Health Guides Essential Oils For Abundant Living Course: 10 Part Masterclass?

Essential Oils For Abundant Living Course: 10 Part Masterclass?


Essential Oils for Abundant Living is a masterclass that educates consumers on the different ways that they can integrate essential oils into their everyday life. Consumers can only attend this online event through the free registration on the website.

What Is Essential Oils For Abundant Living?

Taking care of the body is more than just finding a good lotion or taking vitamins; consumers need to know how to heal their body when it becomes ill. There are many different medications on the market nowadays, but the biggest problem with these “solutions” is that there are so many adverse side effects. Consumers that prefer a more holistic method of treatment, and this approach goes far beyond drinking tea and putting a warm washcloth on someone’s head.

The use of essential oils has been around for centuries, due to the variety of illnesses and conditions they treat, and the impressive results that consumers have. In fact, there are thousands of companies that offer their own lines of the oils at varying levels of purity. Most people have come across these formulas at some point, but not everyone knows how to integrate them. That is what Essential Oils for Living aims to show consumers.

Essential Oils for Living is not a book or a resource guide. Instead, starting on January 23rd, consumers will have nightly seminars that they attend to learn more information about the essential oil industry. Little is listed on the website, but consumers are informed that they will learn:

The website is unclear about who exactly is speaking, but consumers will find that the applicable information comes from mothers that use the oils on a daily basis. It also comes from researchers who learn about the properties of the oil as their job, which will hopefully bring validity to the claims made. All of the information that consumers receive is unrelated to a specific brand, which makes it easier for consumers to make an unbiased decision.

About Dr. Z And Mama Z

The creators of this series of classes are Dr. Eric Zielinski and his wife Sabrina, who focus on two principal areas in their professional life – natural living and biblical health. They educate consumers on the easiest ways to integrate these things into their personal life, promoting the use of essential oils.

Their experience includes the practice of chiropractic care, aromatherapy, and public health research.

Recommending The Best Essential Oils

Since Dr. Z is a licensed practitioner, he is unable to give official medical advice for a consumer’s medical prognosis or advice on the website. However, there is an article by the doctor on their official website called “How to Buy Essential Oils,” which integrates easily into the masterclass.

On this article, consumers are given all of the information they need to narrow down their choices, going over:

  • How to determine the best brand of essential oils for the user’s needs
  • Essential information that consumers need to know about essential oil use
  • What the signs are of high-quality oils
  • How organic is better than non-organic oils
  • Using the essential oils for aromatherapy and internal remedies

This is far from the only essential oil article on the website, because it appears that the doctor and his wife want to maintain as much natural and holistic methods as possible in treating the body.

Registering For The Essential Oils For Abundant Living Masterclass

Consumers can register for free on the website for the Masterclass, requiring only the participant’s name and email address. The consumer will also need to indicate if they are a healthcare professional or an essential oils business builder before they complete the registration.

After submitting the form, consumers will receive an email every night that tells them about that day’s course. They are not required to take part, but consumers should attend each night to get all of the benefits. Make sure to add the email address to the user’s contacts to avoid having these emails go straight to the spam folder.

Contacting The Creators Of Essential Oils For Abundant Living

Since most of the information that consumers will get is from the Masterclass, consumers with questions about the program beforehand will need to get a hold of customer service. The team is available by sending an email to

Essential Oils For Abundant Living Summary

Essential Oils for Abundant Living offers information in a condensed package, with free access for all consumers. However, even though the husband and wife team offer free access, consumers will be able to find all of the details that they describe on their website already at their leisure. The creators of the masterclass have those details in a more organized way, which is appealing to consumers that have a challenging time studying or focusing on a single subject matter on their own.

The whole online seminar takes place from January 23rd to February 1st, so consumers need to register as quickly as possible to get access for the length of the class.



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