Health Supplements Declinol Review: Reduce Alcohol Cravings and the Urge to Drink

Declinol Review: Reduce Alcohol Cravings and the Urge to Drink


Declinol is a supplement that helps men and women to reduce their drinking habits or stop them entirely. The supplement is available for purchase from the official website, where consumers have a few options to pick from, depending on the severity of their craving.

What is Declinol?

Millions of Americans drink alcohol, but there’s a very clear line between this being just recreational and being a problem. For consumers that feel the need to reduce their drinking, there’s Declinol. But how does it work?

Declinol Ingredients

Perhaps the most important ingredients in Declinol is the Kudzu root, which is made up of Daidzein, along with other phytonutrients. This substance naturally reduces the craving that the body has for alcohol, and it has been a part of Chinese medicine for over a millennium to help with these urges, but there are also 47 other isoflavones in Kudzu that help.

Along with kudzu root, consumers will find:

  • Bitter herbs, which can improve digestion and rebalance blood sugar
  • Folic acid, which is essential to brain function
  • Biotin, which helps the body to convert carbohydrates into energy
  • B complex, which helps with both mental and physical energy
  • Niacin, which helps with the health of the digestive system
  • Vitamin C, to reduce toxins in the body
  • Pantothenic Acid, to promote healthy liver function

The vitamin blend is crucial to the support that consumers need after drinking. Alcohol, after all, has proven to be a depressant, and refilling the body with nutritional support can be helpful.

Using Declinol

To get the desired support, consumers will need to either take two capsules with breakfast or divide the dose into a capsule at breakfast and a capsule at lunch. With the kit chosen, consumers will find that they are also provided with a Cravings Sprayer, which allows them to curb cravings for alcohol when the urge strikes.

Presently, there are no known side effects associated with the use of Declinol, but it should not be used by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, nor for consumers who take sedatives or anti-depressants.

Purchasing Declinol

To buy Declinol, consumers will need to choose which of the variations best meets their needs. Consumers can purchase:

  • Extra Strength 30-Day ($149 per month)
  • 60-Day ($229 per month)
  • Maximum Clinical 30-Day ($269 per month)
  • 60-day ($369 per month)
  • 90-day ($469 per month)
  • Regular Strength 15-day ($99 per month)

Contacting the Creators of Declinol

For consumers that still have other questions about Declinol, the customer service team can be reached by phone call or email.

  • Phone number: 1-800-385-5004
  • Email address:

Declinol Summary

Declinol is meant for any consumer that needs support to curb their alcohol cravings. With the vitamins and minerals included, as well as kudzu root, consumers manage to soothe their digestive system and subdue the need to drink alcohol. The product comes in various strengths for various levels of cravings, allowing the user to customize the approach.



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