Guides How To Lose Weight Fave Food Diet: Reviewing The Favorite Weight Loss Program

Fave Food Diet: Reviewing The Favorite Weight Loss Program

The Fave Food Diet with Chrissie Mitchell is weight loss program that comes with a healthy meals book with secret ingredients and probiotics to help users burn fat while eating all of your favorite foods.


Losing weight is not easy for anyone. A number of factors can make it more difficult to lose weight; it's not so simple as an equation of calories in and calories out. Types of nutrition, general lifestyle, and even genetic factors can impact how likely you are to lose weight. Even with perfect exercise and an ideal low-calorie diet, some men and women can struggle to shed a few extra stubborn pounds.

The recent surge in growth of the alternative diet plan industry has helped millions of consumers to improve their weight loss effectiveness without the use of traditional medications and doctor's visits. These plans can vary widely in effectiveness, so consumers are advised to do extensive research before using any new diet program.

The Favorite Food Diet is a program that Chrissie Mitchell, a 43-year old mom, says will help consumers to lose weight without sacrificing the recipes and foods that they love. The secret ingredients guide is only available as digital content, which can be purchased exclusively from the official product website.

But is the Favorite Food Diet worth the money? Or is it just another overpriced scam diet system? Our comprehensive review will answer all of your questions about The Favorite Food Diet.

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What is The Favorite Food Diet?

At some point in most people’s lives, weight loss becomes a necessary goal. However, the majority of health regimens involve eliminating foods that you love, and this can make it difficult for consumers to follow-through and keep up with their diet. For most people trying to lose weight, the whole process would be easier if it didn't require them to give up all of the foods they love the most.

The Favorite Food Diet focuses on this exactly. Dieting shouldn’t be a torturous process, and it shouldn’t put consumers in a position that will only reverse their progress after it is over. With the lessons offered in this diet, consumers can integrate recipes that are much healthier to ensure that their success is long-lived. Though there is little information available online about how exactly this diet achieves its goals for users, we speculate that the creators of this diet plan have developed a regimen that maximizes nutrition to allow consumers to ‘cheat' by eating high-calorie foods occasionally.

To ensure that consumers have a clear idea of the commitment they need to make, this dieting system comes with multiple bonus guides.

Additional Content

Along with the main Favorite Foods Diet guide, customers will be provided with several bonus gifts that expand on the information the original guide provides. These bonus gifts include:

  • Favorite Recipes. Favorite Recipes is a collection of healthy recipes balanced to taste delicious while providing optimal nutritional value. While users don’t have to exclusively consume the food outlined in this guide, it comes in handy when consumers struggle to find recipes that satisfy the requirements of the diet.
  • Favorite Wordrobe. Favorite Wordrobe encourages consumers to dress in a way that shows off the figure that they are creating with the plan. Users can wear whatever they want with this plan, but the tips inside this guide show consumers what they need to wear to show their figure in the most positive way. This can be immensely helpful when it comes to giving users the confidence they need to keep moving.
  • Favorite Detox Cleanse. Favorite Detox Cleanse is a detailed guide on how users can flush out toxins from the body to get a trimmer and healthier figure. Detoxes are helpful to many weight loss endeavors because they purge the body of buildup in the gut that can prevent proper digestion.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Favorite Food Diet

Weight loss programs are highly variable, and we recommend that users with a serious weight problem consult their physician before using any new diet and exercise program. This section will help inform you by answering some of the most commonly asked questions about The Favorite Food Diet.

Q: What does The Favorite Food Diet include?

A: The diet plan comes with the original The Favorite Food Diet, as well as three bonus guides. These guides include “Favorite Recipes,” “Favorite Wardrobe,” and “Favorite Detox Cleanse.” These guide supplement the information covered in the original guide to help consumers maximize the efficiency of their weight loss program.

Q: How do you lose weight?

A: Weight loss ultimately comes down to the creation of a caloric deficit. If you burn more calories throughout the day than you consume, then you will lose weight. However, the philosophy behind The Favorite Food diet is that consumers should be able to eat what they want while losing weight, as long as they optimize their nutrition on the meals they do have.

Q: How do you use The Favorite Food Diet?

A: The diet is incredibly easy to follow. Simply download the online document after making your payment to have access to all relevant materials. The diet asks users to come up with meal plans that satisfy its basic nutritional requirements.

Q: Does The Favorite Food Diet come with any supplements?

A: No. This diet does not use supplements, which might make it ideal for consumers that want to follow more traditional methods of dieting without the use of alternative medicines.

Purchasing the Fave Food Diet

The only way that consumers can get access to the Favorite Food Diet is through the official website, which offers it as digital content to customers. The entire set can be purchased for $37.00, and users will immediately have it delivered to their inbox after their payment clears.

If the user finds that the system doesn’t work for their needs, they have up to 60 days to request a refund and give up access to the content.

Contacting the Creators of the Favorite Food Diet

Even with the information that is available through the advertising video, consumers may find that they have other details that they want to know before their purchase. To get ahold of the Fave Food Diet customer service team, send an email to

Final Thoughts

Chrissie Mitchell reveals why the Favorite Food Diet works for anyone that wants to change their weight but isn’t prepared to give up the foods that they love. Rather than depriving the body, this regimen figures out a way to work with these cravings, equipping the user for future success. With the multiple guides and the cookbook included, shedding weight is just a matter of a good meal.

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