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Dr. Oz Debuts System – on his Doctor Oz TV Show for Healthy Living in 2024


The world's most popular celebrity doctor, Dr. Oz of the Doctor OZ show, is kicking off the new decade by debuting a comprehensive research-based lifestyle plan called “System 20”.

The Dr. Oz System 20 recently aired on the Doctor OZ TV show, claiming the total lifestyle change will help individuals jumpstart the new year by losing up to 20 pounds and lower the risks of disease by up to 20% in 2024.

It's no secret by now, New Year's resolutions are underway and to start 2024 the right way, everyone loves to make new health and wellness goals. Dr. Oz's System 20 is a science-based program meant to help guide individuals through much more than ‘weight loss' as he hopes to tackle prominent health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and stroke. One way to do so is to adopt a new easy-to-follow lifestyle regimen that can help you shed the extra weight and develop a figure that you can be satisfied with – and follow a proven ‘mentor' in Dr. Mehmet Oz for accountability, credibility and ideally effective results.

The good news is that it is not necessary to turn to a ‘fad diet program' to achieve those goals. Rather, the new diet, food menu shopping list and recipes program called “System 20” by Dr. Oz may be the answer in 2024 and beyond. The program specifically highlights that “dieting is dead” and that dissimilarly, this healthy living plan is a full-body approach that calls for healthy eating, sleep monitoring, manageable exercise and mental health check-ins. This total lifestyle change program contains 20 components that appear easy to follow and incorporate into your routine.


How Does Dr. Oz's System 20 Work?

The first and most important question that arises when it comes to choosing a 2024 weight loss diet health program is how it works.

In this case, System 20 is a multifaceted program that focuses on intermittent fasting. Meaning, you have a window of eight hours to consume your calories for the day, and for the remaining 16 hours, you fast. Although the intermittent fasting aspect may sound intimidating for those who have never tried it, it is something that the body can adapt to overtime. More importantly, the body may change for the better. But to compensate for this ‘extremeness' as many might label it, Dr. Oz's System 20 plan also includes a cheat day to help participants balance out the new dietary-based lifestyle change.

Further, following the intermittent fasting regimen is simple with the guides available on the Dr. Oz website. A chart on “How to Eat on System 20” details for you the routine that needs to be followed. For instance, those who adhere to the system:

  • Eat from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. every day
  • Skip breakfast, but can drink black coffee with MCT oil, if desired.
  • Stop drinking caffeine by 3:00 p.m.

In addition to these elements, the program recommends eliminating sugars and enjoying low-carb snacks in case of hunger throughout the day. It also recommends eating beans, greens, and proteins for lunch and dinner including two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with lunch and dinner.

There is also one day off per week, which further enhances the adaptability of the program and enables you to feel less constricted. As the program explains on its website, the day off allows flexibility so that those who follow the program do not need to miss out on social events. Keep in mind though that it may not be best to overindulge during the day off because it could derail the progress made earlier.

How Does System 20 Promote Weight Loss?

According to the program’s website, if you finish eating earlier, the more time the body has to digest the food and to burn fat. Further, the focus on consuming natural whole foods, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, proteins, and dairy, may eliminate more unnatural sugars from the body, thus potentially promoting weight loss. This is the power of intermittent fasting, which was the number one most trending diet in 2019 according to Google search data. The video found on Doctor Oz's official website also showed popular TV host Carson Daly uses Dr. Oz's System 20 intermittent fasting plan too.

The program also focuses on consuming filling foods, such as beans, greens, and proteins. These types of foods keep you fuller for longer. By consuming fewer calories, and burning more calories than you consume, the body can also go into fat-burning mode for the extra energy. This may also promote weight loss.

Dr. Oz also had celebrity fitness trainers Jeanette Jenkins and Yusuf Myers develop a workout exercise program to incorporate inside the System 20 to help users follow through on their nutritional overhaul plan.

Low-Carb Snacks Approved by System 20

As previously mentioned, the program allows followers to consume low carb snacks throughout the day. The good news is that you do not need to search for recipes or come up with your low-carb snacks, although, you may do so if you like.

System 20 identifies what qualifies as a low-carb snack and provides a list of snacks that you can opt for. According to the program, a low-carb snack is made up of mostly protein and good-for-you fats that keep you full and satisfied throughout the day. A few examples include fruits, vegetables, nuts, and certain dairy.

The checklist of low-carb snacks on the System 20 website is one that anyone can incorporate into their routine. The list offers sweet combos, such as 1 medium sliced apple with 1 tbsp of peanut butter, ½ a red pepper with 2 ounces of guacamole, one sliced tomato and 2 ounces of mozzarella cheese, or 6 ounces of Greek yogurt. These delicious snacks are just a few of which you’ll find on the list and better yet, they are easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

Low-Carb Snacks Approved by System 20
Source: Dr. Oz Low Carb Cheat Sheet

A Weekly Checklist

Another way in which System 20 is easy to follow is that the program provides a weekly checklist that followers can adhere to stay in-tune with the requirements.

The weekly checklist features every day of the week, and an option to designate any day as a day off. If the day is not a day off, followers should adhere to the checklist requirements. These requirements include designating wake up time, meditating, stretching, incorporating a cardio routine, and then following the designated meal plan.

The incorporation of fitness and meditation into one’s daily routine is beneficial not only for weight loss efforts, but it also promotes a sense of calm, focus, and may help the body digest food more readily. The program does not have a specific fitness regimen that requires users to follow, but at the end of the day, any bit of fitness should help.

Source: Dr. Oz Weekly Checklist

Dr. Oz System 20 Shopping List

In addition to the weekly checklist, the program also provides a 20 shopping list for every Oz-approved food. The shopping list features foods that can be found in nearly every grocery store, and that are generally affordable. This way, you can create a budget and add the foods that work well for you.

Source: Dr. Oz Shopping List

Dr. Oz System 20 Review

Overall, if you are looking to make a positive change for this year and are ready to focus more on a lifestyle change, rather than a restrictive diet, then the System 20 plan by Dr. Oz may be for you. The reviews of the System 20 program seemed to be very positive in the episode, where a group of people, including investigative reporter Mara Schiavocampo, tested System 20 and apparently all experienced success. All of the System 20 participants weighed in, measured their waist, had their blood pressure checked and blood sugar taken and the results were shared on the Doctor Oz show.

To learn more about the system, its components, and to get started, just visit or join their supportive System 20 facebook group.


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