Gadgets Oral Care Devices Byte Impression Kit: Review the At-Home Day & Night Aligners

Byte Impression Kit: Review the At-Home Day & Night Aligners

Byte Impression Kit is an at-home doctor-directed treatment with day and night aligners using Hyperbyte technology that straighten your teeth with orthodontist support and remote monitoring.


Byte’s Impression Kit is the first step towards getting Byte aligners and improving your smile.

You buy the Byte Impression Kit for $95, then use the kit to make a mold of your mouth. Byte’s orthodontists review your impression, create a treatment plan, and tell you exactly how to fix your teeth.

Find out everything you need to know about Byte and the Byte Impression Kit today in our review.

What is Byte?

Byte is a startup company that aims to straighten your teeth using invisible aligners.

Found online at, Byte makes it easier than ever to get an invisible aligner that straightens teeth and corrects dental problems.

Over the last few months, Byte has been featured by Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, InStyle, and Harvard Medical School, among other major media. The company also has a 4.9 star out of 5 rating on Google Reviews.

Your journey to a straighter smile starts with a Byte Impression Kit. You buy the kit for $95, use the kit to create a mold of your teeth, then receive a customized treatment plan from Byte’s orthodontists based on that mold.

That treatment plan will recommend Byte’s All-Day Aligners (which fix your smile in 3 to 4 months while you wear them for 22 hours per day) or Byte’s At-Night Aligners (which fix your smile in 5 to 6 months while you wear them for 10+ hours at night).

Let’s take a closer look at how the Byte Impression Kit works to see if it’s the right choice for you.

How Does Byte Work?

The Byte Impression Kit is the first step towards a straighter smile. Here’s how the Byte system works:

Step 1) Buy the Byte Impression Kit: This kit comes with impression trays, molding putty, putty gloves, and a smile stretcher, giving you everything you need to create an accurate mold of your teeth. Byte ships the impression kit to your address, and you use the included return shipping box to ship your completed kit back to the company.

Step 2) Orthodontists Review Results: Byte has in-house orthodontists who review your impression tray, then create a customized treatment plan. These orthodontists personally analyze your results, then create a fully interactive 3D model of your mouth to explain that exact treatment plan.

Step 3) Receive Custom Aligners: You buy custom aligners from Byte, and the company ships those aligners directly to your door. You can choose the day or night aligners, depending on how long you want to wear the aligners – and whether you want to wear them during the day or at night.

Once you receive the aligners, you wear them for 3 to 5 months to straighten your teeth and correct dental issues. The aligners work with no in-office visits and half the treatment time of competitors.

The aligners aren’t just ordinary retainers: you use HyperByte High Frequency Vibration (HFV) technology to cut treatment time in half. This technology reduces discomfort and speeds up the rate at which your smile is fixed. You place the vibration device in your mouth while using the retainer, enhancing the effectiveness of the system.

Byte Features & Benefits

Byte emphasizes all of the following features and benefits:

  • Fix your teeth with no in-office visits required
  • Straighten teeth and correct dental issues with half the treatment time of competitors
  • Smile Science Advanced Aesthetic Treatment
  • Byte For Life lifetime guarantee
  • In-house orthodontists who personally create your treatment plan
  • Correct teeth with just 3 to 5 months of aligner use

How Does the Byte Impression Kit Work?

Your journey to a better smile starts with the Byte Impression Kit.

The kit includes all of the following:

  • Impression trays
  • Molding putty
  • Putty gloves
  • Smile stretcher
  • Return shipping box

You receive the impression kit, put on the putty gloves, fill the impression trays with molding putty, then place the trays in your mouth and bite down.

Let the molding putty harden to create an accurate imprint of your mouth, then send the trays back to Byte using the pre-paid return shipping envelope.

The Byte orthodontists will personally review your impressions, create a treatment plan, and construct a fully interactive 3D model of your mouth using the impression tray. Then, you can order custom aligners to fix your teeth.

Byte All-Day vs. At-Night Aligners

You can choose two types of Byte aligners, including All-Day Aligners or At-Night Aligners. The aligners have different costs treatment durations, and usage instructions:

All-Day Aligners

  • Average treatment time of 3 to 4 months
  • Hyperbyte technology
  • Wear daily for 22 hours
  • $1,895 (one-time payment) or $83 per month (for 29 months with $349 deposit)

At-Night Aligners

  • Estimated treatment time of 5 to 6 months
  • Hyperbyte technology
  • Wear nightly for 10 continuous hours
  • Wear with doctor approval for mild cases
  • $2,295 (one-time payment) or $99 per month (for 29 months with $449 deposit)

Byte Pricing

Byte is exclusively available to order through Here’s how pricing breaks down:

Byte Impression Kit: $95

Byte All-Day Kit: $1,895 (or $83 per month for 29 months with $349 deposit)

Byte At-Night Kit: $2,295 (or $99 per month for 29 months with $49 deposit)

As part of a recent promotion, Byte has dropped the price of the Byte Impression Kit to just $29.95.

It’s possible your dental insurance covers Byte. In fact, you can message the company with your dental policy, and they’ll check to see if Byte is covered. The company specifically works with Anthem, Guardian, and Empire. If insurance covers Byte, you’ll pay $445 for the treatment, according to the official Byte website.

Byte Refund Policy and Guarantee

Byte offers a lifetime guarantee on its medical-grade retainers.

Here’s how the company explains its “Byte For Life” guarantee:

“We guarantee your new smile forever. If at any time after going through your byte treatment process that your smile moves out of alignment, we'll help get it back into alignment at no additional cost.”

About Byte

Byte is a Santa Monica, California-based company with a network of orthodontists and dentists across the United States.

The company describes itself as a teledentistry platform, helping clients across the United States access affordably-priced dental care. In fact, Byte is partnered with the American TeleDentistry Association (ATDA).

You can contact Byte via the following:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 866-653-3209
  • Text: 310-272-5019

Final Word

Byte is a teledentistry startup that offers unique alignment retainers to fix your smile and straighten your teeth.

Your Byte journey starts with an impression kit, currently available through for $30. You buy the impression kit, send a mold of your teeth to Byte, and receive a 3D model of your teeth and a customized treatment plan from Byte’s orthodontists. If you like the treatment plan and want to straighten your teeth, then you can buy Byte’s aligners for $1,800 to $2,200.

To learn more about Byte and the Byte impression Kit, visit online today at



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