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Extreme Clarity: Organic Brain Function Boosting Nootropic?


Extreme Clarity is a supplement that helps consumers to improve the functions in their brain to improve cognition and support memory retention. The product is sold through Amazon.com, and consumers have the opportunity to get a discount right now.

What Is Extreme Clarity?

The brain is one of the most crucial parts of the body, because it controls every single function of every system. This important organ requires nourishment in the same way that the digestive system does. Most consumers do not realize all of the vitamins and minerals that help the brain to work correctly. As the body ages, the brain struggles more to stay healthy, which is what makes Extreme Clarity helpful for adults of all ages.

Extreme Clarity may:

The company recommends this type of treatment for college students, professionals, and even parents to keep their mental performance at its highest. Read on below to learn about the ingredients involved and what they are meant to do.

Extreme Clarity Ingredients

The ingredients in Extreme Clarity include:

  • Caffeine, to help the user maintain mental alertness
  • GABA, which reduces anxiety and stress
  • Bacopa monnieri, to improve memory retention and reduce mood swings
  • Alpha GPC, to help with cognition
  • L-Theanine, which helps with anxiety and encourages calmness
  • Phosphatidylserine, which is necessary to the chemistry in the brain
  • L-Tyrosine, to promote better concentration and alertness
  • Huperzine A, which is often included in nootropic formulas for age-related cognition issues

Each one of these ingredients are helpful to the functioning of the brain, offering nutrition that the brain needs to nourish the various neurotransmitters.

Directions For Using Extreme Clarity

Unfortunately, the details online do not tell consumers exactly how to use this product. However, since a 30-day supply contains 30 capsules, consumers should just need to take one capsule a day for the desired results.

Consumers should not have to worry about this treatment interfering with their current prescriptions. However, since the treatment contains caffeine, consumers will high blood pressure may want to check with their doctor before use.

Where To Buy Extreme Clarity

The easiest way to buy Extreme Clarity is through Amazon, where it is available through the Extreme Supplement Store fulfills the order. Consumers can get a bottle of 30 capsules for $14.99, and the Prime members of Amazon can get free two-day shipping.

Right now, consumers can electronically clip a coupon on the website that gives them $1.00 off of the purchase. Unfortunately, this item is not eligible for a subscription, so consumers will need to order it as-needed.

Extreme Clarity Review

Extreme Clarity is meant for anyone that needs a mental boost and needs to have a better way of keeping their focus. The treatment is easy to take, and it includes the use of multiple ingredients that have been steadily tested for their efficacy. However, it may not be much different from other formulas, so consumers need to consider the alternatives, if they want a product without caffeine.


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