense is an entire portable gym that can be setup in seconds and used anywhere. Your purchase comes with a carrying case, making it easy to take your portable gym on the road with you wherever you go.

Build Strength: The resistance bands can be as light or heavy as you like. There are five different levels of resistance, and you can stack all of the bands together to provide over 100 pounds of resistance.

Low or High Resistance: Whether you’re looking for low-impact workouts or high-intensity workouts, you can customize your KoreTense workout based on your unique goals.

50+ Exercises: KoreTense can be used with 50+ exercises that tone and shape your entire body.

Wrist and Ankle Straps: You can strap the KoreTense resistance bands to your wrists or ankles. Or, you can use the included hand grips for ordinary workouts.

Five Levels of Resistance: The five KoreTense bands offer 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 pounds of resistance, and you can stack multiple bands together for maximum resistance.

KoreTense Pricing

KoreHealth sells KoreTense in packages of one, two, or three:

  • 1 KoreTense Package: $69.99 + Free Shipping
  • 2 KoreTense Packages: $119.99 + Free Shipping
  • 3 KoreTense Packages: $159.99 + Free Shipping

KoreHealth offers the same 30 day refund policy for KoreTense as it does on other company products: you cannot request a refund on any used or opened KoreTense products. You can only request a refund on original, unopened products. If you qualify for a refund, then KoreHealth will deduct a shipping fee from your order.

Get the KoreHealth KoreTense Here

KoreHealth Reviews: What Do Customers Have to Say?

KoreHealth launched in March 2020, so there are few reviews online about the company’s three core products.

The KoreHealth website lists about a dozen reviews for each product, with all reviewers giving the products 4 or 5 stars out of 5.

These reviewers have good things to say about the KoreHealth products, claiming they’re cheaper than traditional therapy (like cryotherapy or massage therapy) and that they help soothe everything from work-related pain (from sitting at a desk for long hours) to athletic pain from the gym.

The KoreHealth website also lists an endorsement from undefeated MMA fighter Jason Manly, who claims “KoreHealth tools have improved my training”. korehealth reviews

Aside from the reviews at the official website, we can find no other reviews for KoreHealth products.

The company was founded with the belief that consumers should be able to do what they want and need to do without pain. The device that they’ve created makes it possible for users to get the relief that they need wherever they are, even if they are just on a lunch break from work.

KoreHealth Refund Policy

KoreHealth has a limited 30-day refund policy that takes effect from the time you receive your purchase.

Your product must be in new (unmodified and unaltered) condition, in its original packaging, packed in an appropriate shipping container, and returned to KoreHealth’s address.

To initiate the refund process, contact KoreHealth customer service.

About KoreHealth

KoreHealth is a leading health and fitness company focused on bringing the best quality products to any exercise enthusiast or wellness workout regime. The founders of KoreHealth saw a great void in the space of practical, affordable health and wellness fitness products and are on a mission to bring the best to the market.

You can contact KoreHealth via the following:

  • Phone: 1 844-846-7426
  • Email: support@korehealth.com
  • Email Form: https://www.korehealth.com/contact.html
  • Mailing Address: Suite 2201, 22/F, Chinachem Century Tower, 178 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

According to documents on the official website, KoreHealth is operated by a Hong Kong-based company called Strong Current Enterprises, Limited.

Frequently Asked Questions About KorePulse

Let’s talk about some of the common questions that consumers have had about the KorePulse device.

Q: How is tension in the muscles relieved?

A: KorePulse uses Localized Vibration Therapy, deep tissue massage, and other relaxing sensations. Ultimately, the primary goal of this device is to use focused vibrations in different areas of the body to stimulate relaxation in exhausted muscles.

Q: How does the use of KorePulse help in the long run?

A: By treating the muscles before and after a workout, consumers can easily relieve and prevent cramps and spasms. The massaging sensations also reduce inflammation, which means less time in recovery and better blood flow.

Q: How many vibration modes are available?

A: Users can choose from four different vibration modes, including a warm up for a pre-workout to a post-workout recovery mode. The low setting offers gentle vibrations, which are helpful in warming up the muscles. High intensity, however, is ideal for dense muscles, like the ones on the user’s chest and back.

Q: Is KorePulse portable?

A: Yes. The device can operate wirelessly and can easily be taken from the gym to the office, during travel, or just used at home. The device is about the same size as a baseball and doesn’t even weigh one pound.

Q: What is the power source of KorePulse?

A: The device contains an internal battery that can be recharged between uses.

Q: What is KoreTense?

A: KoreTense is a set of five resistance bands with different levels of resistance. They let you work out at home, customizing your workout for different strengths and intensities.

Q: What types of workouts can I do with KoreTense?

A: KoreTense supports any resistance band workouts. KoreHealth claims you can use them for 50+ resistance band workouts, including workouts that target all parts of the body. You use KoreTense like any set of resistance bands. You attach the bands to a door or other fixed point (if necessary), then use the included ankle strap or foam handle to complete your workout.

Q: How much is KoreTense?

A: KoreTense is priced at $70 and the at-home gym in a bag workout exercise resistance bands are available exclusively through BuyKoreTense.com. The product is not listed on any other retailer.

Q: What’s the KoreTense refund policy?

A: KoreTense has no refund policy on used or opened items. However, you can receive a full refund (minus shipping) on any unused, unopened KoreTense products within 30 days.

Any other question or concern can be handled by the company’s customer service department.

Final Word

KoreHealth is a health and wellness company offering three products, including a smart scale, a vibrating massage ball, and a hot/cold therapy massage ball.

Launched in March 2020, KoreHealth sells its products online through KoreHealth.com. KorePulse is KoreHealth's most popular product as it is a device that provides users with a massage that can release the pain and tension in the muscles anywhere and at any time. The device can be found on the official website only, though consumers have their choice of a few different package options, depending on how many of each that the user wants to buy at once.

KorePulse is meant for anyone that wants the relief that their muscles need after strenuous activity. This device can be used on any muscle in the body and costs little. With customizable intensities, consumers can focus on the pressure and vibrations needed for their particular muscles in pain, rather than using a one-size-fits-all method of relief. Same goes for the KoreScale and KoreSphere.

All in all, KoreHealth is an emerging force in the world of whole body health and fitness. With all of the necessary tools to unlock your body's potential, KoreHealth is out to change the way consumers think about fitness by delivering game-changing workout techniques, recovery routines, nutritional guidance and inspirational tips to encourage a healthier you.

Between the KorePulse vibrtaing massage ball, KoreSphere thermal massage ball roller, KoreScale smart weight scale, KoreSurge vibrating roam roller and KoreForce percussion massager, KoreHealth has a lot to offer at competitive prices that many are taking full advantage of in 2020.

Get the KoreHealth Fitness Products Now

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