Whole You Healing Detox

Whole You Healing Detox: Reviewing Danette May’s 3-Day Health Cleanse

The Whole You Healing Detox is a book that claims to teach readers how to completely cleanse and re-balance their body, mind, and emotions.The...
Pelvic Floor Strong System

Pelvic Floor Strong System: Alex Miller’s Pelvic Muscle Bladder Health

The Pelvic Floor Strong System is a total core training system that claims to help strengthen your pelvic floor. Your pelvic floor can weaken...

Heartburn No More: Review the Drug-Free Acid Reflux System

Heartburn No More is a holistic system for eliminating acid reflux and heartburn.By following the Heartburn No More protocol, you can purportedly cure acid...
calton nutrition

Calton Nutrition: Micronutrient Miracle Plan Supplement Research

Calton Nutrition is a nutritional advice platform created by husband and wife Jayson and Mira Calton. The Calton Nutrition website describes the Caltons as...

Antioxidants: Immune System Boosters Prevent Free Radical Damage

Free radicals are capable of doing enormous amounts of damage in your body. They can cause oxidative damage inside of your system which can...

Men & Women After 40 Muscle Boosting Fitness Workout Exercises

In part one of our Health & Fitness Beyond 40 series, we explained the importance of knowing your body, and outlined the best practices...
High Protein Foods

17 High Protein Foods You Should Be Eating: Healthy Diet Additions

People who want to be healthy are always looking for better ways to improve their diet. There are different schools of thought on carbohydrates,...
4 Your Health Review

4 Your Health: Reviewing the All In One On-Demand Health Program

4 Your Health is an all-in-one health platform featuring doctors, nurses, recipes, fitness classes, and more.You sign up for the platform, then access various...
South-Beach-Diet Keto

South Beach Diet Keto: Reviewing At-Home Low Carb Meal Plans

The South Beach Diet is a popular diet first discussed in a best-selling book from 2003.Today, the South Beach Diet continues to adapt to...
The Secrets of Underground Medicine book

Reviewing The Secrets of Underground Medicine Book Research

A growing number of Americans have become increasingly dissatisfied with the traditional medical industry. Big Pharma has created thousands of pharmaceutical solutions that come...