Gadgets KeySmart Nano Stylus: Reviewing the NanoStylus from KeySmart Research

KeySmart Nano Stylus: Reviewing the NanoStylus from KeySmart Research

Nano Stylus from KeySmart is a handy tool made with aircraft-grade aluminum that is a small stainless steel hardware tool for users opting not to use fingers on touchscreens, phones and devices.


While a number of shady supplement companies claim that their products can help to fight or combat the COVID-19 virus, the CDC maintains that the only surefire ways to minimize your risk of contracting the illness are to wash your hands frequently, avoid touching your face, and practice consistent social distancing.

It is almost impossible to avoid leaving the house at all. For most people, getting groceries is both necessary and risky as the lock down continues all over the country. But consumers can also minimize their chances of getting the virus by avoiding touching certain surfaces, especially in areas where risk is high.

The Nano Stylus is an aircraft-grade aluminum stainless steel hardware tool that lets you interact with surfaces or touchscreens with no skin contact required. Much like it's Cleankey counterpart, the KeySmart Nano Stylus helps users to never touch a screen or surface again. And while UV light sanitizers are rising in demand to rid these same smartphones, gaming devices and various personal gadgets from germs, bacteria and viruses; consumers can also use a small handy tool to save their fingers from ever coming in contact with these items, while having complete precision, even with the use of gloves.

It’s made by KeySmart, best-known for selling a “smart keyring” tool. KeySmart recently released a similar product called CleanKey, which lets you hook onto doors and tap screens using antimicrobial copper.

KeySmart claims their Nano Stylus allows you to “never touch a surface again.” You can avoid touching grocery store checkout screens, for example, or use your phone without needing to touch the surface directly. This is especially important because grocery store surfaces and phones are some of the surfaces most likely to accumulate germs.

What is the Nano Stylus?

The Nano Stylus is a small keychain tool that lets you interact with touchscreens and similar surfaces. You can checkout at the grocery store with no skin contact required, using your Nano Stylus to interact with the touchscreen instead. Sounds simple, right?

The Nano Stylus clips onto any ordinary keychain using its small keyring. Of course, you can also attach it to KeySmart’s smart keychain. Alternatively, the object could be carried on its own, although this is risky because the device is so small and could be easily lost.

You hold it in your hand to interact with any touchscreen, like the touchscreen at grocery stores, on public transit, or on your tablet or smartphone.

The Nano Stylus is priced at $8 USD and is scheduled to start shipping on May 1. Users can currently pre-order the device while the company prepares to ship their gadgets globally.

How Does the Nano Stylus Work?

The Nano Stylus has a straightforward design; a metal clip attaches the device directly to your keychain or key ring. The end of the tool has a nub that replicates a finger, allowing you interact with touchscreens just like you normally would without touching them directly.

The entire tool is approximately the size of an average key, making it easy to move around and use. The Nano Stylus is made from aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel hardware. There’s also a laser-engraved “Nano Stylus” logo that gives the device a unique design.

The creators of this product claim that it can help you to:

  • Avoid unnecessary germ exposure
  • Safely use public touchscreens
  • Avoid touching store checkout displays
  • Use your phone with gloves on

The Nano Stylus is accurate enough to play mobile games or draw on your phone. In fact, you may find it even more accurate than your finger!

Nano Stylus works on any touchscreen, including any ordinary smartphone or tablet.

You can attach the Nano Stylus to any ordinary keychain, and it’s about the size of an average key.

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Nano Stylus

Although the device is pretty straightforward in its use and applications, users might still have questions. This section will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Nano Stylus, as well as the company behind it.

Q: How do you use The Nano Stylus?

A: The stylus is relatively easy to use. Just grip the device between your fingers and use it to interact with objects, surfaces, or screens. It's used like any other stylus.

Q: What can The Nano Stylus do?

A: This stylus can be used to replace the finger when users interact with objects, particularly phone screens and touch-pads at the store. These surfaces are especially likely to have germs or bacteria on them, so users looking to minimize their risk of exposure to the current virus might want to consider using a product like The Nano Stylus.

Q: Who created The Nano Stylus?

A: Nano Stylus was created by KeySmart. This company is based in Chicago, and they are most well-known for their smart keychain, which can be used to hold the Nano Stylus device.

Nano Stylus Pricing

The Nano Stylus is priced at $8 USD, although you can buy multiple units to gain additional discounts. As of now, purchasing options include:

  • 1 Nano Stylus Tool: $8 USD
  • 4 Nano Stylus Tools: $24 USD
  • 7 Nano Stylus Tools: $39.95

As of April 18, KeySmart expects to ship the Nano Stylus tool on May 1.

You can exclusively buy the Nano Stylus through the official product website.

About KeySmart

The Nano Stylus is made by a company called KeySmart, an organization based in Chicago and founded in 2016. The company is best-known for its flagship product, KeySmart, a smart keychain tool that helps you organize your keys. The Nano Stylus can be clipped onto this keychain to maximize the effectiveness of both products.

You can contact KeySmart using the following information:

  • Email:
  • Phone: (888) 900-5947
  • Mailing Address: 860 Bonnie Ln, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007-2223

Final Thoughts

Nano Stylus is a keychain tool that lets you interact with touchscreens with no skin contact required. You hold the device in your hand, then press the nub against any touchscreen. It works on grocery store checkout screens, tablets, smartphones, and any other touchscreen devices.

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