Guides How To Be Healthy Heartburn No More: Review the Drug-Free Acid Reflux System

Heartburn No More: Review the Drug-Free Acid Reflux System

Heartburn No More by Jeff Martin is a 5-step drug-free holistic system for eliminating G.I. disorders and acid reflux naturally using proven wellness strategies that work without health supplements.


Heartburn No More is a holistic system for eliminating acid reflux and heartburn.

By following the Heartburn No More protocol, you can purportedly cure acid reflux and stage II esophageal cancer by eliminating these diseases' root causes.

Does Heartburn No More really work? How does Heartburn No More work? Find out everything you need to know about this unique holistic protocol today in our review.

What is Heartburn No More?

Heartburn No More is an eBook that guides you through a holistic protocol. By following the protocol, you can purportedly eliminate acid reflux and heartburn, cure esophageal cancer, and enjoy other benefits.

The book was written by a man named Jeff Martin. By following Heartburn No More, you can purportedly use proven holistic strategies to enjoy powerful benefits.

Heartburn No More is exclusively available online today through, where it’s priced at $39 for a digital copy. Users also receive lifetime updates of the book.

Can you really use Heartburn No More to cure esophageal cancer and other deadly conditions? Let’s take a closer look at how Heartburn No More works.

The Story Behind Heartburn No More

Heartburn No More was written by a man named Jeff Martin. Jeff claims to have used the therapies in Heartburn No More to cure his stage II esophageal cancer.

Jeff explains his experience with holistic strategies in a dramatic video and sales page, including how he cured his condition using holistic strategies.

One day, Jeff’s doctor told him he had esophageal cancer and had just a 25% survival rate. Abnormal glandular cells lined the walls of his esophagus. His acid reflux disease had already damaged those walls.

Making things worse, Jeff’s cancer had traveled to his lymph nodes.

Jeff went through numerous hospital visits. He followed the recommended cancer treatments from his doctor. Jeff’s doctor inserted a tube into his throat, then used a laser to burn away the cancerous cells lining the esophagus.

After all of that work, Jeff still had esophageal cancer.

Frustrated, Jeff turned to holistic strategies – and these holistic strategies purportedly cured his advanced stages of cancer.

Jeff claims to be a normal 53-year older adult living in Irvine, California. He suffered from mild heartburn in his 20s and then started taking medication in his 30s as the condition worsened. He hated the side effects of heartburn medication, but he hated the heartburn even more.

“But these drugs always had side effects. Even the pills that reduced the reflux left me with other problems. If I’m trading heartburn for chronic diarrhea or nausea, why bother?”

While searching for holistic cures for cancer, Jeff met a researcher named Bob Andrews. Bob told Jeff that H. Pylori is the only bacterium in the world classified as a Grade 1 Carcinogen. When your body has too much H. Pylori, you have an increased risk of cancer.

To make a long story short, Jeff started taking substances that targeted H. pylori, then cured his stage II esophageal cancer:

“Every single lab metric showed that I was in perfect health, and the M.R.I showed there was zero sign of cancer in my esophagus or the lymph nodes. I was finally free of acid reflux and related cancer that haunted my nights!”

Jeff decided to share his therapy with the world. He tested the formula on friends and family with similar issues and achieved a near-perfect 100% success rate.

Obviously, none of this story is true, and there’s no evidence anyone has used the therapies in Heartburn No More to cure advanced cancer, nor is there evidence Jeff Martin exists.

However, let’s take a closer look at how Heartburn No More works to see if it can help with heartburn and related conditions.

How Does Heartburn No More Work?

Heartburn No More is based on a five-step plan. By following this five-step plan, you can eliminate heartburn, acid reflux, esophageal cancer, and related gastrointestinal disorders.

The five steps are built on holistic strategies that target the H. pylori bacteria. As mentioned above, the author of Heartburn No More describes H. pylori as a carcinogenic strain of bacteria. By targeting the bacteria, you can enjoy powerful benefits.

The five steps involve eating specific foods, beverages, and supplements that target H. pylori.

The core of Heartburn No More consists of:

  • A 3-food item reflux relief protocol you take every time you experience heartburn
  • A 5-step protocol you can use to start healing your body today and negate the effects of H. pylori

Essentially, the eBook tells you to eat fruits and vegetables for three weeks to reduce your risk of acid reflux. By emphasizing healthier foods and eliminating problem foods, you can avoid acid reflux.

You can find similar advice available for free online. If you search for the best and worst foods for acid reflux, for example, you can find similar information to what we see in Heartburn No More.

We can't spoil the specific foods and beverages upfront. However, the Heartburn No More eBook explains everything you need to know about the program.

Scientific Evidence for Heartburn No More

The makers of Heartburn No More do not disclose any studies, clinical trials, or other research verifying their therapy's effectiveness.

However, the company claims have “154,000 other people” have already cured esophageal cancer, relived heartburn, and experienced other benefits using the therapy. As far as we can tell, this number is completely fictitious, and nobody has ever used Heartburn No More to cure cancer or relieve heartburn.

Despite the lack of evidence and honestly, let’s take a closer look at some of the claims made on the Heartburn No More sales page. lists Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) is a type of bacteria that can lead to cancer. Stomach cancer is not common in the United States, although it’s relatively common around the world. Long-term infection of the stomach from H. pylori can cause ulcers. It can also inflame and damage the inner layer of your stomach, all of which can increase the risk of cancer over time, particularly cancer in the lower part of your stomach.

In other words, H. pylori infections are a major cause of stomach cancer.

However, adds that “most people who have these bacteria in their stomachs never develop stomach cancer.” Just because you have more H. pylori bacteria does not mean you’re guaranteed to develop cancer.

In fact, 2 in 3 adults are infected with H. pylori. H. pylori infections are particularly common among older adults. explains that H. pylori aren’t directly the problem. Instead, certain chemicals – like nitrites in cured meats – interact with H. pylori and are converted into cancer-causing compounds.

You should pay attention to H. pylori infections if you have active ulcers or a history of ulcers. In this case, your ulcers could become infected with H. pylori, leading to other problems. Testing for H. pylori is also recommended after the removal of early stomach cancer.

Other studies have shown that H. pylori treatment reduces gastric cancer risk for certain individuals with a disease's family history. As Healio explains, a chronic H. pylori infection lasting decades causes a significant change in the gastric mucosa, which could lead to an increased risk of cancer and other diseases.

Ultimately, H. pylori infections are prevalent, and they’re also harmless in most people. Your risk of developing a more serious condition depends largely on your family history and other factors.

For all of these reasons, there’s limited scientific evidence supporting any of the claims in Heartburn No More, and you should always follow the advice of your doctor when dealing with cancer and other deadly diseases.

Heartburn No More Pricing

Heartburn No More is priced at $39. Your purchase is digital, which means you receive a PDF copy of the eBook instead of a physical copy.

What’s Included with Heartburn No More?

As part of a recent promotion, Heartburn No More bundles several small bonuses with all purchases, including:

Heartburn No More 5-Step System: This is the core eBook of the Heartburn No More protocol. It outlines the 5 steps to take to cure esophageal cancer and stop heartburn, among other benefits. It also highlights foods to eat and avoid to help your heartburn.

Email Support: Jeff Martin, the author of Heartburn No More, provides one-on-one email support for one month after your purchase. Jeff does not claim to have any medical experience, nutritional certifications, or other expertise. However, he values his advice at $700, which he claims to charge for two phone consultation sessions. You can ask Jeff about customized medical treatment for your esophageal condition, including the holistic treatment plans he recommends to treat your specific condition.

The Perfect Vision Protocol: This eBook was written by Dr. Chen Ho and outlined a unique protocol for restoring eyesight in just 14 days. By following the protocol, you can purportedly end your dependency on glasses and contacts – all while using natural therapies and supplements.

Heartburn No More Refund Policy

Heartburn No More comes with a 60-day refund policy. You can request a complete refund on your purchase within 60 days.

Who is Jeff Martin?

Jeff Martin is a 53-year older adult from Irvine, California, who wrote Heartburn No More after curing his stage II esophageal cancer using similar therapies.

Jeff does not claim to be a doctor, nor does he claim to have any medical expertise, nutritional certifications, or other experience. Despite the lack of qualifications, Jeff claims he charges people $700 for two phone consultations.

You can contact Jeff Martin and the Heartburn No More team via the following:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 1-800-390-6035

Final Word

Heartburn No More is an eBook that claims to relieve heartburn, cure cancer, and solve other deadly diseases using simple strategies.

The eBook recommends using holistic strategies – not prescription medications or treatments recommended by your doctor – to solve heartburn and esophageal cancer.

Ultimately, there is limited evidence Heartburn No More works as advertised, and you should always follow the recommendations of your doctor when dealing with esophageal cancer and other serious conditions.

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