Supplements Vitamins 1MD OsteoMD: Review a Natural Bone Health Support Supplement

1MD OsteoMD: Review a Natural Bone Health Support Supplement

OsteoMD by 1MD is a clinical-strength bone health support supplement that builds density and mass using doctor recommended ingredients like MenaQ7 Vitamin K2 and Calzbone C. Quadrangularis.


OsteoMD is a nutritional supplement made by 1MD that claims to support bone health.

By taking OsteoMD daily, you can purportedly build bone mass, minimize bone loss, and recover from bone fractures more quickly, among other benefits.

Does OsteoMD really support symptoms of osteoarthritis? How does OsteoMD work? Find out everything you need to know about “the most powerful bone health formula on the market” today in our review.

What is OsteoMD?

OsteoMD is a nutritional supplement sold online through

As part of a 2020 marketing campaign, 1MD has launched a video and sales page for OsteoMD. In the video, we learn more about the story behind OsteoMD as narrated by rheumatologist and internist Dr. Adam Kreitenberg.

1MD describes OsteoMD as “the most powerful bone health formula on the market.” The company claims its formula is built on the same science that has “helped millions get better bones.”

People take all types of supplements, drugs, and therapies to support bone health. Does OsteoMD really support bone health with a simple nutritional supplement formula? Let’s take a closer look at how OsteoMD works.

How Does OsteoMD Work?

OsteoMD claims to be one of the best supplements on the market for supporting bone health. While other bone health supplements simply contain calcium and vitamin D, OsteoMD contains unique vitamins, plant compounds, and herbal extracts we don’t see in other formulas.

By taking OsteoMD, people with bone issues and osteoarthritis can purportedly experience the following benefits:

  • Help build bone mass and minimize bone loss
  • Promote quicker fracture recovery time
  • Increase muscle coordination
  • Boost the strength of brittle bones
  • Maintain normal bone density
  • Increase bone strength and overall body strength

The supplement was formulated by Dr. Adam Kreitenberg, MD, a board-certified rheumatologist and internist. He claims to have built OsteoMD to improve bone density, enhance bone mineralization, boost calcium absorption, and support other benefits.

Today, Dr. Kreitenberg and the 1MD team market OsteoMD to anyone who wants strong and healthy bones, better skeletal strength, and improved overall bone health, among other benefits.

1MD surveyed 300 OsteoMD users. Of those users, 95% experienced greater energy and vitality, 94% would recommend OsteoMD to friends and family, and 92% reported feeling less frail after taking OsteoMD.

Obviously, plenty of bone health supplements make identical claims. Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients behind OsteoMD to determine what makes the formula unique.

OsteoMD Ingredients

OsteoMD uses several ingredients we don’t find in other bone health supplements, including all of the following:

MenaQ7 Vitamin K2: MenaQ7 is a unique, patented form of vitamin K2 that, according to 1MD, can help improve bone density. The ingredients works by redirecting calcium from your arteries. This calcium would normally clot your arteries, although 1MD claims the formula redirects it to your bones instead. 1MD describes MenaQ7 as “vital” for your bone health because it’s “the first and only clinically backed and patented” version of vitamin K2. 1MD also claims no other supplement uses the clinically effective dosage of MenaQ7 found in OsteoMD.

Calzbone C. Quadrangularis: Calzbone is a patented extract made from C. Quadrangularis. It sounds like an exotic and fancy ingredient – although it’s basically a unique type of grape extract. C. quadrangularis extract comes from veldt grape, which has been used for centuries to improve bone health. 1MD claims the Calzbone in OsteoMD can increase bone density by 17%. It can also reduce the time it takes to heal a fracture by 4 weeks.

Calcium Hydroxyapatite: It’s no secret that calcium is crucial for bone health. However, 1MD describes calcium hydroxyapatite as the “scaffolding” on which your bones are made. Your body uses this ingredient to build bones.

Vitamin D3: Vitamin D3 is a crucial mineral for many body functions, including bone health. 1MD claims the vitamin D3 in OsteoMD has been clinically shown to help improve bone density better than a calcium supplement alone. 1MD also claims their vitamin D3 will help with muscle coordination, which makes you more balanced and reduces the chance of a fall.

All active ingredients are packaged into a vegetable cellulose capsule with rice flour, vegetable oil powder, and silica used as fillers, binders, and preservatives.

Scientific Evidence for OsteoMD

1MD has not conducted any clinical trials or scientific studies on OsteoMD to prove it works as advertised to improve bone density, support bone health, and provide other benefits.

However, the company cites other independent studies on the individual ingredients in OsteoMD, including various studies proving OsteoMD could help with bone issues.

1MD cites this 2017 study, for example, that analyzed how vitamin K2 impacted osteoporosis and bone health. Researchers analyzed evidence on vitamin K2, concluding that vitamin K2 “regulates bone remodeling” and helps maintain adult bones. “Bone remodeling” is a process where your body removes old or damaged bones (via osteoclasts) and replaces it with new bone (via osteoblasts). Vitamin K2 helps keep this bone formation process balanced, preventing your body from making too much or too little bone.

The specific vitamin K2 formula in OsteoMD has been studied for its impact on bone health. This 2015 study published in Nutrients showed that Menaquinone-7 (MenaQ7) supplementation reduced vascular calcification in patients with coronary artery disease. In other words, MenaQ7 redirected calcium from your arteries (where it increases the risk of heart attack, stroke, and other issues) to your bones and other parts of your bodies, working in two ways to support cardiovascular health and bone health.

MenaQ7 has gone through long-term studies proving it works. This 2013 study showed that Menaquinone-7 supplementation decreased bone loss in healthy postmenopausal women. Researchers gave 244 women a placebo or 180mcg of MenaQ7 every day for 3 years, checking on participants every year. Researchers concluded that MK-7 supplements could help postmenopausal women prevent bone loss.

OsteoMD uses vitamin D to support bone health. As this 2018 review study explained, vitamin D deficiency is uncommon in the United States and most other developed countries, although vitamin D deficiency is linked with a range of issues – including calcium homeostasis and bone metabolism.

It’s no secret that vitamin K2 and vitamin D can support bone health in various ways. However, you can get vitamin K2 and vitamin D from other supplements. OsteoMD contains a unique ingredient we don’t see in other bone health supplements: Cissus quadrangularis (C. quadrangularis).

C. quadrangularis, also known as veldt grape or devil’s backbone, is a plant belonging to the grape family. The plant is rich with vitamin C and antioxidants like carotenoids, tannins, and phenols, which is why some believe it’s linked with health benefits. The plant is native to Asia, Africa, and the Arabian Peninsula, where it’s been used for centuries for health and wellness.

Toady, research shows that C. quadrangularis is linked with several benefits – although research is limited overall.

In this study, for example, researchers gave C. quadrangularis to mice with osteoporosis, finding that it helped prevent bone loss by altering levels of proteins involved in bone metabolism. In a separate study, researchers gave 500mg of C. quadrangularis extract to 9 people 3 times per day over a 6 week period and found it sped up the healing of a fractured jaw bone.

Overall, the ingredients in OsteoMD should work as advertised to support bone health in various ways. Although more largescale human research is needed on C. quadrangularis, early evidence is promising for the compound’s ability to support bone health.

OsteoMD Pricing

OsteoMD is priced at $41 to $50 per bottle, depending on how many bottles you order:

1 Bottle: $49.99 + $5.95 Shipping

3 Bottles: $134.97 + Free Shipping

6 Bottles: $245.94 + Free Shipping

Pricing is slightly higher on the official website and other sources. If you do not order through the promotion page, you could pay $46 to $51 per bottle.

OsteoMD Refund Policy

1MD offers a 90 day refund policy on most supplements, including OsteoMD.

Contact the company to initiate the refund process, then send the bottles back to the manufacturer (even if they’re empty) within 90 days of your purchase.

Returns Address: 675 N 2800 W #101, Lindon, UT 84042

About 1MD

1MD is a nutritional supplement company that offers a range of doctor-formulated supplements targeting different health goals.

Popular 1MD supplements include BiomeMD (for digestion), MoveMD (for joint support), and ProstateMD (for prostate health).

1MD partners with several medical doctors to formulate its supplements, include Dr. Adam Kreitenbrg (dual board-certified in rheumatology and internal medicine) and Dr. David Kahana (board-certified in pediatrics and gastroenterology and certified in medical nutrition).

You can contact 1MD via the following:

Email Form:

Phone: (888) 393-4030

Final Word

1MD’s OsteoMD claims to support bone health in multiple ways. By taking OsteoMD daily, you can purportedly speed up the time it takes your body to heal fractures, improve bone health, prevent fractures, reduce the risk of falling, and enjoy other benefits.

Overall, OsteoMD contains ingredients that could support bone health in various ways, including unique ingredients like C. quadrangularis that are not found in other supplements. The supplement also comes with transparent ingredient dosages and a generous 90 day refund policy.

To learn more about OsteoMD and how the supplement works, visit online today at



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