CHILL & GROW Post-Workout CBD Oil Gummy Frogs – Leucine Infused?

CHILL & GROW Post-Workout CBD Oil Gummy Frogs

CHILL & GROW Post-Workout CBD Oil Gummy Frogs is a supplement that contains CBD oil within a gummy frog to help consumers deal with the inflammation that comes after a workout. The product is available in a bag of 10, with each frog containing 50mg of CBD.

What is CHILL & GROW Post-Workout CBD Oil Gummy Frogs?

Working out takes a lot out of the body, which is why many people prepare by taking a pre-workout drink, or by eating the right amount of protein. Nutritionally supporting the body is essential, but even the best preparation can leave the body sore. Rehydrating the body is crucial, but fighting the inflammation that occurs after weight-training is just as important. That is what CHILL & GROW Post-Workout CBD Oil Gummy Frogs is for.

CHILL & GROW Post-Workout CBD Oil Gummy Frogs offers a delicious gummy frog for nutritional support, but it is infused with CBD. With high levels of CBD, consumers are able to get relaxation in their muscles, fighting against the inflammation and soothing the user’s pain. Scientific studies show that CBD has a wide range of therapeutic benefits, which is much more so than what THC provides with its psychoactive effects.

Some people rely on a little pain-relieving pill and some Gatorade to handle the discomfort, but there’s only so much aspirin that someone can use before they damage their liver. Furthermore, this type of support loses potency over time, and there is a limit on what someone can take. These issues are not relevant with CBD.


Each one of the jelly-filled gummies is filled with 50mgs of CBD, nourishing the body as soon as the body digests it. For first-time consumers of CBD-infused products, the company recommends only eating about a quarter of the frog at once to see exactly how their body reacts. Wait about an hour to see results.

Some consumers that eat the gummies find it hard to control their motor skills, since it is common for CHILL & GROW to cause dizziness and drowsiness.

Pricing for CHILL & GROW Post-Workout CBD Oil Gummy Frogs

To get a package of the CHILL & GROW gummies, the total cost is $39.99. There is no subscription option available, so it is up to the user to submit the next order when they run low.

Due to the sensitive and perishable nature of the gummies, this company does not offer a return policy.

Contacting the Creators

With the limited information available online about the remedy, consumers may have questions about the product. While there is not a phone number or email address available, consumers can reach the customer service team by communicating with one of their social media profiles.

CHILL & GROW Post-Workout CBD Oil Gummy Frogs Conclusion

CHILL & GROW Post-Workout CBD Oil Gummy Frogs is exclusively meant for adults, though consumers can speak with their doctor for someone under 18 to use the product. The gummy frogs are easy to chew, and they help handle discomfort quickly, leaving the user ready for the next task ahead. However, consumers need to ease into the remedy each day to assess their tolerance.


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