Guides How To Lose Weight 7 Day Jumpstart: Reviewing Danette May’s Fitness Workouts and Meal Plans

7 Day Jumpstart: Reviewing Danette May’s Fitness Workouts and Meal Plans

The 7 Day Jumpstart by Danette May is a health and wellness program that focuses on effective workout movements, mouth-watering anti-inflammatory meal plans and mind-clearing meditations.


7 Day Jumpstart is a book by popular wellness expert Danette May that highlights healthy anti-inflammatory recipes, fitness exercises, and other therapies to help improve your life and health. 

By following the lessons in the eBook, readers can purportedly get results in just seven days. The eBook contains metabolism-boosting exercises, mouth-watering meals, mind-clearing meditations, and more.

Is 7 Day Jumpstart worth the price? Should you buy 7 Day Jumpstart? Find out everything you need to know about the eBook today in our comprehensive review.

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What is 7 Day Jumpstart?

7 Day Jumpstart is an eBook that claims to trick your body into thinking it’s on a strict diet even when youre eating up to 6 times a day.

The eBook contains three types of therapies, including:

•   Delicious meals you can eat up to 6 times per day
Metabolism-boosting movements and exercises that can increase fat release by up to 28.5%
Mind-clearing meditations that can help you clear your brain in 5 minutes a day or less

7 Day Jumpstart is available online through, where you can purchase a physical copy or eBook. In fact, the website is giving away free copies of the book you just pay shipping and handling.

7 Day Jumpstart was written by a healthy lifestyle expert named Danette May. She first published the book in 2012, although the book was updated in 2019.

How Does the 7 Day Jumpstart Diet Work?

7 Day Jumpstart is based on the idea that you can refresh your body with 7 days of therapies. The book highlights exercises, recipes, and meditations you can perform to rejuvenate your body in just seven days.

Much of the book’s advice is based on the idea that inflammation is a major culprit to uncontrollable weight gain and other issues. When your body has high inflammation, it’s more difficult to lose weight.

However, 7 Day Jumpstart is careful to explain that it’s not a strict diet: you can still eat meals up to 6 times per day. The goal of the 7 Day Jumpstart diet is to trick your body into thinking it’s on a strict diet.

“If you want to eat delicious, satisfying meals up to 6 times a day, without counting a single calorie, weighing portions, or feeling like you have to scour the cupboards for a midnight snack…The 7 Day Jumpstart is the BEST way to do it.”

The goal of the diet is to flood your body with anti-inflammatory foods and ingredients.

Certain foods increase inflammation in your body, while others decrease inflammation. Some foods are rich with antioxidants, which fight oxidation and inflammation within your body. Berries and other foods, for example, are loaded with inflammation-fighting antioxidants.

The authors of 7 Day Jumpstart claim that inflammation begins in your fat cells. When you eat glucose (sugar), your cells produce extra reactive oxygen species, causing inflammation within your cells. This causes fat cells to expand and appear puffy. That means the more fat you carry, the more inflamed you are.

Inflammation also inhibits weight loss in two other ways:

Inflammation prevents fat from breaking down. It creates insulin resistance, which inhibits the breakdown of fat cells and stimulates the creation of body fat.
Inflammation makes you hungry, even if you’re eating clean. Inflammation causes the hypothalamus in your brain to become resistant to leptin.

Because of these effects, inflammation is linked with weight loss. 7 Day Jumpstart targets inflammation by giving you a 7 day diet rich with anti-inflammatories and antioxidants.

7 Day Jumpstart Foods and Recipes

7 Day Jumpstart emphasizes foods rich with anti-inflammatories. Some of the specific foods recommended through the 7 Day Jumpstart diet include:

Green tea
Strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries
Ground turkey with warm fruit
Fruit delight
Tomato avocado and egg on toast
Burger in a lettuce wrap
Salmon and veggies

7 Day Jumpstart emphasizes easy-to-make meals you can make using ingredients at any local grocery store.

7 Day Jumpstart Exercises & Therapies

Diet is just one part of 7 Day Jumpstart. The book also discusses exercises and meditation therapies. You can use these home workouts and therapies to further reduce inflammation.

These exercises purportedly reach “deep into your cells” to turn off one of the core signals of inflammation, “helping your body feel more calm, while ramping up your metabolism”.

Most of the movements will be familiar to someone who has been to a yoga class. Expect lots of yoga-like movements that help clear your mind.

The book also highlights metabolism-boosting exercises, including quick and easily daily movements that can quickly raise your metabolism. In one cited study, participants raised metabolism 30% with these exercises.

7 Day Jumpstart also highlights meditation and mindfulness exercises. These therapies are similar to yoga breathing therapies. 7 Day Jumpstart cites studies showing that people who take part in daily meditation practices had lower blood-markers for inflammatory genes.

With just a few minutes of exercises and mindfulness therapies per day, you can purportedly reduce inflammation even further.

What Will You Learn in 7 Day Jumpstart?

7 Day Jumpstart contains exercises, therapies, movements, and more to reduce inflammation. Here are some of the things readers will discover in 7 Day Jumpstart:

Non-inflammatory foods and recipes that can maintain healthy inflammation in your body, including protein, fat, grains, fruits, and vegetables
Easy-to-make meals you can create using ingredients found at any grocery store.
Meal options split into ‘for her’ and ‘for him’ to emphasize healing foods that work for you.
11 fat-loss superfoods that naturally boost metabolism and make you feel great.
Quick calorie-burning workouts that can be done at home in minutes with no equipment or preparation required
Healing workouts that emphasize quick, focused movements to jumpstart your metabolism

Who’s Behind 7 Day Jumpstart?

7 Day Jumpstart was written by Danette May. She’s a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. She’s also the founder of Mindful Health and The Rise Movement, a community of millions around the world.

Danette has worked with some of the world’s leading fitness professionals and athletes, including Jillian Michaels and George St. Pierre. She has also been featured in The Huffington Post, CBS Los Angeles, Women’s Health, and other media. Her official website,, describes Danette as “America’s leading healthy lifestyle expert.”

The original version of 7 Day Jumpstart appeared in 2012. The book has been regularly updated over the years, with the latest edition released in 2019. Danette May also has the Whole You Healing Detox, Cacao Bliss and Golden Superfood Bliss health supplements as well.

Frequently Asked Questions About the 7 Day Jumpstart

This section will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about the 7 Day Jumpstart Diet, including the science and people behind it.

Q: Does this diet work?

A: Evidence suggests that the basic nutritional concepts behind the 7 Day Jumpstart are legitimate. The creator Danette May has worked with a number of health professionals to help fortify and develop this solution, which adds much to the legitimacy of the program at-large.

Q: What does the 7 Day Jumpstart include?

A: As of now, this program is just an extended eBook. Inside the eBook, consumers will learn about a wide variety of things, including fat loss superfoods, healthy workouts, and more. The creators of this eBook claim that it provides a comprehensive overview of a number of strategies necessary to spur weight loss and improve your life.

Q: Who created the 7 Day Jumpstart eBook?

A: This eBook was created initially by Danette May, a self-help and nutritional expert known for her founding of the Mindful Health and The Rise Movements, which have quickly become very popular worldwide communities for consumers looking to lose weight and become more healthy.

Q: What science supports the 7 Day Jumpstart eBook?

A: The main scientific assumptions backing this weight loss program is that inflammation helps to prevent the breakdown of fat. This supposition is relatively supported within the scientific community, although other theories accounting for how weight loss can be promoted are certainly also available.

7 Day Jumpstart Pricing

7 Day Jumpstart is available free as part of a recent promotion. Just pay shipping, and the book will be shipped to your door.

Price: $0 + $9.95 Shipping

You can pay online via credit card or PayPal.

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7 Day Jumpstart Refund Policy

7 Day Jumpstart comes with a 60-day refund policy, which is identical to most products sold through Clickbank. You can request a refund at any point within 60 days of your purchase, then receive all your money back.

You do not need to return your copy of the book to qualify for a refund. It’s your book to keep.

Final Thoughts

7 Day Jumpstart is a book highlighting recipes, workouts, mindfulness therapies, and more. The book explains how to maintain healthy inflammation by eating certain foods, following certain therapies, or performing certain meditations.

By following the lessons in the book, you can reportedly rejuvenate your body within just 7 days.

7 Day Jumpstart is available online through a free offer. You just pay a $10 shipping fee. You can buy 7 Day Jumpstart online today through



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