Supplements CBD & Hemp American Hemp Oil – Natural CBD Capsules, Creams, Drops & Vapes?

American Hemp Oil – Natural CBD Capsules, Creams, Drops & Vapes?


About American Hemp Oil

The use of cannabidiol (CBD) has been making the news in recent times. With its potential in easing seizures and reducing its frequency in the long run, CBD has been favorable among many consumers.

Similarly, it is believed to contribute towards eased mental health by targeting common symptoms like stress, depression and anxiety on a temporary basis. Fortunately, there exists a brand that sees the same potential most consumers do when it comes to CBD, and it is none other than American Hemp Oil.

Having been in the industry for a fair amount of time, American Hemp Oil understands the need for quality information and source of CBD. With their continuous research, they have managed to incorporate CBD in various mediums of delivery. The following review will look closely at what American Hemp Oil has to offer and their individual breakdowns. This will allow consumers to better assess what best suits their needs.

What Does American Hemp Oil Offer?

American Hemp Oil currently offers 4 unique essentials that contain CBD as their main ingredient, which are also believed to contain other supporting ingredients as well. What singles them out from the rest is their ability to serve both humans and pets. Here is a quick breakdown of each product with respect to their purpose, ingredients, and directed uses:

CBD Vape Oil

As the name implies, the CBD Vape Oil comes in liquid form to satisfy one’s vaping experience. For a quantity of 15ml, American Hemp Oil was able to incorporate 300mg of CBD with each serving containing 20mg. It can be used as the main liquid or combined with other e-liquids. Other ingredients include propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and natural flavors to ensure that taste and potency are on par.

CBD Capsules

By taking the CBD Capsules, consumers are believed to attain the relief they require. Each serving may contain 1500mg of CBD, which is significantly high. Besides the presence of CBD, the capsules also include MCT Oil from coconut oil. Lastly, usage is what confuses many consumers because it is not based on a one-size fits all basis. It is ideal to take 1 capsule to test for effectiveness prior to taking 2 per day.

CBD Cream

A topical CBD solution is uncommon, but according to American Hemp Oil, it is in fact efficient. Consumers are recommended to apply the cream onto desired region for optimal pain relief. If the effects are not felt within 10 to 15 minutes of use, then this respective cream is not ideal. Considering the fact that it contains close to 1000mg CBD within the ounce offered, some effects should be experienced.

CBD Oil For Pets

Dogs are amongst many animals that are believed to experience seizures. Of the entire dog population, at least 0.5 to 5% of dogs undergo such phenomenon. While the cause is unclear, some common symptoms may include jerking, twitching, drooling and failing to move. The CBD Oil Pets can come handy in such cases, as it contains 25mg of CBD per serving.

Smaller dogs weighing up to 7.5lbs are recommended half the serving size of heavier dogs twice daily. Ideally, one must observe their pets’ reactions at lower doses prior to increasing them. Along with the use of CBD, the CBD Oil for Pets also includes raw organic hemp seed oil.

It is evident that American Hemp Oil has come up with products that may satisfy consumers individually. With the several mediums available, one is certain to find what best reflects their needs.

In particular, they have greatly emphasized CBD concentration, as each serving is strong. It is also important to note that none of these essentials contain any form of THC, a mind-altering component, as the CBD used is proclaimed as a hemp oil derivative.

What Can Be Said About its Price Ranges?

The prices appear to be reasonable, as the doses of CBD found in each product is significantly potent. The following prices breakdown will allow one to have a better understanding of the overall affordability:

  • CBD Vape Oil: $59.99 for 15ml
  • CBD Capsules: $169 for 30 capsules
  • CBD Cream: $99 for one ounce
  • CBD Oil for Pets: $49 for 10ml

American Hemp Oil Review Summary

Based on the analysis above, it appears that each CBD infused product offered by American Hemp Oil contains significantly higher concentrations of CBD per serving compared to the leading brand.

To cut off its bitterness, they’ve taken a step further to infuse other ingredients to make the entire experience a tasteful one. Besides their ability to serve both consumers and pets, what makes American Hemp Oil valuable is their transparency, as each product comes with lab results indicating the quantity and strength of each ingredient.

While the prices may appear to be high, especially for the quantity offered, each purchase can last anywhere between 30 and 45 days, making it worthwhile.

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