Dr. Oz Good Life Sleep System: Reviewing Doctor Oz Sleep Products

The Dr. Oz Good Life Sleep System features comfortably designed hygienic sleep accessories like pressure relieving mattress, adjustable bases, pillows, bedding, toppers, weighted blankets and an app.

Full Disclosure

Dr. Oz has introduced his new Good Life Sleep System with a full spectrum of hygienic sleep products that are made by using EngineeredDown for softness and SilverScience antibacterial technology that all work with the new Doctor Oz Base App.

The Dr. Oz Good Life Sleep System includes snore-stopping adjustable bases, pressure-relieving mattresses, high-end bedding, pillows, comforters, toppers, protectors, weighted blankets and other product accessories. These are all in support of the scientifically-evaluated Anti-Snore position from America's Doctor that can stop snoring in mere seconds.

Will the Dr. Oz Good Life Sleep System really improve the quality of your sleep? Are Dr. Oz’s Good Life Sleep System products worth the price? Find out everything you need to know about the Dr. Oz Good Life Sleep System today in our review.

What is the Dr. Oz Good Life Sleep System?

The Dr. Oz Good Life Sleep System is a lineup of bedding products and accessories launched in August 2020. The system includes mattresses, snore-relieving bedframes, weighted blankets, bedding, mattress toppers, and pillows, among other products.

You can buy Dr. Oz Good Life Sleep System products through DrOzSleep.com or through Macy’s.

Why is Dr. Oz entering the bedding space? Dr. Oz knows how important sleep is for overall health, and he wants to create products that help his followers improve sleep:

“Sleep is crucial for your overall health and well-being. In fact, the negative effects of insufficient sleep are the no. 1 barrier to better health.”

Dr. Oz admits that he has limited experience creating sleep products. However, he wants to use his experience as a cardiac surgeon to help his followers get a better sleep:

“For the first time in his career, he is using his expertise to create a collection of sleep products. The goal? To bring science-based sleep solutions to every home in America.”

Dr. Oz claims his products have cutting-edge technology that can improve sleep quality for you and your family.

After working as a talk show host and cardiac surgeon, Dr. Oz knows how important sleep is – and how difficult sleepless nights can be:

“As a father of four, a surgeon, and a talk show host—I know about sleepless nights. I want to introduce a better way to sleep—with cutting-edge technology that’s proven to keep your family sleeping cleaner and healthier.”

With these goals in mind, Dr. Oz has launched a lineup of sleep products, mattresses, bedding, and more under the Dr. Oz Good Life Sleep System brand.

Dr. Oz Good Life Sleep System Products

The Dr. Oz Good Life Sleep System consists of a range of different products. Some products are designed to relieve snoring by elevating you while you sleep. Other products have anti-microbial properties to prevent odor and bacteria within your bedding.

We’ll break down each Dr. Oz Good Life Sleep System product below.

Good Life Mattresses

Dr. Oz has created a lineup of Good Life Mattresses that purportedly “align your spine, provide luxurious comfort, and keep your sleep space clean.”

The mattresses are “layered with healthy technologies so you wake up refreshed,” explains the official website. Those technologies include CoolRelax gel infusion, which is a gel-like substance added to the foam of the mattress. This gel pulls heat away from the body. Dr. Oz claims to have used the perfect ratio of his double-cooling CoolRelax gel to build the perfect mattress.

The mattresses also come with SilverScience technology, which is a “nano-silver treatment” that fuses silver ions within the mattress fibers. Silver has antimicrobial properties. When bacteria come into contact with silver, they die. Dr. Oz claims his treatment will “attract and destroy almost 100 percent of bacteria” within your mattress.

The Good Life Mattresses also contain an extra layer of protection in the form of activated charcoal. Activated charcoal attracts charged particles in the air and draws them within the honeycomb shape of the charcoal, theoretically removing toxins, odors, and other substances from the air.

There are two Good Life Mattresses available today, including the original Good Life Mattress and the Good Life Hybrid Mattress Pro:

Good Life Mattress ($399 to $799): The Good Life Mattress is the original Good Life Mattress featuring CoolRelax gel and SilverScience technology. The mattress claims to have multiple layers of technology to help you wake up feeling refreshed. The mattress is made entirely from foam and has a medium-firm feel. It’s 10 inches thick. For added protection, the mattress contains activated charcoal.

  • Twin: $399
  • Twin XL: $429
  • Full: $529
  • Queen: $599
  • King: $529
  • California King: $799

Good Life Hybrid Mattress Pro ($599 to $999): The Good Life Hybrid Mattress Pro is a thicker, higher-quality version of the Good Life Mattress. It’s 12 inches thick (instead of 10 inches thick). It contains a hybrid material instead of all foam. And it has edge support, individually encased coils, and support zones. Like the original Good Life Mattress, the Good Life Hybrid Mattress Pro comes with the SilverScience antibacterial cover, the CoolRelax gel infusion, and the activated charcoal infusion.

  • Twin: $599
  • Twin XL: $649
  • Full: $699
  • Queen: $799
  • King: $999
  • California King: $999

Both Good Life Mattresses come with a 10-year warranty. They’re also both CertiPUR-US Certified, and they both work with the Good Life Sleep System adjustable base.

Overall, Dr. Oz claims the goal of his Good Life Mattresses is the create an environment that contributes to better sleep, which is essential for your health.

Good Life Adjustable Bases

Dr. Oz combines sleep science and technology to create the Good Life Adjustable Bases. Dr. Oz claims his adjustable base will improve your sleep.

Like other adjustable base beds, the Good Life Adjustable Bases create a curve along your bed. They elevate your head and upper body, for example, while slightly elevating your legs. You can adjust the bed as needed for comfort or to reduce snoring.

Dr. Oz claims the Good Life Adjustable Bases can help anyone enjoy a better sleep with a simple, affordable, and drug-free solution. Both of the Good Life Mattresses above are compatible with the Good Life Adjustable Bases.

Just like the Good Life Mattresses, you have two options, including an original Good Life Adjustable Base and a higher-end Good Life Adjustable Base Pro:

Good Life Adjustable Base ($799 to $1,399): $859; Twin XL: $799; Queen: $899; Split King: $1,399): A simple, affordable, drug-free solution to prevent snoring and enhance comfort at night.

  • Twin XL: $799
  • Full: $859
  • Queen: $899
  • Split King: $1,399

Good Life Adjustable Base Pro ($999 to $1,999): The same adjustable base with a nightly massage feature built in.

  • Twin XL: $999
  • Full: $1,099
  • Queen: $1,199
  • Split King: $1,999

As proof his Adjustable Bases work as advertised, Dr. Oz cites a study where 31% of participants woke up at night due to their own snoring. After switching to a Good Life Adjustable Base in the “Oz Anti Snore” position, that number dropped to 0%. Dr. Oz does not disclose further details about the study – like how the study was performed or how many people participated.

Both Good Life Adjustable Bases come with a 20-year warranty.

They also come with a wireless remote, Bluetooth compatibility, and multiple positions. You control the Adjustable Bases via the Dr. Oz Base App or the remote. You can set the base to a 55 degree head up position, for example, or a 45 degree foot up position. You can also set it to a spine relief, anti-snore, TV, or lounge position.

With the Good Life Adjustable Base Pro, you get a back and leg massage feature along with adjustable height legs, a flashlight, and underbed lights.

Overall, the Good Life Adjustable Bases claim to elevate your sleep, allowing you to adjust your sleep position to suit your needs. Some people enjoy being elevated in bed, while others simply enjoy raising their upper body to watch TV. With the Good Life Adjustable Bases, you can use a mobile app and Bluetooth to change how you sleep.

Good Life Pillows

The Dr. Oz Good Life Sleep System includes a selection of pillows for “ultimate comfort”. The pillows, like the mattresses, come with certain technologies to keep them fresh and bacteria-free.

Why do you need a special pillow to enjoy a better sleep? Dr. Oz claims his pillows align your head and neck with your spine, helping you feel more energized when you wake up:

“Your pillow should align your head and neck with your spine so you can wake up refreshed.”

With that goal in mind, the Good Life Pillows are infused with CoolRelax gel – the same gel-like substance within he Good Life mattresses. They also have the same activated charcoal found within the mattresses. For comfort, the pillows are stuffed with a material called EngineeredDown, which is hypoallergenic. To round out the pillows, they’re packaged with either woven silver threads or an over-all silver treatment that “destroy almost 100 percent of bacteria” within a pillow.

The Dr. Oz Good Life Sleep System offers seven different types of pillows, including:

Say Goodnight Memory Foam Pillow: A memory foam pillow infused with CoolRelax gel and activated charcoal. Priced from $54.99 (Standard) to $64.99 (King).

Stay in Bed EngineeredDown Pillow: A classic down pillow with no-clump gelled fibers and crisp cotton. Priced at $49.99 (Standard) to $59.99 (King).

Stay the Night Premium Fill Pillow: A blend of shredded memory foam and EngineeredDown designed for all sleep styles. Priced at $49.99 (Standard) to $59.99 (King).

Say Goodnight Memory Foam Pillow: Plush, contouring comfort with memory foam to align your head, neck, and spine, which means no more waking up with a sore neck. Priced at $54.99 (Standard) to $64.99 (King).

Say Goodnight Side Sleeper Pillow: Combines memory foam with an ergonomic design to create a perfect pillow for side sleepers, including a shoulder cut-out to support your neck and head. Priced at $54.99 (Standard) to $64.99 (King).

Drift Off Dual-Sided Pillow: Comes with a reversible design to give you two pillows in one, including supportive memory foam and an EngineeredDown fill. Priced at $59.99 (Standard) to $69.99 (King).

Sleeping with Clouds Premium Down Pillow: A classic and traditional down pillow with a 700 fill, medium-firm feel, and supportive inner core. Priced at $99.99 (Standard) to $119.99 (King).

All pillows come with a 5-year warranty. The activated charcoal is manufactured from sustainable bamboo, while the CoolRelax gel claims to keep you cooler than traditional memory foam. The pillows with down clusters and feathers, meanwhile, are made from ethically harvested and washed material. The material goes through a 40-minute washing process and then is rinsed 20 times for a clean, hypoallergenic fill.

Good Life Toppers

Good Life Toppers are mattress toppers that can be added to any ordinary bed. You can buy a memory foam topper and other types of toppers ranging from $150 to $250.

Why are mattress toppers important for sleep? Dr. Oz claims his mattress toppers will reduce discomfort throughout the night:

“The contouring support of a mattress topper helps you toss and turn less throughout the night.”

Like other Dr. Oz Good Life Sleep System products, the mattress toppers come with multiple layers of antimicrobial technology, cooling technology, and silver. Each mattress topper has the same CoolRelax gel infusion, for example, along with the SilverScience nano-silver treatment.

Dr. Oz currently sells three types of mattress foam toppers, including:

Say Goodnight Memory Foam Topper ($120 to $230): This is the classic memory foam topper. It contains activated charcoal, SilverScience, and CoolRelax gel. The mattress foam topper claims to inhibit allergy-causing dust mites while the CoolRelax gel pulls heat away from your body while you sleep.

  • Twin: $119.99
  • Twin XL: $129.99
  • Full: $154.99
  • Queen: $189.99
  • King: $229.99
  • California King: $229.99

Sleep All Day Fast Response Memory Foam Topper ($110 to $210): This mattress topper is a plush, supportive mattress topper infused with cooling technology to help control sleep temperature. The mattress topper is two inches thick and infused with nano-silver treatment to destroy 99% of 650+ types of bacteria.

  • Twin: $109.99
  • Twin XL: $119.99
  • Full: $139.99
  • Queen: $169.99
  • King: $209.99
  • California King: $209.99

Straight to Sleep Dual-Sided Memory Foam Topper: This dual-sided mattress topper contains premium memory foam on one side and the bounce-back feel of different memory foam on the other side. Like other mattress toppers, it’s made with activated charcoal, silver, and other materials to inhibit bacteria and allergy-causing dust mites.

  • Twin: $129.99
  • Twin XL: $139.99
  • Full: $179.99
  • Queen: $209.99
  • King: $269.99
  • California King: $269.99

Good Life Weighted Blanket

The Dr. Oz Good Life Sleep System catalog includes a weighted blanket. The Center Yourself Dual-Sided Weighted Blanket provides deep pressure therapy to relieve anxiety disorders.

The webpage for the weighted blanket claims you’ll feel a sense of calm and wellbeing envelop you when you wrap the blanket around you. The dual-sided design of the blanket includes Cool TENCEL lyocell fabric on one side and warm, fleece fabric on the other side, helping you stay cool and comfortable in all four seasons.

The Center Yourself Dual-Sided Weighted Blanket is priced between $60 and $120, depending on your desired size and weight:

  • 5lb (Small Throw): $59.99
  • 8lb (Small Throw): $64.99
  • 10lb (Large Throw): $99.99
  • 12lb (Large Throw): $109.99
  • 15lb (Large Throw): $114.99
  • 20lb (Large Throw): $119.99

Good Life Bedding

The Dr. Oz Good Life Sleep System catalog also includes a variety of bedding products. Like other GoodLife sleep products, the bedding is infused with SilverScience to prevent bacteria. The bedding also uses material like TENCEL lyocell or hypoallergenic EngineeredDown filling.

Dr. Oz describes the bedding as “attainable” sleep solutions for you and the entire family:

“Your family deserves attainable sleep solutions so they can get the restorative rest they need.”

Good Life currently sells four bedding products, including an encasement protector, a mattress pad, and two down comforters.

Safe in Bed Encasement Protector: This encasement protector surrounds your mattress, giving it 360-degree protection from liquids, bed bugs, dust mites, and allergens. The protector has a layer of pure TENCELL lyocell on top, giving it a hypoallergenic sleep surface to complement the waterproof barrier underneath.

  • Twin: $49.99
  • Twin XL: $49.99
  • Full: $59.99
  • Queen: $69.99
  • King: $79.99
  • California King: $79.99

Safe in Bed Mattress Pad: The Safe in Bed Mattress Pad protects your mattress from spills using an EngineeredDown fill and a waterproof layer. It’s a combination of comfort and waterproof protection. The mattress pad also includes SilverScience threads for antibacterial protection.

  • Twin: $69.99
  • Twin XL: $74.99
  • Full: $79.99
  • Queen: $99.99
  • King: $119.99
  • California King: $119.99

Stay in Bed EngineeredDown Comforter: The Stay in Bed EngineeredDown Comforter comes with no-clump gelled fibers and a box-stitched design for optimal comfort. It also has a crisp cotton cover with duvet ties. Like other Good Life bedding products, the comforter is infused with SilverScience threads for antimicrobial properties.

  • Twin / Twin XL: $89.99
  • Full / Queen: $99.99
  • King / California King: $119.99

Sleeping with Clouds Premium Down Comforter: The Sleeping with Clouds Premium Down Comforter is a classic down comforter with an upgrade. It promises to enhance your comfort and cleanliness while providing a perfectly fluffy material, SilverScience threads, and a crisp cotton cover, among other features.

  • Twin / Twin XL: $169.99
  • Full / Queen: $219.99
  • King / California King: $249.99

Dr. Oz Good Life Sleep System Refund Policy

Dr. Oz Good Life Sleep System products come with a 30 to 120-day refund policy. You can request a refund for free with no restocking fee.

You can request a return within 30 days of your purchase (or 120 days for mattresses). Contact the company to initiate the refund process.

Contact Dr. Oz Good Life

You can contact Dr. Oz Good Life via the following:

  • Email: service@drozsleep.com
  • Phone (Sales): 1-888-412-0498
  • Phone (Support): 1-888-401-1520

FAQs About the Dr. Oz Good Life Sleep System

Q: How much is shipping?

A: All Dr. Oz Good Life Sleep System prices include shipping. There is no minimum purchase amount required.

Q: How much are returns?

A: Dr. Oz Good Life Sleep System offers free returns with no restocking fees or other charges. You can request a refund within 30 days (or 120 days for mattresses).

Q: How does the SilverScience silver infusion work?

A: The Dr. Oz Good Life Sleep System silver infusion technology infuses silver fibers into the threads of the mattresses, bedding, and other products. Silver has natural antimicrobial properties. When bacteria touch silver, they die. This could prevent dust mites, odor-causing bacteria, and other organisms within your mattresses.

Q: How does the CoolRelax gel infusion work?

A: Many Good Life Sleep System products come with the CoolRelax gel infusion, a gel-like substance that draws heat away from your body.

Q: How long does it take to adjust to a new mattress?

A: The Dr. Oz Good Life Sleep System team recommends sleeping on a mattress for 21 to 30 days before deciding if it’s right for you. Mattresses come with a 120 day refund policy.

Q: How do I clean a mattress?

A: Dr. Oz Good Life Sleep System recommends spot cleaning a mattress with mild detergent and a damp cloth. You should not soak the mattress or cover.

Q: What’s the difference between medium-plush and medium-firm?

A: Good Life mattresses are ranked from firm to medium to plush (hard to soft). Some mattresses are made from memory foam, which has its own separate scale. A plush memory foam mattress does not have the same firmness as a plush innerspring mattress.

Final Word

Dr. Oz has launched a lineup of mattresses, mattress toppers, adjustable bases, bedding, pillows, and other products under the Dr. Oz Good Life Sleep System brand.

Overall, the products emphasize high-quality bedding for a better sleep experience. A better sleep leads to improved overall health. The products also come with antimicrobial silver technology, cooling gel infusions, and other features.

To learn more about the Dr. Oz Good Life Sleep System products and how they work, visit online today at DrOzSleep.com.

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