Guides How To Be Healthy Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy: Reviewing the Program Research

Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy: Reviewing the Program Research

Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy is a 3-minute bedtime ritual that works to reverse type 2 diabetes overnight by focusing on inflammation, controlling cravings, insulin and blood sugar optimization.


Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy is an eBook that claims to reverse your diabetes as you sleep.

By following the recommendations in the eBook, you can purportedly manage blood sugar, eliminate the true cause of type 2 diabetes, and reverse your diabetes.

There’s no cure for type 2 diabetes. We know this much to be true. However, any doctor will tell you that there are numerous ways that lifestyle change and other factors can directly influence and even mitigate the effects of the devastating disease. In addition to dietary habits and regular exercise, sleep patterns can seriously impact the reality of life for sufferers of diabetes.

Still, a number of scams exist in the diabetes self-help market. It's necessary for men and women with diabetes to have an honest conversation with their doctors before beginning any new routine.

But does Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy work as advertised to “reverse” diabetes? Can you really eliminate symptoms of diabetes by following an eBook? Let’s take a closer look at what you’ll learn in Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy and how it works.

What is Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy?

Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy is an eBook sold online through

The eBook is sold online with a dramatic marketing campaign. That campaign features a video and text presentation where a man describes his wife’s battle with type 2 diabetes. That man’s wife, Lori, had been in a diabetic coma for five days. Doctors were worried if she was going to live. Instead, the diabetic coma turned into a “gift from above” because it led the couple to discover new strategies for reversing diabetes:

“These were the darkest days of my life….Yet strangely…What happened was also a gift from above because it forced us on an unusual journey where we discovered…A a 3-minute ritual which starts reversing diabetes type 2 from the very first time you take it…”

The man describes the strategy as a 3-minute ritual from the hills of northern Thailand. Lori used this ritual to “melt every last pound of clinging fat” away from her body.

After using the strategy to reverse his wife’s type 2 diabetes, the man shared the strategy with other friends, purportedly reversing their diabetes as well:

“…this same 3-minute ritual reversed every one of my friend Tom’s diabetes type 2 symptoms…Blasted away 40lbs of fat from his belly and revived his vigor, drive, and energy, giving him a second shot at youth.”

Obviously, there’s no cure for type 2 diabetes. However, Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy claims to share a way to “reverse” every symptom of type 2 diabetes. You still have type 2 diabetes – but you no longer experience symptoms of the condition.

That’s a bold claim – so let’s take a closer look at how Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy works and what you’ll learn in the eBook.

How Does Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy Work?

Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy claims to work by targeting the root cause of type 2 diabetes. Typically, type 2 diabetes is caused by diet, exercise, or genetics. Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy, however, claims that’s not the case:

“We also discovered the true cause of diabetes type 2…that has almost nothing to do with your diet, family history, age, or how much you exercise.”

Instead, the author claims type 2 diabetes is caused by a mysterious “inflammatory agent” that attacks your body at night. This inflammatory agent spikes your blood sugar and causes uncontrollable cravings.

The goal of Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy is to shut down this inflammatory agent while you sleep “and start reversing type 2 diabetes in weeks”.

To shut down this anti-inflammatory agent, Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy recommends doing two things:

Get longer, better-quality sleep

Drink a special tea every night

By doing these two things, you can purportedly reverse type 2 diabetes. We’ve seen other eBooks claim to reverse type 2 diabetes, but Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy claims you can do more than that. In fact, the eBook seems to suggest you can cure type 2 diabetes by following the lessons in Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy.

  • Other strategies covered in Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy include:
  • How to time sleep properly to reverse diabetes
  • Recipes for ten beverages that help control blood sugar and reverse type 2 diabetes
  • A shutdown sequence you can use at night to get a better-quality sleep
  • Carb-timing methods to increase sleepiness and promote better-quality sleep
  • How to avoid foods that spike your blood sugar
  • Nutrition strategies that shut down high blood sugar at its source

Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy shares this information through videos, eBooks, and digital reports.

Will Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy Cure Diabetes?

There’s no known cure for type 2 diabetes. However, Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy seems to suggest there is. The book claims you can “reverse” symptoms of type 2 diabetes, for example, but it also claims you can stop using diabetes medication and stop checking your blood regularly:

“How would it feel to never need to take diabetes meds or prick your finger ever again? What a relief it would be. Like a huge weight lifted from your shoulders. Imagine waking up in the morning, jumping out of bed full of energy, and seeing your blood sugar at a stable 90-100 every day…Or, the look of sheer amazement on your doctor’s face as he reads your health report and confirms you’re free of diabetes type 2.”

The sales page for Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy also cites customer testimonials from “former diabetics”. These customers purportedly eliminated type 2 diabetes by following the lessons in Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy.

Another person claims he’s no longer medically considered to be a diabetic:

“I’m not diabetic anymore, or even close…at first, I didn’t believe it, but I checked with another doctor, and he confirmed I’m free of diabetes too.”

Again, there’s no known cure for type 2 diabetes despite what Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy seems to suggest. When two doctors “confirm” that you’re “free of diabetes,” it seems clear you’re advertising a cure for diabetes – not a way to manage symptoms.

What is the Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy Tea?

Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy claims you can drink tea to reverse symptoms of diabetes. This tea comes from a remote area of northern Thailand. The author describes it as a “sleep tea” that:

  • Repairs your body
  • Increases metabolism
  • Curbs cravings
  • Rejuvenates the body
  • Reverses diabetes

The author describes it as “diabetes-reversing sleep tea.” This tea purportedly targets inflammation in your body. It targets cytokines explicitly as you sleep, reversing diabetes.

We can’t explain the tea or how it works upfront without spoiling the Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy. However, most teas are packed with antioxidants that target inflammation in your body. In fact, tea is the most common source of antioxidants for most people in the world, and any tea should impact inflammation.

What’s Included in Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy?

When you buy Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy, you get a bundle of digital products, videos, eBooks, and more, including all of the following:

Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy eBook: The eBook covers all of the topics mentioned above, explaining how to make a special tea and sleep better at night to reverse type 2 diabetes symptoms.

5-Part Video Series: Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy comes with a 5-part video series explaining how to reverse type 2 diabetes by drinking a special tea. The video series walks you through the same lessons in the Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy eBook. The videos are titled “Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy,” “Sleep Timing to Support Blood Sugar,” and “Diabetes Free Lifestyle,” among others.

9 Drinks for Healthy Blood Sugar eBook: Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy emphasizes drinking tea to reverse type 2 diabetes. However, the book also shares nine bonus drinks that balance blood sugar while you sleep.

Bonus #1: 30 Day Food Plan: This eBook explains the foods and beverages to eat to reverse type 2 diabetes.

Bonus #2: Aphrodisiac Foods & Plants: This eBook highlights libido-boosting nutrients for “maximizing your desire and energy and reversing the clock by a good 10 or 20 years”, according to the author.

Bonus #3: Fat Melting Tonics: This eBook describes how to burn fat by drinking the right smoothies and other beverages.

Who’s Behind Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy?

The author of Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy describes himself as a 62-year old man named Scott Hanson, who lives near Tucson, Arizona. Scott does not claim to have any medical or nutritional expertise. Instead, he claims to be a safety inspector for military equipment.

After nearly losing his wife Lori to type 2 diabetes, Scott claims he discovered a way to reverse it. Now, he’s sharing his discovery with the world through Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy.

You can contact Scott and the Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy team via

Frequently Asked Questions About Deep Sleep Diabetes

Diabetes self-help can be complex and difficult to understand. This section of our review should be a foundational source of knowledge as we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Deep Sleep Diabetes.

Q: What is included with Deep Sleep Diabetes?

A: For the one-time price of $37, consumers purchasing Deep Sleep Diabetes will gain access to several important resources. These include the original Deep Sleep Diabetes eBook, as well as three bonus. Bonus number one is an eBook that includes a 30-day meal plan to help consumers improve their eating habits. The second bonus is another eBook that includes information on “Aphrodisiac Foods & Plants.” The final bonus piece of content is a guide to “fat-melting tonics.”

Q: Is Deep Sleep Diabetes available online?

A: Yes. This eBook is currently only available online. No option to buy a physical copy exists. Consumers who prefer physical documents can likely print out their resources once they have been purchased from the official product website.

Q: Can sleep habits influence diabetes?

A: Absolutely. A wealth of research has demonstrated that the way consumers sleep can influence the symptoms they experience in relation to their diabetes. Sleeping too inconsistently can make it harder for the body to do the things it needs to do to regulate blood sugar and blood pressure properly.

Q: Can Deep Sleep Diabetes help people lose weight?

A: Yes! The original PDF eBook focuses primarily on helping people to eliminate diabetic symptoms by sleeping regularly and healthily. However, Deep Sleep Diabetes comes with an eBook dedicated to a 30-day meal plan, as well as another, which helps people with diabetes make their own “fat-burning tonics.”

Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy Pricing

Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy is priced at $37.

All products are digital. You can download the products immediately after your purchase.

You can drop the price to $27 simply by hovering your mouse over the escape or back button on the final sales page.

Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy Refund Policy

Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy comes with a 365-day refund policy. You can request a complete refund on your purchase within 365 days with no questions asked.

Since Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy is digital, you don’t have to return it to qualify for a refund.

Final Word

Doctors know that type 2 diabetes is typically caused by diet, exercises, or genetics. Doctors also know there’s no cure for type 2 diabetes.

Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy disputes both of these claims, suggesting that inflammatory agents attack your body overnight to cause diabetes. The eBook also suggests you can reverse all symptoms of diabetes within weeks by following a 3-minute therapy from northern Thailand. By following the lessons in the eBook, you can purportedly stop taking your diabetes medication and stop pricking your finger.

Overall, there’s no evidence that Deep Sleep Diabetes Remedy works as advertised to reverse type 2 diabetes.



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