Accelerate 17 – Dr Mike's Weight Loss Meal Plan Guide?

Weight loss can be a challenging experience, as many hindrances may either demotivate or completely prevent one from continuing onwards. What many claims have failed to underline is the fact that weight loss can be influenced by several variables; making it hard to pinpoint the exact ones. A common claim is that eating healthy and training efficiently can bring weight loss results. While it is partly true, each individual might be influenced by both, internal and external factors as well. Dr Mike, creator of the 17-Day Diet and Accelerate 17 has been able to break free from socially accepted norms, and has used science as a basis to potentially induce desirable results.

By following the Accelerate 17, consumers no longer need to count calories, consume bland foods, workout intensely at the gym or stave themselves. In particular, its program is said to bring results in as little as 17 days. The following review will analyze the Accelerate 17 with respect to its purpose, what it entails, and many more.

What Is Accelerate 17?

The Accelerate 17 is a program that has been designed in a safe, healthy and scientific manner.  Its foundation is said to rely on the principles found in Dr Mike’s book, the 17-Day Diet. Ultimately, its purpose is to help consumers achieve immediate weight loss results. In addition, following the program can improve other factors of one’s health including energy levels and body fat percentage. Speaking of fat, consumers are believed to experience a phenomenon called metabolic confusion in the entire process.

Metabolic confusion diets work by confusing the body into increasing one’s metabolic rate. It requires consumers to constantly change their meal plans, which in turn, leaves the body adapting to different foods. Upon changing cycles, consumers will be required to add healthier and healthier foods along the way. A 2014 study by a group individuals from the Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences found that calorie shifting, an equivalent term to metabolic confusion, is beneficial in weight loss goals, as participants found a drop of 1kg within a month (Davoodi, H, et al, 2014).

What Is Dr Mike's Weight Loss Meal Plan Guide Composed Of?

Here is a quick breakdown of what consumers can expect to receive in terms of informative data:

Accelerate 17 Kickstarter Guide:

The Accelerate 17 Kickstarter Guide is to help consumers who are new to the idea of metabolic confusion understand its foundation by providing scientifically evidences, the background on the program, how-to’s, and what can be expected.

Meal Planning Resources Kit:

Since food is a variable to consider, the Accelerate 17 contains meal plans that specify what foods are appropriate, 20 different types of recipes to increase one’s creativity, and printable resources to help consumers keep on track.

 Accountability Coaching And Diet Hacks:

Consumers can expect videos and tips from Dr Mike that claim to keep one focused on their program and goals. Some sample topics one can look forward to include diet hacks, fitness tips, ways to reduce health tricks, clean and convenient eating, satisfaction and more.


Three bonuses are also offered, which include access to a Facebook community to keep each other motivated, a motivation assessment to ensure hindrances do not bring a drastic impact on consumers and sample ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks to prevent boredom and binge eating.

How Does Accelerate 17 Work?

The moment consumers sign up to the Accelerate 17, the information needed will be immediately provided to kickstart one’s weight loss journey. This mostly includes every component of the program. According to the claims made, assistance from Dr Mike himself is said to be possible whenever one requires it. What makes this program unique is that failure to follow with consistency is not penalized, as consumers can quickly recover from, for example, cheat meals.

How Much Can Consumers Expect To Invest In Accelerate 17?

For the entire program, consumers can expect to invest $47 in the Accelerate 17. The price is fair given that consumers have everything they need to take part in metabolic confusion. In addition, external support from both Dr Mike and the community is available to ensure that consumers have the required help in times of confusion, dissatisfaction or demotivation.

Accelerate 17 Final Thoughts

Overall, the Accelerate 17 appears to be an effective way to lose weight. By confusing the body and making it adapt to changes on a daily basis,  it can help to lose weight. Several studies have also concluded that calorie shifting diets do in fact contribute towards weight loss.

This program is for anyone of any weight, physical activity, BMI and more; making it beneficial for the entire population. It is just as important to consider exercise with the use of the Accelerate 17, as it can increase one’s ability to survive. What makes Dr. Mike’s program commendable is its ability to serve anyone of any level of knowledge, as he starts from the very basic terms to providing several evidences that can help one confidently take up the Accelerate 17 challenge. For more information, check out:

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