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“I Almost Lost My Leg” Says Man Who Contracted Flesh-Eating Infection at Panama City Beach


It has been recently revealed that a man contracted a flesh-eating infection at Panama City Beach. According to what was shared by the Meredith Family who disclosed the details to news outlet, WDHN, Tony Meredith was initially diagnosed with a possible kidney infection, which was later found to be due to a flesh-eating bacterium.

Meredith shared that he witnessed “flu-like symptoms” five days after having returned from his trip. Once he noticed that things were worsening over time, he went to get medical assistance. What was initially diagnosed as a kidney infection, forced Meredith to seek help elsewhere, as he felt uncomfortable with the purple hue of his leg.

Upon visiting Southeast Health, he was told that it was a “flesh-eating kind”, namely referred to as vibrio vulnificus, type of strep and was later diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis. As for how this all happened, it is believed that the bacteria seeped into his skin through “a barely noticeable scratch below his knee.”

According to the medical professional involved in this case, Dr. Andrew Sawyer,

“Any violation of that skin, even something as small as a scratch has the potential to increase the potential for waterborne infection.”

The bacteria have since been killed and Meredith shared that people should be cautious getting into waters, as the overall experienced increased his fear of potentially losing his leg or even his life at that moment.

Immediate Action Should Be Taken to Rid Severe Conditions!

Al.com also reported on this matter, in which health officials were quoted warning consumers of the potential said bacteria have on human health, along with the appropriate treatment to rid one of said concerns.

Here’s an extract of what was previously shared,

“These infections can be treated with antibiotics and sometimes require surgery to remove damaged tissue. Rapid diagnosis is the key to effective treatment and recovery.”

Understanding More About Vibrio Vulnificus

According to LiveScience’s recent post, the presence of said bacteria may be spreading due to climate change. A report was supposedly referenced in making this statement. Similar cases to that of Meredith were witnessed when consumers were either exposed to water or seafood from the Delaware Bay.

According to the referenced report, the presence of vibrio vulnificus is occurring in less traditional areas. The key factor that contributes to the presence of V. vulnificus is a water temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit. When consumers are in water, the bacteria are typically attracted to open wounds, as seen in the case of Meredith.

All this being said, it is best to be cautious when going to the beach, as temperatures around the world have been increasing. It is best to ensure that one’s body does not have an open wound or even the slightly scratch, as it gives more opportunities for said bacteria to enter one’s body.

Most importantly, proper treatment needs to be attained immediately, as prolonging can further damage one’s skin and muscle tissues leading to severe situations as amputations or even a life-or-death situation.

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