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10 Best Beet Supplements 2018: Increased Nitric Oxide Levels?


There are many different types of superfoods out there, and beetroot is definitely one of them. Some say that due to its superior ability to fight inflammations, its exceptional antioxidant powers, and unparalleled endurance-boosting capabilities it is much more than just a superfood.

Because of these exceptional properties, beetroot has become one of the most sought-after supplements. Fitness and health enthusiasts are constantly looking for the newest and best beetroot supplement to help them accomplish their goals.

As with many other popular supplements, finding the right beetroot supplement can be somewhat tricky. Not all companies have the same formula in mind when making these superior supplements and choosing the right one can be somewhat of a hassle.

Popular Beetroot Supplements

Fortunately, we are here to help you make that decision a bit easier. Here is a list of our most used beetroot supplements and some information that we have gathered about them. Remember, these products aren’t listed in any specific order.

Ora Renewable Energy

Most pre-workout supplements contain quite a bit of protein in them, among other things. Ora has done something we consider somewhat unique, they have created a pre-workout supplement which is completely plant-based and designed to give you as much energy as possible. Of course, their key ingredient is beetroot, primarily for its nitric oxide enhancing capabilities.

Beetroot is already fully capable of boosting your energy levels but with the addition of green coffee bean and matcha, this energy boosting effect becomes much more powerful and is able to deliver an incredible amount of energy for any and all of your needs.

Additionally, Ora also managed to avoid those pesky artificial flavors and other ingredients which we don’t usually want to see in all natural supplements. So if you are looking for something pure and free of extra unnecessary ingredients, then Ora Renewable Energy is a pretty good choice.

Lakewood Organic Pure Beet Juice

As most of you most likely already gathered, most of these beetroot based supplements usually come in powdered form, for a good reason too. However, if for some reason you aren’t a fan of the powder like substance that these supplements generally end up as then there is an option of drinking beetroot juice instead.

Lakewood Organic Pure Beet Juice is pretty much drinkable right away without the need to take any additional steps, just pour yourself a cup and get all the benefits that beetroot has to offer in a matter of minutes. If you want to mix the beetroot into your favorite shake or smoothie, that is also an option. The only drawback is that the powdered form of beetroot is generally a bit more powerful and contains more nutrients, so you will most likely have to drink a bit more juice to get the same effects.

While having multiple forms of consumptions is a really good thing, there are some drawbacks to beetroot juice. One of them is the number of carbohydrates that this juice contains. If you are trying to reduce your carb intake, be very careful with Lakewood Organic Pure Beet Juice since it contains a pretty large amount of carbs in it.

VivaDeo Pure Beets

This is the supplement for all of you purists out there. VivaDeo offers one of the purest beetroot supplements on the market. Their powder is 100% pure beetroot which is completely organic. Essentially this means that there aren’t any pesticides or dangerous herbicides present in this supplement at all. Furthermore, there pretty much aren’t any other ingredients at all which helps keep the carb amount low and the supplements purity at 100%.

While fully organic stuff is perfect for people who are seeking to improve their overall health, at the same time the lack of other ingredients which might support beetroot’s boosting ability makes this supplement lacking for those who are into fitness and endurance training. Sometimes, those extra ingredients are what you want to be present alongside the main course.

Zhou Nutrition N.O. Pro

There aren’t very many beetroot supplements out there that come in capsule form, and most stick to powders, but Zhou Nutrition N.O. Pro decided that capsules are the perfect way to deliver all the beetroot you might need. Among the known ingredients they have also included a blend of amino acids, which we think is a way to help the nitric oxide boosting properties of beetroot and further improve the amount of energy you will get from the beetroot extract.

Here is a little problem with beetroot pills, unlike with the powdered form of beetroot; the capsule delivery method is minimal, meaning you will have to take a pretty high amount of pills before getting the benefits equivalent to the powder form of beetroot. Many people prefer the powdered form because you can mix it into shakes and smoothies while being completely satisfied with the amount of actual beetroot you are introducing into your system.

Premium Miracle Beets

We have discovered that Premium Miracle Beets is easily one of the most popular beetroot products out there. The problem we have with their product is that the ingredients of their formula are hidden behind the ever so disappointing phrase we dislike known as the “proprietary blend.” This means we have no clue as to how much of each ingredient is being used in the formula and we have a complete lack of full ingredient knowledge. Yes, the formula does have beetroot in it, however, there is also blueberry powder, grape seed extract, cranberry powder, and many other ingredients without a clear indication of their amount.

This is a huge problem because in order for beetroot to be effective you have to have a certain amount of it delivered to your system. If we don’t know how much beetroot extract is present in this product’s formula then we can’t tell you how effective it will be at delivering the well-known energy boost that beetroot supplements are capable of. In other words, if you feel like trying this popular product out then we aren’t going to stop you, but as of right now we have no clue how effective it is or isn’t.

Humann BeetElite

As we mentioned earlier, certain ingredients alongside beetroot are very helpful at delivering that boost which is super useful for increasing athletic performance and endurance. Well, Humann BeetElite is one of those products that has managed to find an excellent balance point between usability and purity.

Their powder is flavored with stevia, to give it that extra flavor and taste which most beetroot powders forget about. Black cherry extract is another addition which is used to alter the taste of beetroot extract. The combination of these two ingredients is perfect for getting rid of that somewhat unpleasant and tart taste of pure beetroot. The best part is that this was accomplished with 100% natural ingredients which don’t compromise the formula at all. Oh and the carbohydrate count is also well under control because of these ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about too many carbs being added to your diet.

The wonderful part about Humann BeetElite is that this supplement offers servings which contain as many nutrients in them as six beets. This is an amazing amount of beetroot and will certainly deliver the energy you need to get that performance boost. Alternatively, Humann also offers the lower dosage supplement they call SuperBeets, but if you are truly interested in getting those nitric oxide levels up then stick with the BeetElite supplements.

Beet VO2 Max

This is another pretty powerful supplement which is an excellent choice for those who want to improve their performance and endurance with the help of beets.

Beet VO2 Max decided to use the benefits offered by amino acids and electrolytes to help you recover from the damages which occur throughout high endurance training. While this is an excellent addition for athletes at the same time it’s not such a good choice of ingredients for people who are simply interested in raising their overall health.

In other words, if you just want the simple benefits which come from beetroot to get your health to its optimal level then you don’t need all these extra ingredients. On the other hand, if you are a cycler, swimmer, runner or are involved in any other endurance focused sport then this supplement is a truly excellent choice.

Starwest Botanicals Beetroot Powder

Starwest Botanicals is very well-known for producing quality products with excellent reputations which usually focus on purity. This is exactly what they did with their beetroot powder product, it’s pretty much just beetroot extract in powder form designed for mixing with your own supplements or creating shake or smoothies with it. No additional ingredients, just pure beetroot powder.

If you are looking for some more ingredients to kick it up a notch then its best for you to move on to another supplement, this one is as basic as it gets which is what some people are looking for.

BulkSupplements Pure Beet Root Powder

The well-known BulkSupplements is renowned for making products that can be incorporated in homebrewed supplement blends which any do it yourself person can take advantage of. As you most likely already figured out, BulkSupplements Pure Beet Root Powder is pretty much pure beetroot powder without anything else added into the mix. While the purity is great there is something we often find ourselves wondering and it has to do with the source of the powder. Many companies don’t indicate where their beetroot powder comes from and whether it’s organic or not, same goes for BulkSupplements.

Because some supplements do indicate where their beetroot powder comes from, they have a bit of an edge over BulkSupplements. Nonetheless, this supplement is definitely on the quality side of products and is a pretty good choice when it comes to beetroot supplements. If you are that person who just wants beetroot powder and in huge quantities, BulkSupplements has you covered.

BPI Sports Health Green Tea Beetroot Fiber MCTs

It should be more than enough to simply read the name and conclude that this supplement isn’t just pure beetroot powder. In fact, it’s quite the opposite; BPI Sports Health Green Tea Beetroot Fiber MCTs is packed with ingredients that are on the top list of most popular supplements. The problem is that while individually, some of these ingredients are pretty powerful but when mixed together alongside other ingredients, the result might not be as beneficial as one thinks.

Let’s take a close look at some of these combinations. Green tea extract should go pretty good alongside beetroot powder since both aim to improve endurance and physical performance. MCTs and fiber, that’s the problem, adding both of these ingredients into the mix sort of counteracts with the idea of increasing performance. Yes, they are both excellent choices if you are looking to improve your overall health, but they aren’t a good choice if you need to improve your performance.

In the end, this supplement is somewhat too convoluted and we aren’t really sure who could benefit from this product. We guess if you are interested in raising your overall health up a few notches, all of these ingredients should help but beetroot and green tea extract are more useful as performance boosters.

Beet Supplements Benefits And Side Effects

Beta vulgaris, or as we most commonly refer to it as, the beetroot is one of the most nutritious vegetables on the planet, no wonder it has quickly become a target in the supplementation world.

It’s hard to find the unique combination of powerful ingredients which are seen in beetroot. Potassium, fiber, vitamin C, vitamin B9, manganese, and iron all deliver a huge amount of benefits which our body can take advantage of. Additionally, beetroot also offers other plan compounds which many can benefit from like betanin, nitrate, and vulgaxanthin.

All of these ingredients are the reason why beetroot has become so popular as a supplement. Here are some of the benefits that beetroot can offer.

Beetroot Increased Nitric Oxide Levels Benefits

One of the biggest risk factors for strokes, cardiac diseases, and even premature death is a condition called hypertension. This condition is described as abnormally high blood pressure which results in damage to the blood vessels and the heart. Hypertension leads to increased thickening of the muscles in the heart resulting in greater force needed to pump blood throughout our body. This increased force leads to damage occurring to our arteries and increased artery stiffness. As the stiffness of our heart increases, the time needed for it to completely relax also increases. This increased load further promotes damage and cardiac disease.

Luckily, beetroot juice has the ability to reduce the elevated blood pressure levels significantly. Research has been done which concludes that blood pressure can be reduced greatly by increasing the consumption of inorganic nitrates, which are found in large abundance in beetroots.

This increased amount of inorganic nitrate found in beetroot is converted by our body into nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is sort of an information delivery system which sends signals to the muscles around our arteries to let them know to relax. When the message is received, the blood vessels end up dilated, which successfully reduced blood pressure and return it to normal.

An additional study has concluded that a regular intake of beetroot juice has the ability to reduce the levels of blood pressure by 3 to 10 mm per Hg in just a few hours. This reduction has been determined to result in lowering the number of deaths which are related to cardiovascular diseases by roughly 10 percent.

Besides its ability to lower blood pressure drastically, beetroot juice also has other cardiac-related benefits. Research was done to determine the effects that beetroot juice has on patients who are suffering from cardiovascular diseases. This study has shown that the dietary nitrate which is found in beetroot is capable of lowering overstimulation of the sympathetic nervous system among patients who have cardiac disease. This reduction in overstimulation results in normal blood pressure and normal heart rate.

Dementia is another condition which can be fought with the help of beetroot juice. This is primarily due to beetroot’s ability to improve oxygen levels in the brain, which can reduce the chance of dementia development. As we age, the blood flow to various parts of our brain is slowly diminished; this blood flow can be increased through the use of beetroot juice on daily basis.

Dietary nitrate, which is found in large amount in beetroots, is the primary reason why athletic performance can be improved at such high levels when beetroot juice is consumed. Studies have determined that plasma nitrate is capable of increasing exercise tolerance, especially among athletes who are usually involved in increased hours of endurance training and exercise.

Essentially, since beetroot is able to increase our body’s ability to use oxygen, it can additionally help improve our stamina and in turn, results in higher levels of endurance tolerance. Furthermore, other contents found in beetroot can also support other organs, like our digestive tract which is kept healthier by the fibers found in beetroot.

Beetroot contains a plethora of various nutrients which can help improve our overall health and successfully reduce our chances of developing various diseases. Potassium, folate, iron, bioflavonoids, and vitamins A, B and C are all found in great levels in beetroot. All of these ingredients are capable of reducing cell damage which in turn reduces our chance for developing illnesses.

Beet Supplements Side Effects

While most people are able to handle beetroot exceptionally well, there are some side effects which are related to excessive use and consumption of beetroot.

One problem which could surface due to high use of beetroots is the development of kidney stones. The formation of kidney stones because of beetroot is due to the high amount of oxalate which is found in beetroots.

Additionally, beetroots are known for containing FODMAPS, a group of short-chain carbohydrates and sugar alcohols. These are usually what helps feed the bacteria we find in the gut. So people who often suffer from irritable bowel syndrome can upset their system pretty easily when eating plenty of beetroots.

Finally, those of you who suffer from hemochromatosis, essentially an overload of iron in the system, should also stay away from beetroots since they contain a huge amount of iron in them.

Recommended Dosage

When looking at the dosage of beetroot, you need to concentrate on the nitrate content. A suggested dose of nitrate for a 150lb person is about 436mg, which when compared to beetroots is about 500g of wet weight beetroot.

Consuming beetroots is pretty simple; you can eat them raw or bake them. Additionally, you can choose to puree them or turn them into a smoothie. These methods of preparation don’t seem to change the amount of nitrate in the beetroot, so feel free to do whatever you wish with beetroot and as long as you eat the right amount you should get the right dosage of nitrate you need to see its benefits.

Beet Supplements Conclusion

Not only is beetroot capable of improving your blood pressure, reducing your chance of developing heart problems, fighting diseases and preventing additional cell damage but it’s also capable of delivering amazing amounts of energy for all of you athletes out there.

If you are seeking to improve your overall endurance and performance in the athletic world, beetroot can definitely grant you the ability to do so. We suggest focusing on products that lean towards purity and simply making a few shakes or smoothies along the line to get what you need out of beetroot.

As we any supplement, talking to your doctors is always important. They know what your body needs, often better then you do. There are certain conditions that might prevent you from taking beetroot simply due to the ingredients found in it, so discussing beetroot supplementation is vital.

Remember, while beetroot can improve your overall health through its ingredients, if you aren’t looking to improve your physical endurance, you are better off using an alternative supplement which targets your overall health rather than physical performance.

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