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iFork Flatware – Utensils That Don’t Touch Table Surface?


iFork Flatware is a new product that has been featured on Shark Tank, using a small metal ball to keep silverware off the dirty table surface. Consumers can view the design and the upcoming line on the official website.

What is iFork Flatware?

Every single day, consumers are exposed to different sources of bacteria. Some of the bacteria lingers in the air, while other strains can only make contact with physical touch. Having too much foreign bacteria in the body can cause illness and weaken the immune system in the long run.

Unfortunately, there’s not much that consumers can do to avoid bacteria, unless they want to wear protective gloves and masks all day long. However, the creators of iFork aim to at least make the dining experience of consumers less risky.

iFork Flatware looks the same as regular flatware, except that there is an inconspicuous ball on the back of each piece. The purpose of this metal ball is to keep the bacteria on table surfaces away from the part of the flatware that the user will place in their mouth. There are many restaurants that try to remedy this problem by placing silverware on a napkin, but the consumers use the napkin, and are left with nowhere to put their fork or spoon. By creating flatware that essentially protects itself, the right of bacterial contamination is significantly smaller.

To set the product’s bar even higher, the creators of iFork took two more steps in their brand – they created the iCup line, and they developed an interlocking system. The interlocking system allows consumers to secure all their dinnerware and utensils together to prevent dropping anything on the floor while walking.

Read on below to learn about the products offered through iFork.

Available Products From iFork Flatware

When consumers visit the iFork website, they will see that the entire website is divided between two lines – the iFork line and the iCup line.

iFork has both a metal and a plastic variation of the three common utensils for eating – knives, forks, and spoon. The ball design allows the user to place their utensils directly on the table, and costs $19.99. However, to get the interlocking benefits, consumers will need to get the nesting design instead, costing $19.99 for a five-piece set. However, a 30-piece set will be $99.99.

The iCup line seems to be entirely plastic, but there are multiple sets to meet the needs of the consumer. All of them are available in an 8-pack. Choose from:

  • iCup iPlate iFork Combo (Clear or Red)
    • Includes: 10 iCups, 8 iPlates, 8 iForks, and 8 iKnives
  • iCup/iPlate Pack + iFork Box Combo Pack (Red or Clear)
    • Includes: 10 iCups, 8 iPlates, 8 iForks, 8 iKnives, 17 Plastic iForks, 17 Plastic iSpoons, and 17 Plastic iKnives

Even though these products are available for personal use, the company has information online for restaurants that way to incorporate it into their place settings.

Contacting the Creators

Since the iFork products are so new to consumers, there are probably plenty of questions that arise. The customer service team can be reached by calling or emailing the team.

  • Phone number: 646-386-2202
  • Email address:

iFork Flatware Conclusion

iFork is a new brand, but it solves a problem that both professional and private places need to have protection from bacteria. There is no other item like this one on the market, especially with the variations available. With both plasticware and plain silverware available. Consumers can place an order online today, since there’s not pre-order in effect.



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