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Health Officials Warn Nebraska of West-Nile Virus, Details Shared Regarding First Case for 2019


On Saturday, July 20, 2019, it was reported that the West Nile virus was found in eastern Nebraska’s Douglas County, shares news outlet, 1011 NOW.

In particular, four of the county’s mosquito pools were concluded as being positively tested, which includes Seymour L. Smith Park in Ralston and Zorinsky Lake Park in Western Omaha.

This isn’t the first news revolving its likes, as health officials have been warning of the mosquito-borne illness as early as May 2019, ensuring that residents take the necessary measures to protect themselves. The latter is crucial, as the severity of one’s condition can range anywhere between mild to life-or-death.

Woman in Nebraska Dies of West Nile, First in 2019

The news outlet also reported of a West Nile case in Nebraska, which took place during the same time in which health officials have been making warnings. According to the claims made, a woman between the ages 25 and 50 was already diagnosed with another condition, which worsened the presence of the West Nile virus.

Surprisingly, the Department of Health and Human Services noted that the woman experienced symptoms outside of the commonly known time frame said virus is likely to spread – adding that experts found this to be a rather unusual case.

Now deceased, the following was since referenced and entails the viewpoint of the State’s epidemiologists:

“If we look at potential explanations, our epidemiologists said it’s possible that a mosquito wintered and then emerged very early and infected this person. They said it is also possible that an early emerging mosquito fed on an infected bird that happened to be within the area and the mosquito may have then bit the person.”

Not the First West Nile Virus Case for Nebraska

It turns out that said virus is not unusual for Nebraska, as deadlier cases were dealt with in 2003 (roughly 7386 cases). For some time after, news revolving the mosquito-related illness did not pop up, until last year, where there was a total of 245 human cases, of which 71 were from Douglas County and the death toll amount to 11.

Measures to Take for Optimal Protection

To ensure that one is well-protected against the chances of getting the West Nile virus, the Health Department has allegedly shared some tips and tricks, reports Omaha.com. More specifically, they include the application of mosquito repellents containing, “DEET, picaridin or oils of lemon eucalyptus,” limiting outdoor activities after dusk and dawn and covering up when outdoors.

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