Supplements Vitamins GlucoType 2: Reviewing PhytAge Labs Blood Glucose Formula

GlucoType 2: Reviewing PhytAge Labs Blood Glucose Formula

GlucoType 2 is PhytAge Labs natural blood glucose management supplement that controls blood sugar levels, reduces inflammation and nerve pain, lowers cholesterol and fights Type 2 diabetes.


GlucoType 2 is a nutritional supplement from PhytAge Laboratories that claims to control your blood sugar.

By taking GlucoType 2 daily, you can purportedly fight against type 2 diabetes, reduce inflammation, lower cholesterol, reduce nerve pain, and enjoy all-natural blood sugar support, among other benefits.

Does GlucoType 2 really work as advertised to control type 2 diabetes symptoms? How does GlucoType 2 work? Is there any scientific evidence backing the supplement? Find out everything you need to know about GlucoType 2 today in our review.

What is GlucoType 2?

GlucoType 2 is a nutritional supplement marketed towards people with type 2 diabetes. PhytAge Labs describes their supplement as an “advanced blood glucose management formula”. Using natural ingredients, the supplement purportedly helps control blood sugar and manage other symptoms of type 2 diabetes.

GlucoType 2 is available online through the PhytAge Laboratories website or through, where it’s priced between $50 and $70 per bottle. At this price, GlucoType 2 is one of the most expensive type 2 diabetes supplements we have reviewed.

Does GlucoType 2 really have anti-diabetic properties? How does GlucoType 2 work? Let’s take a closer look.

How Does GlucoType 2 Work?

PhytAge Laboratories claims GlucoType 2 is “a powerful natural answer for your diabetes”. The company stops short of calling GlucoType 2 a “cure” for type 2 diabetes. However, they seem to suggest that your type 2 diabetes symptoms will disappear after taking GlucoType 2.

PhytAge Laboratories claims that you “can improve your type 2 diabetes in less than 15 days” by taking GlucoType 2. They also claim that you can improve your type 2 diabetes without relying on prescription medication or doctor-recommended treatments – all while paying a cheaper price than you would normally pay for type 2 diabetes medication or insulin:

“They don’t want you to know that it’s actually EASY to significantly drop your blood sugar levels…That You CAN Improve Your Type 2 Diabetes In Less Than 15 Days…And that doing so doesn’t require insulin, metformin, or any other of their prescription drugs…In fact, it costs literal pennies.”

PhytAge Laboratories claims to have received threats from pharmaceutical companies over their formula. They claim their supplement threatens the trillion-dollar diabetes medication industry – and they’re unsure how long it will remain available.

All of this, of course, is over-hyped marketing from PhytAge Laboratories. There is no known cure for type 2 diabetes, and few supplements are proven to eliminate type 2 diabetes symptoms.

Like other diabetes supplements, GlucoType 2 contains a range of plant and herbal extracts that have been shown to slightly help manage certain aspects of blood sugar in some patients. PhytAge Laboratories has packaged about a dozen natural extracts into each capsule.

Each capsule of GlucoType 2 includes banaba, bitter melon, licorice root, cinnamon, gymnema, guggul cayenne, juniper, and mulberry.

According to PhytAge Laboratories, the ingredients in GlucoType 2 can lead to a significant drop in blood sugar. In fact, PhytAge Laboratories claims you’ll “never need to worry” about type 2 diabetes again after taking their supplement:

“My wife’s blood sugar was 280 ml/dl on the first day she took the pill I’d created…Yet by day five it was no longer a disaster…And after a full two weeks…It was hardly a concern at all. It was at that point I realized we wouldn’t need to worry about my wife’s type 2 diabetes again…Because it was clear that what happened in Manila hadn’t been a fluke…These ingredients helped type 2 diabetes, end of the story.”

Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients in GlucoType 2 to determine if you really “never need to worry” about type 2 diabetes again after taking the supplement.

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GlucoType 2 Ingredients

GlucoType 2 contains a range of plant extracts, herbs, and fruit extracts. In some small studies, these extracts have been shown to help manage blood sugar in certain ways. In other studies, these extracts have proven no different from a placebo.

PhytAge Laboratories justifies the use of each of its ingredients in various ways. Overall, the ingredients can purportedly manage blood sugar and replicate the effects of insulin – similar to how diabetes medication works.

GlucoType 2 contains bitter melon, for example. PhytAge Laboratories describes better melon as “one of the most promising plants for diabetes today”, citing a study where it lowered blood sugar in some patients.

GlucoType 2 also contains a plant extract called Gymnema Sylvestre that purportedly conquers insulin resistance and eliminates blood sugar issues.

Overall, PhytAge Laboratories describes GlucoType 2 as “an unbelievable super pill”.

According to PhytAge Labs, these ingredients and others work to kickstart your body’s insulin production and allow your body to absorb glucose again:

“A single bottle of GlucoType 2 will fantastically aid your blood sugar and your insulin sensitivity… While helping your cells to naturally start producing insulin, and absorbing glucose again…Helping protect you from all the long-term threats that come with Type 2 Diabetes…Until your diabetes is of no worry.”

Again, PhytAge Laboratories does not quite call GlucoType 2 a cure for diabetes – but they seem to imply you never have to worry about type 2 diabetes symptoms again after taking the supplement.

That all sounds good – but is there any scientific evidence GlucoType 2 works as advertised? Or is GlucoType 2 another scam marketed to gullible diabetics?

Scientific Evidence for GlucoType 2

PhytAge Labs has not run any clinical trials or scientific studies on their GlucoType 2. They have not tested the formula on humans, animals, or cells in test tubes. Despite the lack of published evidence, the company claims that “16,400 people” have used GlucoType 2 to watch “blood sugar levels seem to go down day-after-day”. There’s no evidence that any person has used GlucoType 2 to improve diabetes symptoms – not to mention 16,400 people.

PhytAge Labs does not link to any third party studies justifying the ingredients in GlucoType 2. However, we’ll summarize some of the research below.

First, GlucoType 2 makes a big deal out of guggul extract. It’s true that guggul has been linked with various benefits. In this 2018 review study, researchers analyzed dozens of studies on guggul and its effect on chronic diseases. Researchers found that guggul had decreased certain diabetes risk factors in some patients. However, the cited studies used dosages of 900mg per day for six weeks, while GlucoType 2 contains just 50mg of guggul extract – an 18x smaller dose than what was shown to work.

GlucoType 2 also contains 50mg of bitter melon extract, also known as bitter gourd or karela. It’s a vegetable extract that has been traditionally used to treat diabetes. Today, researchers know that bitter melon extract works because it contains three active substances with anti-diabetic properties, including charanti, vicine, and polypeptide-p. Researchers have also found that bitter melon can significantly reduce blood sugar levels by acting on peripheral tissues and suppressing appetite – similar to how insulin affects the brain.

Again, GlucoType 2 has used the right ingredient – but the wrong dose. As explains, bitter melon has been shown effective at dosages of 1,000mg to 2,000mg per day – which is 20 to 40x stronger than the dose used in GlucoType 2.

Finally, there’s some evidence that cinnamon can lower blood sugar, although other studies have been less supportive. Here’s how the Mayo Clinic explains it:

“Despite numerous studies, it still isn’t clear whether cinnamon helps lower blood sugar in people with diabetes. Some studies have shown a benefit from the spice. Others haven’t.”

Most studies on diabetes and cinnamon extract use dosages of 1,000 to 6,000mg per day, while GlucoType 2 contains just 50mg of licorice extract. Again, PhytAge Labs has used the right ingredient – but the dose is too small to significantly impact your body.

The other ingredients in GlucoType 2 are found in even smaller dosages and are not worth mentioning.

Overall, PhytAge Labs contains some ingredients that have been shown to control blood sugar, although the dosages are much too low to have any significant effect on the human body. Most of the supplement contains of basic vitamins and minerals – ingredients you can find in any $10 multivitamin.

GlucoType 2 Pricing

GlucoType 2 is priced at $50 to $70 per bottle, depending on how many bottles you order:

1 Bottle: $69.95

2 Bottles: $119.90

4 Bottles: $199.80

All prices include shipping.

GlucoType 2 Refund Policy

GlucoType 2 comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee. You can request a complete refund within 90 days with no questions asked.

Technically, this is a 97-day refund policy, as PhytAge Laboratories gives you seven extra days to ship the product back. You will need to pay for your own return shipping, and you will not receive a refund on your initial shipping fee.

About PhytAge Laboratories

PhytAge Laboratories is a Texas-based nutritional supplement company known for its high-priced, over-hyped nutritional supplements. The supplement company sells a range of products targeting different health effects – although few of the company’s supplements are proven to work as advertised.

Other PhytAge Laboratories supplements include Clear Sound 911, Turbo Boost 911, Testo 911, and Heart Beat 911, among others.

You can contact PhytAge Laboratories via the following:


Phone: 1-800-822-5753

Mailing Address: 12600 Hill Country Boulevard Suite R-275, Bee Cave, Texas 78738

PhytAge Laboratories was founded in 2015. The company claims to be backed by 50+ years of professional health and wellness experience, although the company does not disclose the names of any medical doctors, certified nutritionists, or other registered professionals working for the company.

Final Word

There is no known cure for type 2 diabetes. PhytAge Laboratories, however, has created a supplement called GlucoType 2 that purportedly helps manage certain symptoms of diabetes.

By taking GlucoType 2 daily, you can purportedly stop experiencing type 2 diabetes symptoms within as little as 15 days.

Unfortunately, there’s no scientific evidence. GlucoType 2 has any effect on diabetes. The supplement has never been studied, nor has it gone through any clinical trials. There’s some small evidence that certain plant extracts in GlucoType 2 could help manage blood sugar, although GlucoType 2 uses dosages that are too low to have any significant effect.

Overall, there seems to be little reason to buy GlucoType 2.



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