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IQ Genex: Nootropic Increases Mental Clarity, Focus & Energy?


Currently, many people are turning to energy drinks and shots to help them stay focused and energized despite a heavy class or workload. This can be taxing to not only the body but also cause mental strain and fatigue.

These factors may point to the rise in brain boosting supplements like IQ Genex that are designed to help improve mental function and boost memory. Please read below to learn more about IQ Genex.

What Is IQ Genex?

Whether people are studying for a big exam or are simply noticing a decline in their overall memory, a brain-boosting supplement like IQ Genex may help. By offering support through a targeted release of caffeine this supplement is designed to improve productivity while also enhancing the brains overall functions.

How Does It Work?

Unlike energy drinks and coffee IQ Genex is formulated to deliver the benefits of caffeine slowly overtime instead of overloading the body with caffeine too quickly. Popular energy shots are not a good option for improving mental function because they simply energize the body to quickly leading to lots of energy but not great focus.

By offering a time release option IQ Genex may provide brain-boosting benefits for up to six hours with just one dose. Consumers who have experienced jitters and restlessness will appreciate that this supplement claims to not cause these negative side effects.

IQ Genex Ingredients

Based on the product website it appears that IQ Genex utilizes a time-release formula involving green coffee beans. Many consumers will be familiar with the benefits of green coffee beans for helping boost energy level sand alertness in the gym but may not realize that this same ingredient can help improve mental stamina.

Improving mental function, users may experience a greater ability to learn and retain new information. At the same time, this supplement may also help improve and preserve memory perhaps making it a worthwhile product for both students and the elderly.

Pricing For IQ Genex

Consumers who wish to try this product will notice that they cannot directly purchase a bottle online through a retailer like Amazon or Walgreens. Instead, the only way to try IQ Genex is by registering for a free trial bottle. By visiting www.iqgenex.com consumes can fill out the interest form including shipping address and email which will then take them to a credit card page which details shipping costs.

What this page does not detail is how this process actually works. Many trial offers lead consumers unknowingly to an auto-ship program that must be cancelled ahead of time to avoid costly bottles following the free trial bottle.

Since these details are not easily obtainable consumers should proceed with caution to ensure they do not get trapped purchasing expensive products they thought they were receiving for a low price.

Should You Use IQ Genex?

With regular use, IQ Genex may help improve memory as well as learning. This makes it a valuable tool for students as well as people who are noticing a decline in memory due to aging.

Additionally consumers who have jobs that require great focus of the ability to think quickly on their feet will want to note that IQ Genex may also supports the user’s ability to better process information quickly and accurately. That being said, the free trial offer should be used with caution.

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